View Full Version : 1500 p High elves.

20-02-2008, 08:06
Here is my army list vs VC.. Would like to know what you think about it.

lvl2, Jewel of dusk. dispel scroll. 170p
(lore of)High magic.

Mage 2,
lvl2, Ring of Corin. 155p
lore of beasts.

Mage 3,
lvl2, ring of fury, silver wand. 185p
lore of light.

10 Archers. 110p

19 sword masters. 360p
Armour of caledor
St. bearer;
Lion standart.

8 dragon princes. 320p
The amulet of light.
the gem of courage.
st. bearer.
Banner of Ellyrion

2 Reapter bolth throwers 200p

Making a total of 1500p

My wizzard with High magic can shield the unit of sword masters for the magic phase. (( Shield of asyruian or what ever.. gives a 5 + wardsave)) And with the beast lore I can boost my swordmaster champion with bears anger when he has charged that will make my nice elf to a angry mad bear with 6 atack at wp 6 with and str 5 and t4 !! <cheers>. Down side.. he only got one wound. but with a armour save of 2 + (( armour of caledor )), t4 and a ward save of 5+ (( still shieldy )) think he will still have a good chance. with my lore of light I will juist try to kill some skellies or support the troops. ((depends on wich spells I get. ))

So.. will this army be good enough to kill a VC player.. or.. Am I juist doomd?