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18-02-2008, 15:39
hi guys i need ur help ive been playing a lot of 40k recently with the new ork stuff and all the apocalypse games going on i now want to collect another fantasy army and brettoines really apeal to me but the thing is ive never played bretonnia so i dont no were to start and was hoping there are some fantasy vets or mabay even some bretonnia players that could help

18-02-2008, 15:55
I'm no expert on 40K, but bretonians are a pretty simple army to play. You'll need knights and lots of them.

You should get the battalion set. Everything there is pretty good. And then invest in another 3 boxes of knights. Plus also, purchase 6 grail knights and that is all you'll need to get up and running.

Later you may want to tailor your army. If you like the Pegasus knights, then get some more of those. If you play against alot of dwarves and don't like not having much in the way of shooting, get a trebuchet.

From the knight box, make up one unit of 8-9 knights errant, as these are good cheap knights. Don't worry about questing knights as the new rules for fantasy has practically nerfed the unit.

18-02-2008, 15:56
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Read them? Alright. For me, the main appeal of Bretonnians is the painting challenge and the background. Strictly gamingwise, their list doesn't have that much variety compared to other armies out there. Bretonnians are said to be quite straightforward. They are one of the top-competetive armies out there but surely can be played in a fun and balanced way too. Just avoid (too many) pegasus knights and use a few units of men at arms and peasants as well.

Chaos Mortal
18-02-2008, 17:18
hey brets can been seen as a point and click army but there are very competitive and look great on the board also this site might help you
http://www.roundtable-bretonnia.org/ good luck.

The Blue Knight
18-02-2008, 17:33
Brett's were my first army when I came over, and I thought they were fun to paint, and fun to play. They can be a little forgiving when you make some mistakes due to their ward save and high armour save. As I have grown as a player I have moved on to other armies, but still love the mounted knights.

A lot of people will come out and try to dissuade you from taking them, stating that they are broken, cheesy, etc., but if they call to your intersests then by all means pick them up because if your interest is what matters in the end.

Good luck and remember two things when you start,1) don't underestimate the value of the unwashed peasent mobs, as they have saved me a couple times, and 2) don't forget that horses get an attack as well in combat.

19-02-2008, 00:12
I love using grail pilgrims not the best combat guys but their stubborness is effective.
I recenlty discovered running grail knights in 4 or 5 not in a lance tends to make people overlook them.

trabuchete is sweet (though I refuse to feild one :D*)
mounted squires are worth their weight in gold (again I don't use them*)
PK are very good just people will get mad if you bring to many units
questing knights are crap
knight errents with the errentry banner is a no brainer
as is giving your banner bearer the virtue that adds +1 to cr.

*I dont use anything with shooting I limited myself with a staunch traditionalist leader