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19-02-2008, 22:38
Hi all!

Whilst I'm officially retired from wargaming these days I have had a bit of a relapse as you can see here in this log. It's not forty kay but some of you may find it interesting I guess.
I've got my hands a Red Blok army after having my arm severly twisted (well nagged to death in the pub is probably a better description) by a mate of mine to try the game and have decided to start a log here on Warseer to show my progress as I convert and repaint the army.


For those of you not in the know the Red Blok are pretty much Russians in space and are one of four races for the game. AT-43 is set thousands of years in the future in another galaxy with the other three races being the Therians, Karmans and good old UNA.
It is a pre-painted miniatures game and although some of the paintwork on the infantry isn't that great the vehicles are very nice as are the sculpts.
I of course have succumb to the need to paint and convert stuff...sigh...

Army shot

Here's what I have to work with so far which works out at roughly 2000pts, it's mostly Striders and Kollusus suits so I'm in for an uphill battle from the outset as the game is objective based, but like I say that's how I like to play.
The only true infantry squad will be a six man Spetznaz unit, at the moment I've only got the attachment set (command squad sort of thing) but will be buying the regular squad as soon as I have the cash.
I will be building on this army with some Krasnye soldaty (cheap expendable infantry) but for the time being it'll be a fairly elite unit.
Each army has three factions that give your units bonus' and dictate what units you can field. This is a "Frontline" faction army which is big on technology, the downside is that if I lose all my Striders I lose the game.


Theming the Army

Whenever I start an army I like to create a narrative that will shape the force and give it tons of character rather than go for competative lists. More often than not it often makes the battles I fight extremely hard work but that's what I enjoy the most about gaming.
As I'm still waiting for my Red Blok army book to arrive details are a little sparse at the moment but I'm going for a Frontline armoured company led by Captain Aleksi Novokov.

WIP Sergeant Elissa Lukyanov

I wanted to create my own characters for my army using existing Red Blok characters as a basis. Here we can see a shot of Sergeant Lukyanov that I've made from the legs, torso and weapon of Sergeant Anastasiya Timofiyeva (Red Blok Hero) with the head and arms of Captain Newton (UNA Hero).
I've had to bulk out the torso a little with GS and have started base coating the model. I regret repainting her now, I should have undercoated her black first and started from scratch.
I've still some cleaning up to do yet but she's getting there.
In game terms she'll be used as Sergeant Timofiyeva, I've got a Nakovalny (the medium sized walker in the picture above) for her but am waiting for parts to arrive before I can start converting it.
Next to her is Colonel Horton of the UNA, a converted trooper that I made back when the game first came out and hero figures were non-existant.


WIP Captain Aleksi Novokov

I've only just started this guy and it was a pretty simple conversion to do.
I used a Spetznaz trooper head, the binoculars arm from the Spetznaz sergeant and Captain Vrachov's body (a special character who can pilot the big walker in the army picture above).
The arm I removed from Vrachov with the medical kit was used to turn the sergeant into a spare medic whilst his head is being used to create another sergeant so nothing goes to waste.



19-02-2008, 22:48
retired my ass... you'll get sucked righ back in soon enough :p

looking forward toseeing more of the at 43 models :)

19-02-2008, 23:10
Space Commos rule!

20-02-2008, 00:31
Glad to see your, back on warseer at least I will be watching this with baited breath as usual.

Lord Cook
20-02-2008, 00:53
With suitable conversion work those medium sized walkers in the middle of the army shot would make great Imperial Guard ogryns. Guardsman + powered exo-suit = win :cool:. Interesting...

I also really like the Colonel Horton character - that's what I imagine carapace armour should look like.

Wolf Scout Ewan
20-02-2008, 01:31
Fantastic converting. I raher lke the AT-43 stuff but not gone down that path... YET.

20-02-2008, 17:39
Thanks guys! :)

synapse: Hello mate, great to hear from you again. :)
Nah I'm burnt out on 40k and AT-43 is the only system that holds any interest for me nowadays.
Maybe if they bought out a pre-heresy range I might be tempted back...

