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18-02-2008, 21:24
My first Battle Report here, so be gentle.

My Ogres
Tyrant @ 311
Gorv Brickguts Giant-tripper
-HvA -LGn -Siegebreaker -Gnoblar Thiefstone x2 -Fistful of Laurels -Giantbreaker

Butcher @ 180
Bez the Tasty
-Dispel Scroll -Halfling Cookbook

Butcher @ 180
-Bangstick -Wyrdstone Necklace -LGn

Butcher @ 175
Blegh Eightfinger
-Bloodcleaver -1 Skullmantle

Irongutsx3 @ 204
-Mus -SB -Warbanner

Irongutsx3 @ 154

Bullsx3 @ 115

Gnoblar Fightersx20 @ 40

Yheteesx3 @ 195

Maneatersx3 @ 270
Blackfisted Kawn's Mercs
-HvA -Brace of Handguns

Slavegiant @ 175

My inexperienced Dwarven Opponent:(roughly)

-very little magical gear, mostly armor

Dragon Slayer
-Again, little magic

2x Master Enginers

3x Dwarven Warriorsx10


-Runes against misfires, for reloading, making the crew stubborn
2xOrgan Guns
-Not sure about runes.

Terrain was laid out by 3rd party option with two observers setting up the board which was 5x5. My opponent, the owner of the store, gave me choice of deciding who deploys first. I chose to deploy first in order to gain the choice of sides, you will see why in just a moment.

Terrain was... interesting.

We will consider my opponent(Dwarves) side to be North. Running smack dab down the middle of the board is a hill with a narrow river coming out of it, running most the length of the board into a pool; hill on left, pool on right. On my side of the river there was a small forest West of center, a hill South of the pool overlooking it and a broken down tower hexagonal in shape as impassible terrain to the East of the hill and South of the pool just about abutting both. I did not want my opponent to have the hill with the water in front of it.

My opponents side had a larger forest back towards his table edge centered so very far North and a small one West of center not quiet in line with the one on my side. Across from my East hill was one of his own slightly farther North from the pool than mine was South.

The hills and woods hindered his deployment and the river would hinder my movement. Had I given him my side he could have fit one Cannon on that hill and fired it in his first turn. As it was he couldn't deploy on his side on a hill.

I started out with Gnoblars in the West and then Yhettees pointing to go angular through the impassible terrain and around the pool of water. Deployment continued with him placing the Dwarven Warrios first. We ended up with the following layout.

My side West to East. Maneaters with Gharret right behind them(not enough room to deploy with them) then the Bulls and then the Gnoblars. Forsest seperated them from Limb-Lopper(IGs) with Blegh mingled into them. South and behind them were the Brain-Panners(IGs) with Gorv and Bez in them. Weepy(Slavegiant) was right of them, just aside the hill and the Yhetees behind the hill angled to be hidden and end run the water. Most of my force was West with the Giant East of Center and the Yhettees far East a sort of denied flank.

His side, West to East. Cannon, clear shot at the Maneaters but not the Bulls or Gnoblars. Three Dwarven Warriors side by side with the Thane in the center unit.Cannon, center of the board with a shot on my Ironguts. Slayers next to the hill on his side. Organ Gun behind the Hill and the Cannon behind the hill(edge of it just into the deployment area, not enough to be on top) and then the last Organ Gun far East covering the gap near the edge of the board.

We rolled and I won so I went first.

18-02-2008, 21:33
Ogres Turn 1
I rolled for the Wyrdstone Necklace and did not take a wound. I rolled Bicker or the Gnoblars who of course bickered.

Movement - had me moving the Maneaters on the far West side up 6 inches and marching the Bulls forward and pivoting to the right to move behind the hill fully to allow no shots on them. Gharret moved forward into the Maneaters now that there was room. In the middle the Limb-loppers pivoted and moved to go left towards his three blocks of warriors. The Brain-Panners moved up behind them ready to swing left of right depending on how his shooting phase went. Weepy went straight towards the Slayers and the Yhettees went North-East enough that the little bit that stuck out behind the tower ruins was -just- out of range of the Organ Gun on the far right.

Magic - 8 dice against 4 dispell dice. I decided to roll 1 die each time. Maneaters and Limb-Loppers ended up with regeneration. I failed other buffing spells and nothing was in 18" for Bonecrucher or Braingobbler. I healed my butchers up as best I could... and he let me. I did fire off the Bangstick but it was dispelled.

Shootig - Maneaters fire six shots at the cannon across from them, me hoping to kill enough crew to slow it's rate of fire... and not knowing it has the rune for Reloading. Most of the shots that hit hit the cannon and fail to wound but one catches and drops a crew member. The unit holds.

Dwarves Turn 1
Movement - He moved his warrior blocks forward pivoting them to head towards the Limb-Loppers who were mired into the mud of the river this next turn. He also moved his Cannon and Organ Gun onto the hill so he could pick targets.

