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24-02-2008, 21:42
hi to all!
i am thinknig about making a competative dwarf army list and have no idea what to put in it!! :confused: so if there is anyone who has any idea's on a good list that is competative.
or for that matter an easy to play list as this is going to be my first real fantasy list - so any view and points on armys would be great thanks.

24-02-2008, 22:01
Dwarves eh? Well I am not a dwarf player but I can tell you a few things. If by competitive you mean tournament competitive, then you do something like a gunline with an anvil but I personally don't think thats something you should do for fun.

In general use a couple units of guns to soften the enemy up. Longbeards and Ironbreakers can really take the fight to an enemy, they might not get the charge but they can take a charge and dish it back. Also you have access to a wide variety of warmachines, take a couple and a master engineer. Miners can be a lot of fun as they can basically ambush behind a line. I had my archers suddenly facing off against 15 angry dwarves with great weapons once. It wasn't pretty.

24-02-2008, 22:09
haha nice thank's a lot, you seen the new VC's and any ideas on a tournament list for those??? what fantasy armys u specialise in??

24-02-2008, 22:23

Dwarf lord with a 1+ re-rollable save, 4+ ward and GW is always grand. Put him a unit of hammerers or ironbreakers, preferable 20-25 strong. This is your main hammer unit.

A unit of 10 dwarves with great weapon that sit just short of this block will flank any unit that gets there and is a cheap but effective core.

2x 10 thunderers gives you a very real shooting threat.

a Thane BSb in long beard/ironbreakers with a good armour save is your second anvil that doubles as a hammer.

Organ gun. Sit one between two units but just short so it cant be charged.

Then its up to preference. Personally i like this:

2x rune smiths.
one has 3 runes of spell breaking
one has a rune of spell breaking and the master rune of balance.

Thats a very very solid magic defence.

24-02-2008, 22:42
ahhh sounds very viable thanks a lot man, bet your looking 4ward 2 the new tzeench stuff comming out.

25-02-2008, 01:18
haha nice thank's a lot, you seen the new VC's and any ideas on a tournament list for those??? what fantasy armys u specialise in??

I am a Wood Elf Player.

Tournament lists for Vampire counts I am not sure on as they are very new but I would bet it includes vast amounts of powerdice and raising things over and over.

25-02-2008, 09:43
I'm not a competitive player, so I can't help you out too much with that.
So I'll try to help out with some casual playing

As for starting out with Dwarfs.

Generally speaking, you should be light on characters.

Dwarf infantries are tough enough on their own, so they don't need as much support.
Also with only M3, a Runed up Dwarf lord will have hard time making that 300 pts back.

Thunderer/Quarrellers are great choice. With shields, these guys will have 4+ save in CC. So they can easily support your main combat blocks without having to worry about giving easy CR to your opponent.

Bolt Thrower is awesome in a smaller game. Even a bare BT with an Engineer will be enough most of the times. And only 60 pts to boot.

Cannon is also great. Cannon with RoForging will almost never blow up. Although, it can get quite pricey for a small game. So my cannons never see battle unless it's 1500 or more.

Organ gun is absolutely devastating. Even against those pesky skirmishers.
But mind you, this thing is prone to blowing up. So in a smaller game having your Organ gun blowing up on turn 2 could cost you the game. Since you won't have anything else to fill it's roll for the rest of the game.

If you're looking to buy new models to start an army, Bolt Thrower and Ironbreakers would be the best ones to start out on.

Anyways, This is more or less my standard 1.5k list. It's not exactly competitive. I don't know how well it will do in a tournament. But it should serve you well in a friendly game.
It's little bit more on the CC side, but to play it, it's fairly straight forward.
Sit and shoot until your opponent gets to ya, then you pull out your MroChallenge and hope everything goes right.
If you prefer more shooty list. You can just swap out the 2nd unit of Warriors or Longbeards, and get more shooty thing.

Thane - 121 pts
GW, MroGromril, MroChallenge

Runesmith - 132 pts
GW, Shield, RoStone, MRoBalance

19 Warriors - 196 pts
Shield, FC

19 Warriors - 196 pts
Shield, FC

10 Quarrellers - 120 pts

15 Longbeards - 220 pts
Shield, Standard, Musician, RoBattle

15 Ironbreakers - 238 pts
Standard, Musician, RoStoicism

Bolt Thrower - 85 pts
Eng, RoPenetrating

Bolt Thrower - 60 pts

Organ Gun - 120 pts

I hope some of these helped

25-02-2008, 16:56
thats great thanks - espesh for a list - this will give me base that i can use to maby alter a bit - but this does look rather mean - maby beef up the unit of long beard's and ironbreakers to 20 each a cannon and another char for my 2k list
what do you think?

26-02-2008, 00:06
That would be fairly solid list.
You'll just find what you like as you play more.
I personally like using CC more than shooting, so my 2k list tend lean heavier on CC blocks, as well as a BSB.
I take the Cannon whenever points permit. But mind you though, You absolutely have to take RoForging if you're going to take a Cannon.