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Dark Apostle197
18-02-2008, 05:55
Today I had my Wood Elves game (well restarted fantasy in general) since I took a break around the beginning of 7th.

Now I always played the attack version of tree singing that it could not be used on a unit in combat. About a week ago I was watching a game(well several), and the Wood Elf player wanted to cast treesinging on a black knight unit that was in a forest and just flanked by a wardancer unit and an alter lord. Now I wasnt paying attention untill someone asked me (because I am the "wood elf guy" even with the long break I took, because I was the only one at the store with a WE army before we got a real book) and I said no. However, I opted to look at the book again, and could not really see anything that said it couldn't. Just that the unit had to be in the forest.

The tree signing killed two knights, which was enough to cause the general to die due to combat res later, so was kind of important.

Also, was just wondering :angel:

18-02-2008, 06:04
You missed the general rule that spells cannot target units that are engaged in close combat unless the spell states that it may target such units.

Dark Apostle197
18-02-2008, 07:13
Ok thanks, I thought I was not goign crazy :)

18-02-2008, 17:53
Dirty cheating Wood Elves ;)