Lord Cook: The walkers (Kollosus) are really nice models. Probably the main reason I went for Red Blok in the first place.
Although pre-painted they are very good and easy to take apart for conversions if need be.

Wolf Scout Ewan: Yeah they are really nice models, but the best part for me are the vehicles. It's definately worth taking a look at the range although some earlier prepainted are a bit dodgey, with the current stuff in some cases they just need rebasing to look really nice.
Any game with power armoured space monkys has got to be worth a look. :D

Just a quick update here, I've decided on a camo pattern and have begun mapping it out on the first strider and I may carry it through to the Kollusus units.


20-02-2008, 17:42
UNA Fire Toad and Therian Golgoth


The Fire Toad is a total repaint with new nose art and unit designation to make it a little more distinctive. I've gone for a battle worn look as though it's been stomping around in the desert for a while battling the Morphos (slang for Therians) and other enemies of the UNA.
I originally damaged the cockpit trying to have a peek inside and so have made this look like it's taken a hit from an enemy weapon.




20-02-2008, 17:49

This guy was inspired by the series Space Above and Beyond. The Therians are basically us in thousands of years time.
In an attempt to prevent the eventual end of the universe and preserve themselves the people of Earth have become the Therians which are pretty much machines really.
Basically they have converted the entire milky way to suit their means seeding worlds with human life to prepare the planets for their coming and are now moving onto the next one.
Or something like that...

This is another complete repaint and in person it has a powdered finish which looks really nice, my photos aren't really the best for showing this though.

20-02-2008, 19:00
I love Space Above and Beyond. If I ever find it on HD-DVD here in sweden I'll whip out my wallet so fast you won't know what hit you.

On topic though... Cool to see someone tackle AT-43. I don't play the game myself however. I think the camouflage colour scheme looks good. I take it your sprayed them black and painted over the new undercoat? Doesn't this risk making the paint "thick" on the mini's due to the layer below?

I remember seeing your therian golgoth before, and I really like it. The background for the therians is really interesting too. Do you have any more painted therians to show us?

Wolf Scout Ewan
20-02-2008, 19:04
Space Monkeys 4tw! Cant really imagine those Karman humping each other mid battle haha.

Chigger Von Richtofen inspired your Golgoth?

20-02-2008, 19:30
Thanks guys! :)synapse: Hello mate, great to hear from you again. :)
Nah I'm burnt out on 40k and AT-43 is the only system that holds any interest for me nowadays.
Maybe if they bought out a pre-heresy range I might be tempted back...

if only :p

those fire toads look great, though find it hard to tell what they looked like pre painted... any pics?

20-02-2008, 22:16
Satan: Spraying them black works ok in my experience so far. Even just painting over the original paint job to touch them up is ok as well.
I've used multiple layers on the Red Blok Captain and he looks fine so I'm guessing that it applys to all the models.

Wolf Scout Ewan: I really like the Karman models, definately going to have to get some at some point.
Yeah, Chigger Von Richtofen was the inspiration for the Golgoth repaint.

synapse: I haven't got any other Fire Toads but the quality of the one in the starter set was really nice. The Kossack (the big Red Blok walker in the army shot above) really doesn't need to be repainted to be honest. I could just rebase him, dull coat it and it'd look great.
On the whole the vehicles are pretty impressive for prepaints.

Comparrison Shots

For those who haven't seen the AT-43 models in the flesh I've put together some shots to show the paint work, sizes and some shots of other minis I'm playing around with.

The Kollosus

The Kollosus is really nice. It fights in units of three and all are armed with the same weapons.
This one is an RPG Kollosus but there are two other variants, one with two flame throwers and one with a flame thrower and grenade launcher.
Basically it's an armoured fighting suit, pretty much like a mini strider in it's own right. The UNA has similar suits called Tac-Arms but are alot more high tech looking.


Other repaints

Here you can see a UNA Steel Trooper, a Therian Storm Golem and of course the Red Blok Captain.
The Steel Trooper is a repaint of one of the original models from the Damocles starter set as is the Storm Golem.
I've only undercoated the Storm Golem and begun repainting the head. I've been finding the Golems a little harder to repaint than the others.
They a bit too bendy as well for my liking but have been made by Fire Industries in Resin as well which look really nice.


