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20-02-2008, 07:57
Arrgghhhaaa me hearties.

Wannabe Pirate Captains read on.

Following the success of the Tale of fantasy painters and the Tale of 40K painters I have been trying to russle up some interest in a Tale of the Old west painters. (See separte thread).

On that thread the idea was suggested for doing pirate gangs for the soon to be released "Legends of the High Seas" from Warhammer historical.

This is the thread to see if there is enough interest and enthusiasm there is for such a project and for folks to sign up and commit to painting up a 'Legends of the High Seas' crew in the 'Tales of the High Seas painters' thread.

This would be modelled on the Tale of painters projects currently underway. In which painters commit to painting a certain ammount for their chosen armies each month and provide support and encouragement for the other painters involved.

It is also the thread for bashing out the rules.

The intention that has emerged on the other thread is to take a break from painting armies and try and paint something as well as we can. I think it would be good to keep this as general principal/aim for this thread.

Given the aim of painting as well as we can it would not seem unreasonable to aim for as little as one figure a month. Even with this minimum commitment we will still all end up with a completed 12 man crew this time next year.(Which is a darn sight closer than I will be without the support of something like this! )

OR we could go for a ten man crew with two jokers (as in the other 'tales of painters') for when life really gets in the way.

What has emerged as a plan on the 'Tale of the Old West' thread is that we require a minimum commitment of one mini a month but if folks want to paint more and get their stuff painted faster they can.

We have come up with the idea that you can earn 'recognition' for getting stuff painted in the form of a 'price on you head' and wanted posters.

I am sure we can come up with some similar 'reward' with more of a pirate theme.

So avast all ye sea dogs and sign up.

20-02-2008, 07:58
The TEN painters so far.

Calibretto : Warmachine Pirates
Count Sinister (Probably.:D)
Dead orc : Navy and Pirates
Harry : Navy and Pirates
Hastings :
Lardidar :
Malarick : pirates
Steam Giant :
Scarlet squig : Pirates

20-02-2008, 08:15
Harry, I hereby command you to stop starting new projects immediately! Oh well, trying to tell a pirate not to do something won't help much, will it?:rolleyes: So go with god, and good luck for people signing up for this one.;)

What miniatures are you going to use?

20-02-2008, 10:46
Ah Pirates ! one model a month seems reasonable.

But where is the "Tales of the Eastern Ninja Painters" thread ? :)

20-02-2008, 10:48
It's a fair point Eastern Ninjas are under represented on this forum.

I will leave it to you to sort that one out. :D

Was that a 'yes' to this project.

20-02-2008, 11:11

I am in :p

I will be ordering my crew and rulebook this weekend ... so hopefully I will have them by next month.

Count Sinister
20-02-2008, 12:24
Temptation! Harry really is the devil in disguise. Well, while I would love to be in this project as well...I can't even say it. Leave it with me, and I'll check out some models (and maybe the rulebook), and get back to you.
That man is dangerous, you know. It's only fair that he should have a price on his head...
Seriously, though, this is a great idea - in particular I love the emphasis on just one or two models a month to get us painting as well as we can. Great stuff!

Dead orc
20-02-2008, 14:26
I do love pirates..... Where abouts are these rules found / where can I order them?
I'll order myself a crew when I get paid at the end of this month.

20-02-2008, 15:27
Well I guess they will soon be available lots of places. (including Amazon)

Warhammer Historicals have produced them so you can get them from there.

However various Pirate producing miniture companies may also be selling it along with special or Limited Edition mini's.
(In the same way you can get Legends of the Old West from Artizan and get their 'Billy the kid' model).

Arrrrrggghhhh welcome aboard ship mate.

20-02-2008, 16:09
Count me in, i also might try producing a cog or Man'o'war.

20-02-2008, 16:14
I would like to join as long as i can use warmachine models. I have a growing privateer force that needs painting inspiration :). If not i'll just pop in occasionally to look at the cool pirate models.

21-02-2008, 16:18
Firstly, sorry to highjack this thread a little but im really interested in getting a Pirate gane for Legends of the high seas and have ordered my models from black
scorpion miniatures. The problem i am comming across is finding 1:300 (or as we know them 28mm scale) pirate ship models as they are obviously essential for the game. Any one have any ideas?