Slayers stayed put, for now, waiting on the Giant.

Magic - Right... poof over.

Shooting - Two Cannons fire one at Gharret and one at Blegh. He guesses 18" and 16" Cannon one hits Gharret who has the Wyrdstone Necklace. No ward save but he does regenerate the wound. Cannon two overfires missing Blegh but overshoots to land squarely on Bez who does not have any defense. The Lookout Gnoblar in that unit fails in his job and Bez ends up with two wounds. No organ gun can fire as one has moved and the other is out of range or any viable target, not being on a hill.

Ogres Turn 2
Movement - Nothing can charge but I move several things. For one thing the Gnoblars don't bicker. The Maneaters go 6" straight forward again so they can fire. The Bulls go forward and then do a strong pivot to get them lined up to go over the hill. Their right side sticks out a bit. Limb-Loppers are still mired in the river. They might get charged this turn, but I figure they should be ok if only one unit reaches them. Brain-panners pivot to go East towards the slayers as the other unit has enough help and I don't want to give the hill cannon a flank shot. Weepy does not clear the water because of the chariot sized base and so stops roughly 6 inches from the Slayers. I gamble with the Yhettees, hoping the Organ Gun misfires or only does a few wounds. Big gamble but I rush the Yhetees over the tower and around the edge of the pool within charge distance of the Organ Gun and close to charging those on the hill.

Magic - I'm within range for offensive magic and that is what I try. He dispells everything but my bangstick on his Cannon and some Bloodgruels to heal people up. Bez is now the only Butcher with a wound. The Bangstick kills a crew.

Shooting - Wildly innacurate shots. The only thing the Maneater's hit is the cannon and I need 6s to wound it. Wasted turn, but it focussed his attention there for that cannon and not where it could bounce through multiple units.

Dwarves Turn 2

Movement - He debated... were the Slayers in range? If they failed their charge I might get my Tyrant unit into their flank and Giant in front and that should demolish even the unbreakable warriors and leave him with no good targets till I ground them down. He left them where they were. Warriors squared up at a good angle to charge my Ironguts if I failed mine and that water was hurting me.

Shooting - Western and Middle cannon overshot big time, hitting nothing. The Easter hill cannon nicked the giant which turned into 3 wounds. Guess weapons done we measured the distance between the Slayers and Giant... exactly 6".

The Western hill Organ gun opened fire on the Brain-Panners. 4 hits, 4 hits, 8 hits, misfire. After distribution Bez had 3 wounds, 2 Ironguts were dead. The Eastern Organ gun blew up rather spectacularly... my Gamble with the Yhettees had paid off.

Close Combat - Nothing in range yet.

18-02-2008, 21:41
Ogre Turn 3
Movement - I get to declare several charges. My bulls can just see the edge of the warriors about to swing in to flank my IGs and declare a charge. Limb-Loppers declare a charge on the Thane's warriors. Weepy declares a charge on the Giantslayers. The Yhettees declare a charge on the cannon.

The Bulls and Giant succeed. The IGs clear the water only to have their corner clip the woods and keep them at half movement even with proper wheeling. They miss their charge by about an inch. The Yhettees miss their charge by even less, about a quarter of an inch, wheeling took more movement than I figured.

Magic - He dispells both Trollguts and Toothcracker as I try to pump up my Bulls. He dispells the Bangstick but not the Bonecruncher thrown at the West Cannon. Again distribution goes poorly and no wounds anywhere. After running him out of dice my Bulls end up with BullGorger which will help eliminate the armor save as they are now Str5.

Shooting - I change targets launching my shots at a different cannon but fail to wound any of the crew.

Close combat - Bulls slam into the Warriors, who hold Vrs. Fear killing one from impact hits and kill one more in combat while taking no wounds. He had Rank +1 at the begining, and standard but no longer outnumbers the bulls which is fatal because of the Fear. They autobreak having lost the combat and being outnumbered by fear causing opponents. The Ogres run the Dwarves down and are at a perfect angle to charge one of the cannons next turn.

Weepy gains a Jump up and Down from the Giant attacks and does so without falling down. He squishes 7 Slayers which means none get to strike back this turn.

Dwarf Turn 3
Movement - He decides to charge the Limb-lopper IGs who failed to charge him. He charges with the two remaining blocks of Dwarven Warriors. Unfortunately Fear comes into play again as one unit fails it's check. The Thane unit, however charges and makes it.

Shooting - Two of his Cannons load Grapeshot the middle one doesn't have a clear line on anyone not engaged in combat. Skaven would have shot anyway. We pull out the template. The Western Cannon fires on the Face-Eater Bulls about to charge them covering one with the template and hitting an additional one. Result, two dead ogres and one ticked off Bellower who makes his Panic check. The Eastern Cannon fires grapeshot at the Yhettees. Luckily the template fails to touch even one base by about a centimeter. The Organ Gun gets warmed up again and fires on my

Tyrant's unit, or what is left of Gorv's unit. 2-2-4-click. Phew! unfortunately he kills the Butcher but Gorv takes a single wound and his IG friend takes one. They hold.

