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20-02-2008, 16:29
First, I did a search on my questions, either I suck at it, or they haven't been answered... if they have, please redirect me, thanks!

1) The rulebook states that all models block line of sight to friendly and enemy models, unless your a XXXX size model. The thing is that it doesnt say if a let's say zombie unit can block sight to a monted character. From what i can read theres only two size catigories, Large, and not large...

2) If a mounted character joins a non cavalry unit can he be picked out? I know this sounds foolish to ask but could not find any rule relating to this particular rule, besides that he could be picked out if he was a XXXX target, had a unit strength of X, or was mounted on a creature with the fly special rule.

please give Pg numbers with your answeres, (i dont care much for word of mouth) Thanks in advance!!

20-02-2008, 16:32
1. Page 8-9
2. Page 74, page 72

20-02-2008, 16:38
First, I did a search on my questions, either I suck at it, or they haven't been answered... if they have, please redirect me, thanks!


please give Pg numbers with your answeres, (i dont care much for word of mouth) Thanks in advance!!
I am mildly astonished (to say it nice) about the attitude shown in this post - ever thought about calling the Roolzboyz at GW? :rolleyes:


20-02-2008, 16:57
Hey theunwantedbeing, thanks for posting the pages that i quouted the rules that I posted from... ie, pg 8-9 Zombies do block LoS to mounted character..., pg 74 If character is unit strenght x or more can be picked out, and pg 72 charaters that are mounted on flying steeds can't join units...

yeah thats what i said above... Altho helpfull, it doesnt really answer my questions, of 1, can a monted character be blocked by infantry, 2, can a mounted character hide in a unit of infantry.

Festus, do u you usualy imply too people not to ask questions on a rules question forum? Because all im trying to do is get some answers, if you trust the roolzboys (which i dont , another story) then ok, but I'll put my trust in the seasoned veterans of the warseer community.

20-02-2008, 17:09
Helpful but doesnt answer your questions?
I sugguest you bother reading those pages AGAIN and then have a look at what you were actually asking.

1. Only large targets block line of sight or can see over other models.
Is you character on steed a large target?
Oh look...that was page 8 and 9 you reference for checking that.....

2. Well if you looked to page 74 you would see that he cannot be picked out if in a unit of infantry if he is less than unit strength 5.

Kindly be a bit more polite in future.

20-02-2008, 17:32
I found these.




20-02-2008, 17:33
I'm sorry if I came of as a bit... brash, but what you say backs up what I already posted, Posting the Pg numbers with no confirmation of whether you agreed with my asumptions led me to belive that you thought that I had not even read those pages (even tho now you admit to this thought...) Look if your gana agree with me, please let me know,k? lol sry if theres anything that offended you, but you me its seems there was plenty o' politness, but cool whatever.

20-02-2008, 17:49
Please have someone who is capable of sane communication review your posts before submission in future, I'd really appreciate it.

20-02-2008, 17:54
relax all. they are good questions, IMO. :) If the questions had just been answered in the original posts as they were later then the hostility could probably have been avoided.
As far as contacting the Roolzboyz... I wouldn't recommend it. At least not Stateside. I've called and always get the same guy who just says he only really play 40k and makes guesses on fantasy. Some of them are GOOD guesses, but it's usually a "I don't really know, but I would guess..." thing. It's frustrating and one of the reasons I came here. Somtimes people just miss things when following up on page numbers. It's no worries.

21-02-2008, 03:32
Thank you T10, that is all I wanted. Thank you too Feefait, he understands a noob.

And now as I am not "capable of sane communication" (guess I now know what my friends was talking about when he mentioned trollers...) I ask for this thread to be closed, as asking a simple set of questions is met with hostility from some...

21-02-2008, 12:23
Pg ... asumptions ... belive ... tho ... gana ... k? lol sry ... o' politness

And now as I am not "capable of sane communication" :rolleyes:

21-02-2008, 12:40
As the thread starter you "own" the thread. You should be able to see a "close thread" option under Thread tools.


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21-02-2008, 21:01
Thread Closed.

Question has been answered.

I would just like to remind members about being polite when posting comments. I also want to point out to new members that what you post is read 'as is' and it pays to be polite and not demanding. Many of our members do not have English as their native language and they may interpret your comments in a negative manner.

Thank you,

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