Prepaint vs Repaint

Here is a shot of a pre-painted Steel Trooper compared to a repainted one.
To be honest I wasn't happy at all with the quality of the paint work on the pre-paint for what I paid. Having said that, it is one of the early releases and the quality of paint work is getting a heck of a lot better.
The UNA models are posed a bit funny as well, but some of the models like the Tac-Arms are superb.
Vehicles are definately the strong point of the model range so far.


Red Blok Prepaint

The guy on the left is a Spetznaz Combat Engineer. The paint work is actually really nice. I could just touch up the faces, base them and they'd look great.


20-02-2008, 22:46

these guys are looking great, I've had a soft spot for AT-43 ever since I first discovered it last week (just the models, not the game).

How is the game? I'm interested in starting it, and dropping Warhammer almost completely (except for one 40k army) as it doesn't really hold my interest anymore.

How does the game work? Is it small skirmishes only, or pitched battles? Or can you do both?

That Therian Golgoth is SICK, how do you get a powdered finish like that? That is possibly one of the nicest paintjobs I have ever seen...

I love you =D

21-02-2008, 00:31
Nice to see you back man.

Looking good with the Red Blok. They will definitely be my primary army when I get into AT-43. The second army I do will be the Karmans.

Question: What are you using to glue the conversions together with?

I ask because I had a chance to look at the models up close, and I was worried that superglue would be too rigid for this.

Looking forward to more.


21-02-2008, 01:07
Hey doghouse, nice to see you back =)

I'm very interested in at43 models after seeing what you've done with him. I was wondering if its possible to use the models for 40k, especially UNA soldiers as imperial guard, if its possible could you take a sizeshot with a marine or a guardsmen?

Thanks a lot in advance, and please keep posting more photos, its very nice to see something different =)

21-02-2008, 17:34
Thanks guys! :)

Dantès: I've played the Damocles set but still waiting for the advanced rules to arrive. The game has an alternating turn sequence and a card system that sets it apart from 40k.
Basically you lay the cards out in line in the order that they are activated face down on the table edge. You get leadership points for each officer/non-com in the force and they can be used to perform combat drills and stuff.
You can divide your force into two parts, an assault force and reserves.
By capturing reinforcement objective points you can bring the reserves on.
It seems to play well on smaller tables as on bigger ones the races with the long range weapons seem to dominate because of a lack of transports at the moment.
A two thousand point army is the norm and you'll probably end up fielding somewhere in the region of thirty infantry and a couple of striders for that.
My Red Blok army pictured above is the AT-43 equivilant of fielding the Death Wing I guess so isn't the normal style army that most field.
I'll have to let you know more when I get a few more games under my belt.

Taarnak: Thanks mate, it's good to be back (for the time being anyway :) ).
I use superglue and it works fine so you shouldn't have any problems there.

alphachicken: I'll try and post a scale shot for you tonight if I get the chance. I'm sure I have a 40k miniature around here somewhere. :)
UNA are quite nice but it might be expensive to field them as a guard army, maybe a stormtrooper squad or HQ might work instead?
Tac-Arms would make nice Terminator proxies though.

22-02-2008, 03:55
doghouse: Cool. I was worried that the rigid super glue with the flexible plastic would keep snapping off.

alphachicken: I think I can save doghouse the trouble and will point you here (http://www.weetoysoldiers.com/wp/?page_id=183) for lots and lots of scale comparison photos.

I have the advanced rulebook and I will say that I think the game is worth checking out even if you don't use the figs for crossover to 40K. AT-43 is superior in terms of rules in my opinion.


22-02-2008, 05:24
Good to see you logging again doghouse! And doubly good to see you painting. We all know you rock at converting, so much so that its easy to forget you're a great painter as well

22-02-2008, 07:18
im actually really impressed by both the quality of the models and the prepaint jobs!

22-02-2008, 18:14
Taarnak: I've yet to have any problems with the superglue so you should be alright. I agree about the rules they are really good and the first campaign pack Operation: Frostbite looks really good.

titan136: Thanks mate!

synapse: Yeah they are really nice, sculpts are excellent as is the vehicle design.

