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24-02-2008, 19:38
The last few days (well, to be honest... weeks) I've been juggling around with a Empire list. Eventually this is what I came up with:

Morin Ska (Wizard Lord)
Barded Warhorse, Magic Lvl 4
Van Horstman's Speculum, Rod of Power, Armour of Tarnus
326 Points

Kromm (Warrior Priest of Sigmar)
Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armour
Sword of Justice, Enchanted Shield, Sigil of Sigmar
158 Points

Aldag Borgir (Battle Wizard)
Magic Level 2
2 Dispel Scrolls
150 points

Stephan Kilmer (Captain of the Empire)
Lance, Pistol, Full Plate Armor, Pegasus
Bronze Shield, Doomfire Ring
169 Points

23 Swordsmen
Full Command
Det 1: 9 Halberdiers
Det 2: 5 Handgunners
248 Points

19 Flagellant
200 Points

10 Handgunners
Champion, Repeater Handgun
100 Points

18 Greatswords
Full Command
Det 1: 9 Halberdiers
Det 2: 5 Handgunners
295 Points

5 Knights of the Inner Circle
Standard, Musician
154 Points

2 Great Cannons
200 Points

Casting Pool: 8
Dispel Pool: 6
Models in Army: 116
Total Army Cost: 2000

The Wizard Lord will join the Greatswords, the Warrior Priest the Swordsmen and the Battle Wizard the Handgunners. Offcourse the Captain will fly of to one side and try to shoot of as many of the enemy as possible, hopefully causing panic tests here and there.

The Wizard Lord and the Warrior Priest are actually based on some rolepaying characters. The Captain I'd just love to use, esspecially after just having finished the model... The be frank, only the Battle Wizard I am not sure off.

With the Character choices as they stand, I'm having done my best to manage the lack of leadership in this army. Do you think I've succeeded? Besides that, is this a balanced list? Will it be rewarding and fun to play AND to play against? I hope some of you might be able to answer this questions...

Ohw, and I tried everything to squize in the Warbanner on the Knights, but I just can't seem to find the points without sacrificing a whole lot....

24-02-2008, 22:24
I would go for Banner of the Daemon Slayer on the Knights, just as a personal choice.

But if you need the extra points, drop a few flaggelents, they're unbreakable so you don't need Static CR anyway, not as much at least.

Otherwise, nice list, especially the characters, Wizard Lord...I like the item combo.

25-02-2008, 05:16
For the Banner of Arcane Warding, I will be forced to drop the unit to 14. Having used the "new" 7th edition Flagellants just once without seeing them in combat, my experience is quite limited with them. But my guess is I need a few extra to be able to sacrifice. Will 14 Flagellants be enough to be able to function as tarpit?

25-02-2008, 14:44
Well, 14 have held up 15 knights, 20 black orcs, (with grimgor) and a very large unit of plague monks before know (and smashed through taking two other units with it...)

So yeah, 14 should be fantastic, it depends who you're up against, but expect them to at LEAST tarpit for a turn, up to 3 if you're on track.

26-02-2008, 16:55
Question: If you're using the Flagellants as a tarpit, do you sacrifice them each turn, or just let them hold up the enemy as long as possible? It would be hard for me to resist the urge to sacrifice those poor bastards....