Close Combat - His Thane smacks my Butcher Blegh for 2 who now has three wounds. His normal warriors hit, but fail to wound anyone. In turn I do nothing. I hit once with an IG but roll a 1 to wound, hit twice with Blegh but only convert one to a wound that is saved by armor. My Tyrant is in range so I don't break and since I didn't win the combat Fear doesn't break him. Poor Weepy, on the other hand is slaughtered. He rolls well and the Slayers great weapons wound him 3 times. He falls away from the Slayers and the Organ gun he could have possibly fallen on. Not a good trade.

Ogre Turn 4
Movement - Again I declare charges, this time it really will be ugly for the Dwarves. My lone Bull charges the cannon and it's crew. My Gnoblars declare a flank charge on the Thane's unit now that the bulls are out of the way.

Yehtees get a great chance to charge a Cannon and likely chase them right into the next one in line, almost like they were meant to flank. My Tyrant moved to close in on the Slayers.

Magic - What is tossed is dispelled as one Butcher is in combat. Even fishing with one die and managing to roll several 6s doesn't accomplish much. Only the Bangstick does anything, wounding the Dwarven Warriors that failed to charge on his turn and killing two.

Shooting - Maneaters kill two more of the Dwarven Warriors who pass their panic check.

Close Combat - This was it. Bull killed crew and thus autobroke the Master Enginer. He didn't catch him, but chased him away from the cannon.

The Gnoblars failed to wound the Dwarves, no surprise, and the Dwarves only hit one despite the Hatred which they wounded. Dwarves failed to wound the ogres or Blegh. Blegh and the Ironguts on the other hand made up for it with Blegh regaining a wound because of the Bloodcleaver he was carrying. With the addition of the Gnoblars, their Rank bonus, their Flanking bonus, and the wounds I won the combat by a good deal. Down a few dwarves he was again outnumbered by the three IGs and Butcher and was forced to flee. Thane's unit was rundown and I overran into the Dwarven Warriors that didn't charge last turn, the right end of my line hitting them. They had been worn down by shooting and all I needed was a wound to auto-break them. They broke and were run down as well slamming my IGs into the middle Cannon which decided to hold.

Yhettees slaughtered both crews, overrunning each time and slammed into the side of the Slayers.

Dwarf Turn 4
He didn't expect the cannon crew to deal with the Ironguts, and they didn't and were slaughtered to the man. The only thing left was the Slayers as the Master Enginer had slipped quietly off the board in the opening of his turn.

The Yhettees swung first because of the great weapons and slew 6 slayers. At that point my opponent looked at the Tyrant and IG that would be charging the Slayers in the flank on my turn and the unharmed Yhettee and conceeded the field.

Things I learned:

Fear is the mind kil... er... Fear is nasty against MSU. You need to be immune to it, or outnumber fear causing foes. A large block and a flanking unit would hold up better against Fear than three MSUs.
Cannons are great for character sniping, but firing at Regenerating, self healing Butchers with 4 wounds might not be the best use for them.
Organ Guns are nasty, if they don't blow up, but really random.
I hate being shot by cannons, but I'd rather be hit by a cannon than an organ gun.
I really hate being shot while crossing a river.
3rd party terrain setup is a fantastic option that creates a more interesting table.

21-02-2008, 16:14
Was he rolling more than one artillery die for his organ guns? I don't think they work that way...

Jack of Blades
21-02-2008, 16:31
Nothing is more disturbing than players who can't even get their own books straight... hopefully he wasn't a cheater *shudders*.

Interesting battle report, his army made little sense but... :)

21-02-2008, 17:58
congrats on the win. As you said yourself yor opponent seems inexperienced, and that is a strange dwarf list. even so, stunties for tea.

21-02-2008, 18:21
Intersting to see this list in action after all my criticism on it : )

A list like this is just the one that could have really put the pain into your low model count, but luckily he made some mistakes.

And still with the str 9 tyrant? : )

But hey you won, so congrats!

25-02-2008, 20:33
And still with the str 9 tyrant? : )

Yeah... I'm considering turning him into a Longstrider instead, I haven't rewritten the list yet so I am playing with it as printed, I wouldn't want someone to think I had "tweaked" my items just before playing. So Gorv will probably be changing names somewhat. I LIKE the Siegebreaker, especially knowing there are WS 10 lords out their gunning for my Tyrant. He charged out of his unit(who couldn't maneuver around another in combat) the other night and took on a Giant so the extra movement might be a good option for when I pull silly stunts like that.

25-02-2008, 20:50
Was he rolling more than one artillery die for his organ guns? I don't think they work that way...

They're allowed to reroll the artillary dice for more hits