WIP RPG Kollusus Repaint

This is the first repaint that I'm working on for the Kollusus units. I'm going for a Catachan Green basecoat which I'm highlighting with a Catachan/Rotting Flesh mix. Once that's in place I'll add the detailing then begin weathering the model.



Here's a scale shot as requested with a Catachan Officer.


22-02-2008, 18:51
Looks to be good. Just a tip about detailing - have you seen the masking fluid tutorial over at studio mcveys blog?

I don't know what kind of details/imagery you had in mind for the kolossus, but maybe that could be a source of some inspiration.

23-02-2008, 11:03
Thanks for the tip mate, I'll defiantely check that out. :)

23-02-2008, 22:05
RPG Kollossus Update

I'm pretty much done with the test model now. I've completely repainted the model and freehanded the detailing, roughed the armour upa bit, etc.
In all honesty I could have probably made a better job of it if I'd really tryed but I'm happy with him and have another eight to paint yet so don't want to get too involved.




The Kossack

For those of you that haven't seen a AT-43 prepaint in the flesh I've included the follwoing shot of the Kossack that Captain Novokov will be piloting.
Heros in AT-43 work differently to 40k. You buy a squad and in most cases upgrade the squad leader to anything from Corporel to Colonel.
Special characters are available that can pilot Stirders or you can purchase them on foot to lead infantry squads.


On the whole it is really nice for a prepaint, my dodgey camera work doesn't really do it justice to be fair. I'd be just as happy leaving it as is and reabsing it to be honest.
Thought I'd get in a quick shot before I go repainting it.

Lord Cook
23-02-2008, 23:22
The quality of the pre-paint is very good, but I'm not so sure about the colour scheme. I suppose it would fit well in an ash wastes environment or a desert, but on the whole I'm not so keen on the pale orange.

I really like the weathering on your Kollossus, but maybe some rudimentary camouflage? Solid colours are fine, but having that contrast, even if it's only dark green to khaki like the infantryman standing next to it, can make all the difference IMO.

24-02-2008, 14:28
Thanks Lord Cook. I agree about the orangey red but it's slightly more terracotta in person. That's the main reason I went for the repaint, I wanted something a little more practical that could be used in a more temperate climate.
I'll be painting the second unit of Spetznaz Kollussus (twin flamethrowers instead of RPGs) in a camoflaged pattern using the Kommando Khaki as the second colour to distinguish the units. I had thought about doing them all green but this way it'll create a little contrast between the units without ruining the overall look of the army.

24-02-2008, 16:56
I have to admit that the AT-43 pre-paints are much better than those of other companies as well as well better than what I expected.

24-02-2008, 17:40
Yeah they really nice but be careful when buying online as some of the early UNA stuff is a bit grim. They used some powdered paint spray technique to highlight the models rather than drybrushing and it isn't evenly applyed.
The result is that you get a big white mess on the shoulders and the front of the legs which looks terrible.
The Damocles set, however, seemed to be spared this effect and they're really nice.

24-02-2008, 18:42
Begining the Kollossus Units

Now the test model is out of the way I can begin the full units and have undercoated them black. I may have to do the Dragomirov Kollossus in plain black when they come out to represent an elite unit.

RPG Kollosus


Spetsnaz Kollosus


The Spetsnatz Kollossus are armed with flamethrowers and need to get in close to deal with enemy infantry. On the plus side they can ground units (pin in 40k in terms) and are quite devastating. Where ever possible I think I may hold these guys in reserve, wait for the Kreysne Soldaty to capture an objective then parachute them in to get them close to the enemy as possible.

24-02-2008, 21:55

I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment and have basecoated five of the Kollossus models. I really like these guys, excellent design and really nice models.


Here's an overall shot of what I'm painting at the moment for the army to show my progress so far.
I'm still waiting on the infantry at the moment but have started the Nakovalny, the Kollossus units and the two hero models, one of which is finished.