21-02-2008, 16:32
Well I think Old Glory and Flagship games both produced resin ships at some point. But they would cost an arm and a leg. (a small fortune.)

Foundry produced a nice set of downloadable plans to build your own.

Gary Chalk did a nice article with step by steps on how to build one.

And I remember seeing someone do a great step by step on the web using the foundry plans.

I will see if I can find the links.

If it sails a ship and says aaaaarrrrrgggghh. Your in with your war machine boys.

21-02-2008, 16:51
Also there are some templates in the High seas book to make boats from balsa wood.

PS - Boarding scenario looks soo good.

PPS - My book and gang have just been ordered from BSM ... should be here for the start of the month... I decided to go for a marine list first but will add a pirate crew later in the tale along with some boats.

21-02-2008, 17:08
Love pirates!
But no time :(
I will be following this though, that I can promise!

Drink up, me hearties, yoho!

21-02-2008, 18:41
i am possibly interested in doing this (or the Old West perhaps), but was wondering what minis people are using, and what are good sites to check out for piratey models.

If i can find some models i like enough then i'd definately be interested..

Count Sinister
21-02-2008, 19:29
Hey, Danny76. A lot of the companies that people are getting minis from tend to do both cowboys and pirates. Black Scorpion do groups of both, and Foundry do a LOT of each as well. Nice sculpts, too. Artizan do Wild West stuff, but I don't know about pirates. I think they do, though. The Artizan sculpts are nice - I have six of their Wild West minis, with another blister on the way, and I like them a lot. Nice clean casting as well.

Dead orc
21-02-2008, 20:38
I aint on the list yet... I'll be doing a pirates crew and a royal navy crew both from black scorpion - those mini's look real nice.

21-02-2008, 21:40
Sweet, I look forward to it. Is this going to be starting come March?

21-02-2008, 22:08
Oh, interesting.. I've been meaning to collect and paint up some pirates for the last 6 months or so.

Sign me up, Scotty Harry!

21-02-2008, 22:32
Dead orc, scarletsquig ... Your in.

22-02-2008, 08:13
i've been looking at artizan, foundry and black scorpions stuff.
theres some great models there..
Did i read somewhere that one of them isn't to scale with the others/standard 28mm?
as i'll mainly be buying from black scorpions range, so would like them in size

may look into old west too...

22-02-2008, 08:50
I quite fancy putting together 2 privateer crews using the Corsairs of Umbar (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99121464003&orignav=16) Course then i might be tempted to build a Junk boat, which would no doubt end in tragedy :( If not i shall use the Empire Militia for 1 crew.

22-02-2008, 13:18
Empire millitia are one of the examples in the high seas book ... they make a nice looking crew too.

Never thought about the LOTR corsairs, good shout and hellishly cheap.

22-02-2008, 18:44
It would be fun to do fantasy pirates for the various armies.

I might do a a couple of fantasy Pirate crews at some point.

So many ideas ... so little time.

23-02-2008, 14:42
Yaaargggh, I'll be in then me harties!!!

23-02-2008, 15:09
Yay! Hastings is in. :D

Hello mate. Welcome aboard.

25-02-2008, 12:09
My pirates have been posted. When are we starting?

25-02-2008, 12:23
Harry can i point something out please?

Being a member of the 40k painters, ive seen a lot of people drop out.

I think 12 months may be a little too long for most people? even those who think they can do it still cant...

How about 6 months? or maybe 8?

It means people can see the end and people wont all have dropped out by month 12.

Just a thought.

25-02-2008, 13:57
My pirates have been posted. When are we starting?

5 Days ... my pirates may not make it in time :(

As for the 12 months thing I din't think we will be that strict, I can see me having 2 or 3 crews by the end of the year with a few boats and a bit of scenery.

I think if people prefer to work slow then good on them and they will have one fantastic crew in a year, if people prefer to do more then good on them and they will have a few crews in a year.

EDIT - or we could make it run till the end of this year ... so 10 months.

