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22-02-2008, 14:03
General Kuran Baal
General of the Empire
Longbow, Warhorse & Barding, Shield, Full Plate Mail.
226 Points.

Myhirstral The Illuminated
Wizard Lord
Warhorse & Barding, Lvl. 4 Upgrade.
Armor of Tarnus, Dispel Scroll, Wizard's Staff.
Lore of the Heavens
301 Points.

Kurg Raddar
Battle Wizard
Dispel Scroll, Luckstone.
Lore of Beasts
150 Points.

Kollishk Fermahk
Battle Wizard
Rod of Power, Ring of Volans.
Lore of Beasts
150 Points.

Captain Joell
Captain of the Empire, Battle Standard Bearer
Full Plate Armour, Griffon Standard.
138 Points.

Master Syrellar
Master Engineer
Hochland Long Rifle, Light Armour, Pidgeon Bombs.
Mechanical Steed.
137 Points.


Knightly Orders (14)
Lance & Shield.
Banner of the Daemonslayer.
396 Points.

Swordsmen (20)
Musician, Standard Bearer.
Detachment: 5 Handgunners.
175 Points.

Swordsmen (20)
Musician, Standard Bearer.
Detachment: 5 Handgunners.
175 Points.

Archers (15)
150 Points.

Free Company (20)
100 Points.

Great Cannon
100 Points.

Great Cannon
100 Points.

Greatswords (20)
Standard Bearier, Musician.
War Banner
243 Points.

Helstorm Rocket Battery
115 Points.

Helstorm Rocket Battery
115 Points.

Handgunners (10)
80 Points.

Halberdiers (20)
Musician, Standard Bearer, Shields, Sergeant.
140 Points.

10 Casting Dice.
6 Dispel Dice.

Well, this is a list against my mate's 3k Lizardmen due in a week or so. It's pretty self explanatory, with the General going in with the knights and the BSB moving along the infantry heavy line. Anything ideas wise to help against Lizardmen? I've played against with anything other than Skaven before, and that didn't go down too well!!!

22-02-2008, 16:11
Well some of the gear I don't know what it does but I know that the cannons are great against stegadons and carnosaurs, and motors and rokkit batteries are great against skinks and saurus blocks.

Watch out for salamanders and saurus cav with the magic banner that lets them move in the magic phase. Charge the salamanders if you can and shoot the cav.

If there is a slann you might be in trouble... but there isn't a lot you can do against it that is a sure thing other than pit of shades...

Jack of Blades
22-02-2008, 16:20
Hmm... is he using an Oldblood? in that case, I'd stuff a Speculum on that Lore of Beasts Battle Wizard.

15 Archers looks like an awkward size. I'd cut them down to 10.

The Knights are way too big - cut them down to 7 (I assume the General will be joining them too). This gives you a unit which can take a few casualties, but isn't too unwieldy. I hope there's a Standard Bearer and Musician on them too.

LOVE the Helstorm Rocket Batteries! :D

Halberdiers... meh, I'd say cut them down to 15 so you can go 5x3 or 7x2 when needed. I'd also drop the Champion, as human champions aren't very spectacular. I often ask myself what the point in Champions is, other than fluff reasons, which admittedly are good enough reasons.

Overall this seems like a pretty good army. While I would try to fit in as many Helstorm Rocket Batteries as I could, 2 are enough too.

Have fun :)

22-02-2008, 17:23
Good god, Speculum, how could I forget :wtf:

Great advice, I'll shuffle the ranks around, but I stand by the Knight Formation; with there armour save, Fear causing charge and good god, rank bonus they should be able to take on units from the front and survive; not to mention they need to kill 4 to panic, which is a mean feat with saves included.

Should I swap the Halberdiers for more Swordsmen then perhaps?

Jack of Blades
22-02-2008, 17:27
Well that Knights regiment is certainly a change from the usual, although I doubt the effectiveness of Fear against Cold-Blooded, you can certainly try it out.

I'd say keep them. Never know when they can come to good use, and sticking a... *glances over the list* NO WARRIOR PRIEST?! :cries:...

Anyway, it's looking fine. Looking forward to the battle report I hope will be coming.

22-02-2008, 17:32
Heh, I only got tempted to start an Empire army on the basis that it was rogue and pagan (hence beasts and heavens) so, Warrior Priests are a no no on fluff reasons.

I'm definately expecting a Slann, and an old blood, he's not usually reckless enough to go for two Slann, although it is completely possible. *Aims cannons.*

Will definately write a report, :D

Cheers all.

23-02-2008, 01:39
Yay, time to be a jerk:angel:

1. Divide those knights in three units of 5 nilla's with musician. Our knihts lose their use after going up in size. 7 is the largest you should ever consider using.

2. Take that general and put him with the greatswords, you will need his Ld9

3. Don't put the BSB with the General's unit, it will waste his effectiveness.

4. You should take those 20 handgunners and divide them across 3 units as detats with a 7, 6, 7 pattern.

5. Why is there a longbow on the General? You should be using him to charge asap, not wasting his 226 points firing 6 shots from a longbow.

6. With so many knights running around, you NEED pistoliers to shield them from a lucky cannonball wiping them out.

If you need any reading go to this website.


23-02-2008, 10:48
1. I want the knights to be a combat unit, not diverting, flanking, dying after the turn they charge. In last night's game, against 3k wood elves, even with killing blow and magic firing at them, only one died in 5 turns, and they rampaged through War Dancers, overcharged into the General's Unit, wiped them out, then killed the Lord Level caster hiding in a wood.

2. Ld8 on the combat line with the 4 units there and the BSB has been more than enough, the general hooks around a flank and comes in from the back more or less most of the time, so turn 3/4 he's back giving his +1 LD.

3. The BSB isn't with the General's unit, you'll notice he's not on a horse. I put him in with the Halberdiers or Swordsmen, the middle unit of the line where he's needed.

4. They already are in 2X5 detachments. The unit of ten forms a gun line in front of the hill my cannons go on (both sides always get a hill, we randomise where it goes.) I don't want skinks getting to me THAT easily.

5. I only intend to get a pot shot off in the first two turns, considering the longbow's cost, if I shoot and kill ONE model, I've regained the points for the bow. It also gives me an extra shot for picking of lone characters from the rear.

6. I don't have the models, don't like the models, and I don't really see why a 15 strong unit of knights has any threat to it really. At best, A cannon will kill 4 in on precise shot. That is odds I can deal with, 15 knights can be flank charged and still come out on top on the charge.

You're not being a jerk, at all, I just don't like playing Empire like goblins. I mean, 5 strong fast cavalry are great, but not when they are panicked off the field from Wood Elf, High Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf or Empire fire (my main opponents.) I start to wonder what effectiveness units that dissapear so quickly can have.

I also like to call it 'The Slann Killer.' :evilgrin: