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18-02-2008, 15:21
Has anyone ever tried this?

Take a Scar Vet/Oldblood and give him the Piranha blade and the bane head with the mark of Sotek and a mount/jaguar charm? 6 attacks on the charge and the nominated character would take 4W per successful one that gets through, as each would caused becomes two and then is doubled due to the bane head.

Or am I reading this wrong? Still, one wound that slips through that 1+ re-rollable save on a dwarf lord means instant death... It's a delightful way to murder a pesky character outright.

18-02-2008, 15:44
As far as I know, the Bane Head/Piranha Blade combo was errata'd down to causing only 3x the wounds, not 4x. There's no real reason, it was (apparently) just considered overpowered.

Still, three times the wounds isn't so bad, right?

Put that Oldblood on a carnosaur and even its wounds will double up -- and you've got a dead enemy on your hands. Or, BH and attack a dragon-riding character with the Carnosaur/Oldie combo, and then your attacks with the Oldie (on the rider) are trebled and your attacks on the dragon (with the Carnie) are doubled. Fun fun.

18-02-2008, 17:54
Still, 3 wounds is 3 wounds. This would be a horrifying combo hit against those pesky high elf critters.

18-02-2008, 21:02
bane head would only affect one character, nominate dat the beginning of battle though. not that it's not an aweseome combo for that one lord killer though. and being on his own makes him able to charge and then challenge everywhere. just dont forget about him after he's hidden behind a wall or tree as I usually do... hehe

19-02-2008, 12:31
Its better to jsust take the bane head and use a great weopon so you can actualy get a wound in.

19-02-2008, 17:48
I dunno, I'd much rather put an enemy character down in one shot and make 100% sure he's toast. If a challenge situation occurs and I get in two wounds, that's three for overkill no less. Damn, this could get interesting.

20-02-2008, 12:22
My favourite weapon for the Oldblood is the Blade of Revered Tzunki, +1S and no armour saves allowed. But then I do spend most of my time facing chosen chaos knights/warriors or stunted attitude problems wearing a cast iron bath tub.

For bagging the little people, I'd take the scimitar of the sun resplendent. 7 attacks, hitting on 3s, wounding on 2s (mostly), -2 armour save. That'll do for the likes of halberdeers and clanrats. Or if I want to save on points, the maiming shield will do.

Though the Jaguar Charm, Bane Head combo is perfect for wizard hunting.

That funky blade that disallows ward saves and doubles wounds on daemons is a must for killing daemons (oddly enough).

And the glyph necklace, 4+ ward save against attacks over S5. Since he's T5 and easily and cheaply armoured, these are the attacks most likely to harm him.

So many precious things, I cannot possess them all!

20-02-2008, 14:04
For the EXTREMELY limited selection of magic items, each one has its purpose, for sure... I'm not sure there's a single useless magic item in the list.

Commisar BoB
20-02-2008, 15:47
Ah the Oldblood, the Lizardmen's swiss army knife. I personally like mine to chop though rank and file troops, but if I was to tool it up for character bashing it would look like this: Blade of Revered Tzunki, Light Armor, Shield, Sotek, Quetzl, Mark of the Old Ones/ Itzl (if riding Carny) and glyph necklace. This get up worked the couple of time I used it. I dont have the book in front of me so my poits might be off.

20-02-2008, 17:45
And on the cheap side, I do love rolling in with a jaguar charm scar vet with the venom of the firefly frog, sotek and a great weapon. 5 S7 poisoned attacks? Really makes up for the needing 4's to hit thing.

20-02-2008, 18:01
scimitars more fun.

'you what!!!???'
'Yes thats right, he does have 7 S5 attacks :D'

20-02-2008, 19:42
8 on the charge with the mark of sotek. 9 with the maiming shield.


20-02-2008, 21:40
And on the cheap side, I do love rolling in with a jaguar charm scar vet with the venom of the firefly frog, sotek and a great weapon. 5 S7 poisoned attacks? Really makes up for the needing 4's to hit thing.

Both being talismans therefore illegal?

21-02-2008, 13:41
Oops! Very true. My bust. Never actually done that, but I did rock out the vemon/sotek/gw combo in a warbands league.

Commisar BoB
21-02-2008, 15:42
I done the 9 attack Oldblood one a one game against DE. It single handed destroyed a unit of 25 warriors, it ended up over running them. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

21-02-2008, 17:40
What worries me most is the HE power creep. Why? Because the DE have to balance it out somehow, which means the lizards will end up with the short end of the stick. As it is, I just hope whatever the DE get is better at game balance than ASF and will still be a rowdy game against the DE as opposed to a beatfest.