Whilst I waiting for this army to arrive I began work on the following Red Blok Cruiser. As yet there are no pictures of what the space craft of AT - 43 actually look like so keeping with the theme I've gone for a WWII style vessel combining elements of subs and battleships.
The model itself is a kitbash of an American battleship and a chinook helecopter. I'm just adding some putty to blend the various elements of the vessel together before I go over the hull with a resin paint.
It has absolutely no effect on the game or the army and is simply a self indulgent exercise in model making.
I'm using it as a prototype so that if they do make ships I can say that this is a one off design that never made it into production.
It's extremely rough at the moment but I'm having fun making it.

K-14 Black Bear

The Black Bear was originally an experimental vessel designed as a heavy transport that could hold it's own in a fight.
The initial shakedown voyage uncovered serious flaws in the reactor coolant systems that lead to the deaths of several of it's engine room crew. The project was mothballed pending further investigation into the incident.

Following the start of the Damocles campaign the Black bear has been hastily overhauled and pressed into active service. Even though the reactor plating has been replaced and the coolant system reworked leakage is still evident from the frequent deaths of crew members serving in her engine room.
To serve aboard this vessel is often seen as a death sentence amongst the Red Blok Naval crews. The assigning of Captain Vassi Kiselyov, seen as a radical and unorthodox commander by the higher echelons of Frontline, serves only to re-inforce this sentiment.

Whilst the fire power of Black Bear lacks long range punch it's ample transport facilities, whilst spartan, can carry a full company of troops, AFVs and support personel whilst still being able to match the firepower and armour of dedicated combat vessels of the same weight class at closer ranges.



Ciaphas Cain
24-02-2008, 22:42
Absolutely awesome!
That makes me want to go in the garage and look for the old AT-43 starterbox I purchased ages ago RIGHT NOW.

Glad you still keep'em coming..



24-02-2008, 23:08
Cheers mate, glad to be of some inspiration. :)

24-02-2008, 23:21
It wouldn't really be one of my logs without the background story so here are the first two parts of the setting for the Red Blok and UNA armies.

Unexpected Guests

The UNA civilian personel manning the colony operations center were too distracted to notice Colonel Horton entering the room.
The events unfolding on New Thespa were proving to be an unwelcome distraction for the Colonel. His troops had been enroute onboard the UNA supply vessel Unity babysitting vital supplies destined for the support echelons of Operation Damocles.
It was supposed to have been a simple supply run, a task well beneath the abilities of a White Stars officer of his rank and Horton knew only too well that it was punishment for the debacle at Trident Head Pass that had led to the UNA defeat at the hands of the Red Blok.
Had it not been for his outstanding war record and the extensive media coverage of his exploits during the Madarian Crisis then he had no doubts that he would have been discharged from the service altogether.
Instead he was destined to spend the rest of his service running supplies to the frontlines and back.
Fate had however intervened once more, the Unity had ruptured a fuel line in transit and had been forced to land on the backwater mining outpost of New Thespa for repairs. The arrival of a UNA military vessel had caused a stir amongst the colony's population.
Out on the frontiers life was often a dull and harsh existance, the only hope of escaping the miserable boredom for the younger generations was enlisting in the White Stars.

