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19-02-2008, 18:54
Hello everyone,

I just bought the Lizardmen battalion and put together my first army list. Here goes...

Saurus Scar Veteran
Sword of the Hornet
light armour, shield
blessed spawning of quetzl
129 pts.

Skink Priest
lvl 2
dispel scroll
125 pts.

12 Saurus Warriors - Scar Vet goes here (4 first-striking ws5 str5 attacks is bound to help the unit win that first round at least)
full command
blessed spawning of quetzl
228 pts.

12 Skink Skirmishers
72 pts.

11 Skink Skirmishers
66 pts.

5 Saurus Cavalry
full command
sun standard of chotec
265 pts.

TOTAL: 885 pts.

And that's it for now, should I trim it down to 750 pts, or try to make it to 1000 pts.? How would you play this army against tough people (Dwarfs, Chaos), gunlines (Elves, Dwarfs, Empire), fast armies (Wood Elves, High Elves, Ogres), or hordes (Skaven, Orcs, Empire).

Thanks a lot !

19-02-2008, 23:31
Go up to 1000. It's realy the first official - like game size.

-CAVALRY: Huanchis totem works better. Lets u get flank charges, long distance charges, or charges where your opponent would normally flee.

-PRIEST: The Diadem of power is better for a level 2 priest. If u wanna go defencive, save 2 power dice as dispell, and cast potent of far. If your opponent takes no magic, cast 2 spells with 3 dice each by saving dispell dice.

-WARRIORS: You have the spawning right. 3+ save owns. But don't u ahve 24 sarri from the set? Beef up this unit to 20 or so with your extra points.

-VETERAN: Give him a great weopon in addition to the sword. He can use it if a charriot charges u.
U could replace the sword with a gleaming pendant, and put a skink unit infron of your sarri, so the whle uit can strike first, and u can use a great weopon.

-Other: Terradons are nice.

Overall, pretty good list.