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17-04-2005, 21:57
Here's my 1000pt chaos list

Exalted champion: HoME, barded steed, great weapon, sheild(146pts)
Sorceror: barded steed, spell familiar(119pts)
10 warriors: sheilds, full command(180pts)
10 warriors: mok, halberds, full command(235pts)
15 marauders: flails, full command(115)
4 chosen knights: standard bearer, musician(210pts)

41models+6 horses
3power dice and 4 dipel dice

I also have 2 more warriors with sheilds 1 more marauder and a champion on foot.

I didn't give the knights a champion because as they are chosen 1 more s5 hit won't change the battle and i'm using the champion model as the exalted champion.

plz give me you're thoughts

18-04-2005, 04:35
The unit sizes are a tad small. I'd think about dropping the chosen upgrade on the knights and pumping the warrior units up a little. Oh, and some chaos hounds would be spectacular to screen your knights.

18-04-2005, 21:17
I don't really want to drop the chosen status from the knights because I would ony be able to add a S4 attacks 2 S5 attacks and one S5 attacks on the charge as opposed to 4S5 attacks and a 1+armour save one the knights but you're right about the hounds but I can't find the points for them. Unless I drop all the musicains because I normally don't need them.

19-04-2005, 20:15
It depends on who you are fighting, and what scenario you are playing, but in general I'd balk at an army with no skirmishers.

19-04-2005, 20:24
It depends on who you are fighting, and what scenario you are playing, but in general I'd balk at an army with no skirmishers.

ok there are no skirmishers that can be used in a mortal chaos army unless I use furies which I was thinking of or beastmen. It might be a good idea I think to drop the marauders and put in a unit of furies and maybe some marauder horsemen. However the knight's chosen status stays.

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20-04-2005, 00:06
Take beastmen, you will get a good size unit for the cost of the marauders, and my god is the beastherd useful to stick inbetween the warrior units.

20-04-2005, 03:08
If you go pure mortals you also get access to the Flayerkin which look like good skirmishers on paper (I have yet to ever see them used myself and don't have enough mortals to run a pure mortal force).

20-04-2005, 03:21
Flayerkin kinda suck unless you are in a siege. Beastherds do the job of normal skirmishers much better for much cheaper. Flayerkin in a siege are one of the nastiest things around, but loose a great deal of their potancy when played in the open fields. That said, I don't think of skirmishers as an absolute "must have", either.