Horton walked up to Sergeant Sanchez who he'd assigned from his Star Troopers to co-ordinate with the colony staff. He wrung the rain water from his non-standard issue red beret before placing it back on his head. "What's the situation here Sergeant?" He enquired gruffly, he was growing impatient with the colonial dock chief's increasing delays and the constant downpours were begining to drown his spirits. Leaving the comparative comfort of his rather spartan private cabin aboard the Unity he had decided to find out what was the delay was now in person.
"The shift foreman has reported that they have lost contact with a waystation on the eastern plains, sir." Sanchez replied.
"And this is our concern...because?' Horton asked wearily.
"Well sir, this is the third waystation to suffer communications problems in the past four hours. Each is operationing on an independant system hub," Sanchez pointed out on the map that he and the shift foreman had been examining "each with it's own power systems so the problem is too coincidental be be a simple technical glitch. They have to be built to last out here Colonel."
With enough experience to read between the lines Horton didin't like where this was leading.
"Sergeant Morse and his Steel trooper team requested earlier to go check out the first station, they're holding postion on the perimeter awaiting your orders sir."
It seemed unlikely that the Red Blok would have any thing to gain from attacking a minor operation like this given the current political climate between the two factions. Smugglers, whilst another distinct possibilty would have been more likely to perform a hit and run attack taking with them what they could carry. An attack of this nature would draw unwanted attention from the White Stars and even the most successful crime syndicates would stand little chance against the military might of the UNA.
"Sir!" Sanchez interupted his train of thought. "I have Sergeant Morse on the line." he said as he handed Horton the station's aged com-phone.
"Morse," Horton barked "tell me what you see!"
The line crackled and whistled as the shift foreman transfered the transmission to the operations center speakers.
"Not a lot sir, damn rain is severely hampering visuals but the thermal reading are off the scale. No sign of a conflict but there's definately someone home."
Horton paused to evaluate the situation.
"You want...to check...out sir?" Morse's transmission was breaking up because of the worsening atmospheric conditions.
"Negative, fall back to operations."
"Order ackn..ledged, Morse out."
Although the Unity had been transporting four Fire Toads along with several tons of ammunition and rations they only had one pilot who had been hitching a ride with them. His own official command consisted solely of two squads of inexperienced Star Troopers.
"Sanchez, what's the name of the Fire Toad pilot?"
"Sergeant West sir, she's supposed to be traveling with Morse's team to the front sir." Sanchez replied.
"Well I want West to give three of the Steel Troopers a crash course in Strider piloting," Horton could tell by the bemused look on the sergeant's face what his next question was going to be "they don't need to be able to dance in the damn things, just basic weapons operation. We'll place them in the tunnel entrances to the main compound and use them as turrets!"
Horton took the manifest clipboard from the bewildered foreman and began to thumb through the station rosters. Mostly families, he'd have to get them off-world to avoid collateral casulties. "I want all the civilians loaded up on the Unity and off world within the hour!" He finally turned his attention to the shift foreman. "I want an off-world communication sent immediately to UNA fleet command requesting re-enforcements!" He ordered.
"We...we have a problem there I'm afraid," The foreman stammered nervously "the satalite relay is down, we...we thought you were the technical group when you first entered orbit and I'm afraid without the parts we're cut off!"

This unforseen situation had complicated matters. Horton knew a strike against the waystations would alert the enemy to their presence and given the circumstances such a conflict would end quickly and very badly. Better to hold their position whilst the Unity went for help.
What he wouldn't give for a Tac-Arm team or two right about now. Horton was experianced enough to know in his gut who the mysterious enemy were, it had to the first stages of a counter attack whlst the White Star forces were pre-occupied with Operations Damocles.
Although a desperate gambit he had little choice than to make a stand here. Retreat was not an option, he could not allow the Therians to gain a foothold in UNA space no matter the cost.


To those Star Troopers that had grown up on Ava the colony was a harsh and brutal enviroment but to Private Jenkins it was like coming home.
Although there were differences between New Thespa and his home colony the layout was similar enough that he could move around the compounds with relative ease. This was a thought that would at any other time bought him some comfort had he not lost the rest of his squad during the initial Therian attack.
Now the familiar surroundings of his childhood took on a darker more sinister appearance where every shadow or doorway was a potential hiding place for the Morphos to attack him from. In his mind's eye every corner he turned would lead him into a Therian ambush where nightmarish Storm Golems lurked patiently for him to spring their trap. Their reaper blades poised to strike with inhuman speed, tearing through his armour with ease.
Still shaking Jenkins cursed under his breath, pausing breifly to get his bearings. His thoughts strayed back to the attack on his unit earlier that day.

The first wave had been swift, before they knew it the Star Trooper squad had been overrun by the Storm Golems, they'd put up a brave fight but were in danger of being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. The situation worsened forcing Sergeant Grant to give the order to fall back to the operations centre.
As they ran Jenkins skidded to a halt at the junction as he atttempted to cover their retreat, the remaing members of the squad continued blindly down a side alleyway. He screamed to the Sergeant that they were heading in the wrong direction but they either didn't hear his warnings or simply chose to ignore him. They continued to retreat some fourty feet away from his position before they were ambushed.
The troopers hadn't stood a chance as the Hekat golgoth tore through the wall of the warehouse blocking their path.

