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17-02-2008, 22:55
As lizardmen, I have never realy bean effected by giants. They always crumpled to poison and/or high strenth attacks.

Now, I have decided to start a bests list soon. Is the giant any good against other armies?

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
17-02-2008, 23:03
My giant kicks some major butt every time I field him. I'm an Orcs and Goblins player and my normal opponents are Bretonnians, Hordes of Chaos, and Dwarfs. Anything you ram him into, he's normally going to do some good damage. He even has a chance to win the combat without the other side getting to attack, which is pretty great. He's Stubborn, which means you're always testing on 10 Leadership. And when he Swipes With Club, whoa nelly, he can do some damage.

And if worst comes to worst and he dies, there's a good chance he'll fall over on his killers and take some of them out with him. Unless you're playing a against an opponent with a lot of warmachines that will fell him before he makes it across the table, a giant is always worth taking. Heck, even if he's attracting all those shots, that means the rest of your units aren't.

In summary, go for it!

17-02-2008, 23:10
Just about the best large monster after treemen. Cheap and stubborn to make up for their complete randomness in cc. It's never a bad thing to base a beasts army around a pair of giants...

18-02-2008, 00:07
Ok, thanks. Now for the secon question: Is it possible to convert a giant to look like a large minotaur?

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
18-02-2008, 00:12

You tell me!

18-02-2008, 00:55
well, that option is out the window, as gw are re-organizing their bitz into packs and making some unavailable, otherwise Sergeant Uriel Ventris, that would be a great conversion!

Alteranetly, if you buy the plastic giant, there is an option to give him cloven hoofs, a bestial head and other chaotic additions.

18-02-2008, 02:51
A bestial head? Realy? What does it look like?

18-02-2008, 03:05

here you go - experiment away