View Full Version : My first Empire army (500 pts)

Brother Enok
23-02-2008, 15:20
OK, heres the first 500 points of my newest army. Ive not yet had a chance to play test it but any general feedback would be welcome. Ive only brought the wizard, captain and 10 state troops so far, so any changes will be considered. Thanks in adance :D

Captain of the Empire
Shield, Plate, Barded warhorse and sword of might 89 points

Bright battle wizard 65 points

15 swordsmen
shield and full command 140 pts

5 Halberdiers (detachment) 25pts

8 Knights
Preceptor 200pts

TOTAL 494pts

23-02-2008, 17:09
It's a fair start; you'll probably use all of the models as your army gets bigger.

Halberdiers are a nice fluffy choice, but in most situations they're outperformed by any of the other choices you can take (swords, spears, free company). However, if you like them then keep them - they're not THAT much worse.

The size of your knight unit is odd - with the captain (I assume that's where he's going) you'll have too many for a practical single-rank unit and not enough for a practical multi-rank unit. I'd drop a couple of knights and make the swordsmen up to 20.

24-02-2008, 12:05
at 500 points I'd be tempted to drop the knights in favour of some hand gunners and put the captain with the swordsmen....but i guess thats just personal preference

Sir Spoon 88
24-02-2008, 12:31
I like the choices. But i think drop the knights to say 6 or even five and buff you swordsman. Drop the detatchment for some gunners, or even make them a detatch of archers to screen and stand and shoot.