Sergeant Grant had been killed instantly as he was crushed by the collapsing debris, the golgoth oblivious to his broken form beneath the rubble, trampling his body as it advanced to attack the remaining members of the squad.
Jenkins could only stare in terror, lacking any serious firepower the rest of the squad stood little chance. Two troopers were despatched with frightening speed by the Hekat's grim scythes as it stormed into them. Bullets richochetted off the beast as they fired in desperation, a stray round hit Private Shannon in the abdomen and he doubled over folding to the floor.
Jenkins turned away in absolute horror as the Hekat raised his huge clawed foot over Shannon, he heard the trooper scream for help but no-one else was left alive. His cries were cut short as the monster slammed it's foot down. Jenkins didn't look back as he ran, he had no wish to share the fate of Shannon or the other troopers.

Rabid Bunny 666
24-02-2008, 23:43
I'm linking those Kolossus, i was thinking of picking up a Spetznatz box of them because they could look suitably steampunk with a little bit of converting.

26-02-2008, 18:56
Rabid Bunny 666: Yeah I agree, with a little retro-engineering they'd be great for steampunk.


The WIP RPG Kollosus Unit

I've managed to get a bit done on the Sergeant of the unit and here's a shot along with a progress shot of the unit as a whole.




floyd pinkerton
26-02-2008, 21:32
I'm considering using those smaller robots for some ork killa kans. What are they made of and are they prepaints?

your stuff looks very nice, as usual;)

27-02-2008, 04:57
To answer the above. They are made out of a softer plastic called "polypropalene"(sp), this type of plastic can be prepped for converting in these ways.

1) Clean the mold lines on the old paint job then prime the miniature directly over the pre-paint scheme.
2) DO NOT ATTEMPT to strip the paint with chemicals like "simple green" as they will break down the plastic and destroy your beautiful AT-43 (no-GW) miniature.
3) Paint using preferred paints and the seal with a matte finish, you can even use transfers but use a softener for your transfer application. (To get a transfer around the cockpit of your Kollosus for example.)

The Red Blok, Karmans and later UNA and Therian pre-paints are stunning... ok they are great! When compared to the older attempts as stated by DogHouse.

Doghouse, I love this project log on Warseer so I will subscribe to it. I enjoy your Cold War paint scheme for the BLOK. Im planning on ordering some BLOK later on from the FFG store, the distributor of AT-43 "In the english speaking world" (I am located in Canada.)
I have never touched an army book of this game or even a single model but I think Im ready to have go. Games like AT-43, Urban War and Warmachine provide awesome alternate models to GW.


29-02-2008, 14:50
Thanks guys!

Backup has finally arrived in the form of the Kraysne Soldaty (think guardsman) giving me some much needed infantry.


These very nice models and the prepaints are quite good and really only need rebasing and the faces touched up but I'll be painting them in my own scheme to fit in with the rest of the army.


I've been toying around with one of these for a while now. On the whole it's quite nice but could do with a repaint to be honest.



The roof comes off and you can place minis inside with enough head room for Humans or Karmans. The back door also slides out so that it can be opened.


29-02-2008, 15:06
Here's a shot for all those who will undoubtably want to know if they are any good for 40k.


The Karmans

Now these are nice, it seems like they are made from a hard plastic and a few moldlines aside the prepaints are nice.
I may have to make this my next army.

They are pretty big coming in a box of four, these guys are AnaKongas which are the infantry of the Karman forces.
In short the Karmans were a failed experiment by the Therians who went all eco-warrior and turned on their creators.




29-02-2008, 15:13
The story was good very "Aliens" :D

02-03-2008, 20:34
Thanks mate, hopefully I'll be updating the story soon. :)

Karman WIP

I haven't had much time on my hands lately but have managed to start repainting a Karman Anakonga for a change of pace.
I'm painting the armour blue and the chest white before I start adding winter camoflage to the model.
Once that's done I can weather him up as he looks far too clean at the moment.
I've gone for a more blueish tone to the skin rather than the more grey of the prepaints.