25-02-2008, 15:41
I agree completely.

This (and the Old West thread) is going to be much more open ended than the current tales of painters.

Folks can paint as much or as little as they like as often as they like.

It will almost just be a place to come together so we can offer each other encouragement and support.

Having said that I think we should all try and post something (at least one mini) every month.
I have found the deadlines on the 'Tale of Fantasy Painters' are realy helpful to keep me 'at it'. I feel like I am letting friends down if I don't turn up and post something.

I think it will work here to if we keep that as the expectation.

Count Sinister
25-02-2008, 16:43
I'm responding from the Old West side of things, but I agree, Harry. The feeling that you'll be letting the other people down if you don't post something is a powerful incentive, and, as you say, given the nature of this Tale, if it's one model a month, that's still fine, because it is going to look great. Alternatively, if you manage to paint a few each month, then you end up getting a few posses done, and maybe some scenery. I think that's what I'll be aiming for - and I may even join in the Pirates' Tale later in the year as well!

25-02-2008, 16:47
with there being no entrant deadline, i can definately be in, but don't have to worry about whether i get the models by a certain time, and can just join when i'm ready to, so thats good.

Think i'll definately be doing this and the west tale..

27-02-2008, 08:34
Yaaaaaarrrrgh! My treasure chest (cardboard box) of goodies arrived this morn, and I have to say it is dabloons (money) well spent!!! The black scorpion minis are very, very nice and the "Legends of the High Seas" Book looks really nice. I could get quite heavily involved in this............ oh dear.....

Dead orc
27-02-2008, 09:42
You lucky curr! I've got to wait till friday before I can even order my stuff....

27-02-2008, 16:24
Count me in, but no pirates - Navy types instead.

27-02-2008, 16:38
I have news,

My navy and crew (and cowboys) get posted tomorrow.

While I may not be here on the 1st of the month I will be posting some pics that weekend ... yay so happy.

@Chris_Tzeentch - cool, more navy ... welcome.

28-02-2008, 10:28
Count me in Harry!

I was gonna start my own log anyway, but I might as well join this one!

Here is my Gallant Pirate crew (Black Scorpion Miniatures)


I should be basing them at the weekend and then I can get started.

I also have my Lawmen arriving at the weekend, for LotOW, so I may have to join that painting log too ;)

Count Sinister
28-02-2008, 13:38
Wow! Nice minis, Malarick. The Black Scorpion models are very nicely sculpted. The two guys front and centre are very cool - the one with the two cutlasses and the one with the two pistols. I'm in the Tale of Old West Painters, but I'll be keeping on eye on this Tale (and possibly joining it later in the year), and I'm looking forward to seeing these painted. What are your plans for the bases?

28-02-2008, 14:39
I'm looking forward to seeing these painted. What are your plans for the bases?

Well I have got some finer sand (rather than the usual GW sand) as I think it would work better on these smaller scale minis (like my LotR ones) and I will probably aim to paint them in a kind of dry ground scheme with some scorched grass.

The guy in the centre is the special character model - Mad Jim Jones - which I had to get as we share a common name, besides him being a damn fine model ;)

As for painting him, I will probably follow the scheme on the Black Scorpion site


The one with the crossed pistols is also a fave of mine and comes in the PIRATES 1 set


If these models don't inspire you to paint pirates, I don't know what will!

I look forward to seeing other peoples paint jobs too!

28-02-2008, 16:19
@ Malarick: Those are so cool... I can't wait till you have your painted...

Do I see a parrot? Yes, I do... :)

28-02-2008, 21:03


Welcome aboard me hearties. Arrrghh!

I'll add you to the list.

EDIT : Thats TEN painters! Hip, Hip ...

29-02-2008, 02:19


Welcome aboard me hearties. Arrrghh!

I'll add you to the list.

EDIT : Thats TEN painters! Hip, Hip ...

Hurray! :D

29-02-2008, 13:32
Seeing Malaricks minis makes me want mine to arrive now ....

Can't belive we got so many painters, good work to all :)

01-03-2008, 07:47
In for a penny, in for a doubloon! Joined the Wild West thread. Would love to join this one if you'll have me.