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20-02-2008, 21:22
Parravon 1500.

Hero. (Redemond).
Paladin with a barded warhorse, the armour of agilulf and a sword of might = 119.

Hero. (Corbus).
Paladin BSB with the grail vow, barded warhorse, the virtue of duty and a warbanner = 150.

Core Units.
*8 knights of the realm with full command = 216. (general goes here)

2*9 Knights of the realm with full command = 480.

*12 skirmishing peasant bowmen with braziers = 89.

Special Units.
*3 pegasus knights with a gallant = 165.

*5 mounted yeomen with shields and a musician = 87.

Rare Units.
*5 grail knights = 190. (BSB goes here)

= 1496.

What do you think?

20-02-2008, 22:18
Well first of all I don't think you can have several war banners, only one of each magic item as per the rulebook...might be wrong though, does that apply to banners as well?

Secondly you can only have ONE unit of skirmishing bowmen in the bretonnian army, as per the description of the option: "One unit may replace its defensive stakes with the ability to skirmish."

Thirdly...I don't think a hero on a royal pegasus can join a unit of pegasus knights. As per the rules for flying units in the rulebook.

Nice hero though, and the army has quite the punch...perhaps a unit of yeomen for supporting the flanks of the knights?

20-02-2008, 22:41
Well let me just say that your army is not legal at all..

You can only have a magic item once. This goes for banners as well

Brets can only have one unit of skirmishing bowmen.. So four won't work at all.

Lastly (and I think this is stupid) Char's can not join units of flyers.. So the BSB can not joing the peg nights. He could fly next to them but can be picked out.. STUPID.

So you might want to go back to the drawing board..

21-02-2008, 05:17
My personal expierence playing brettonian and facing them is that you made a big mistake the biggest and I think complexfire made this point to it aint legal as I just looked up. you need something to distarct them from your knights because every spell and penelty your enemy can muster will be used against youre knights. Peasents solve this problem. And youre 513 point knight squad is way i mean way to COSTLY if the oppenet takes it out that is 1/3 of armor right their bang poof gone. But other then that I cannot see a single flaw

21-02-2008, 08:44
I have redone the army after looking up many rules lol.....
Please review the new army list :)

21-02-2008, 11:24
MUCH better! Even nasty I'd say.
If you want you could experiment with exchanging a unit of knights with knight errants with the errantry banner, though it's not necessary and more a question of taste.

21-02-2008, 14:44
I think you are over doing it with the grail unit. With just the unit they are going to be scarry and every arrow and spell is going to go their way as they are as hard to kill as any other knight. Then you add the BSB paladin as well which makes them an even bigger target.

I'd drop the grail vow and braziers and just get more archers.