04-03-2008, 19:23
sweet monkeys i love those kollosus, they're my new sentinels

04-03-2008, 22:44
Yeah they both really nice models.

I haven't really got a lot done recently but I have begun on the camo for the Karmans and an experiment with an all black Kollossus possibley for a second Red Blok platoon made up of the extras left over from the first.
I have undercoated my RPG Soldaty and hopefully should get started on them tomorrow.



05-03-2008, 00:51
Beautiful job doghouse! this may have already been answered in the thread, but i sadly don't have the time right now to read it all, but my question is: do you prime the models directly over their old paintjob, or do you strip them and all that jazz? seems to me you can just prime over them.

05-03-2008, 15:02
That black Kollossus looks deadly, nice and realistic :)

05-03-2008, 18:52
Loving all your lovely Krasnoarmyets, its making me *seriously* want to pick up a Red Blok army. In fact, I have just ordered the army book.

Jeez, I could never resist Space Commies.

Dosvedanya, tovarich, keep up the good work, crush the fascist vipers and all that :p

05-03-2008, 21:48
i want he book now, wah wah wah. hoe heavy are the figure, just curious

05-03-2008, 22:28
Thanks guys! :)

TanithScout: I just sprayed mine black and repainted them. It works fine in my experiance, I think the paint is baked on or something so I'm not sure how easy they would be to strip.

baphomael: The Red Blok are the reason I got into the game in the first place. They are really nice models and I'd recommend them to anyone.
The vehicles are what drew me in though.

donuter: They're all plastic so about the same weight as their 40k cousins. The Kollossus are surprisingly light actually as they are hollow.

11-04-2008, 09:35
Whoa! Looking nice... AT-43 never really caught my imagination but now I see that the quality of the figures are really enhanced with a repaint. Good job.

16-04-2008, 14:36
great repaints!! I started with AT43 as well. Red block off course, but I never got beyond a colossus and 2 boxes of soldiers. Now I see your all armoured force I am starting to reconsider. Maybe I will restart again.....


23-07-2008, 09:18
Thanks guys! :)

Now that I'm back into the swing of things I've turned my attention to my Red Blok army once more.
This is a long overdue update to the log and first up is the WIP Kossack K7. The colour hasn't really come out right in the pictures which is annoying but I have just started extreme weathering and adding details like the stowage and markings.
The Nakovalny will be painted in a camo variant of the colour scheme to tie the various elements of the army together.
The army is predominantly painted with Catachan Green and Graveyard Earth. As the Kollusus are painted green and the Kossak a tan colour to make it stand out more as a hero unit the Nakovalny combine both colours to tie the army together as a whole.
For those not in the know generally speaking heroes in AT-43 that are assigned to striders are the only ones that can leave their vehicles and if the strider is destroyed they are placed on foot.
It would kind of be like having an Imperial Guard captain that can pilot a sentinel. Each is assigned a special strider and can only use that type.

WIP Kossack


WIP Nakovalny and Kossack

23-07-2008, 21:51
Here's the finished shot of K7. Unfortunately I can't seem to get my camera to take a true colour shot but it looks a lot better in person.





24-07-2008, 02:11
Fanfrakingtastic work DH! It's always nice to see something sci-fi that isn't 40K.

26-03-2009, 17:34
Hey Doghouse:

Very cool stuff. I love the Therian Golgoth with the Abandon All Hope written; its eerie to see something written in english on the side of something so alien.

Raven Down
29-03-2009, 21:13
Hey Doghouse:

Very cool stuff. I love the Therian Golgoth with the Abandon All Hope written; its eerie to see something written in english on the side of something so alien.

The Golgoth is technically Human,Admirable work here,The Re-paints are Fantastic.

29-03-2009, 23:44
Beautiful beautiful Kossack, well done

26-04-2009, 16:44
Hey, Doghouse: how did you get that beautiful powder finish on your golgoth? That is incredibly sexy.