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25-02-2008, 17:24
Black Orc Warboss
Heavy Armour
Martog's Best Basha
Bigged's Kickin Boots

Orc Shaman
LvL 2
2x Dispel scrolls

Night Goblin Shaman
LvL 2
2x Dispel scrolls

Orc Big Boss
Light Armour

Lords & Heroes 579pts

Orc Boyz (20)
Standard Bearer
Extra Choppa

Orc Boyz (20)
Standard Bearer

Savage Orc Boyz (10)
Extra Choppa

2x Night Goblins (20)
3x Fanatics

Core 743pts

Black Orcs (19) - "Bodyguard to Warboss"
Standard Bearer

4x Spear Chukka

Orc Boar Chariot
Extra Crew

Special 509pts

Goblin Doom Diver Catapult

2x Snotling Wagons

Rare 160pts

Total 1991pts
PD 6
DD 4
Dispel Scrolls 4
Total Models 121

This list is still a work in progress, still building and painting models, as well as purchasing

26-02-2008, 18:14
Question: Do you usually face verry magic heavy oponents? 2 shamies with 2 scrolls each seems like a hell of a lot of anti magic stuff.

You could possibly use the 'itty ring in there if you want to go magic heavy yourself (It can draw out a dispell dice or two before you cast other spells)

With only 20 orcs in a unit you already lose a rank bonus if you suffer one casualty. Try and pump them up to 25-30 strong. You can't go wrong with lots of orcs!

Your night goblin units are pretty small too. If you want to get technical, the fanatics cost more than your unit (if you don't count the netters) and make it a big blow if you small unit gets blown away (shooting/panic) You can usually get the same psychological effect if you use one fanatic instead of 3.

Wolf riders! Dead cheep fast cavelry. Every Orc & Goblin army should have at least 2 small units.

If you can put your character(s) on a boar. Extra attacks and especially important the +2 armour save!

26-02-2008, 22:55
I concurr with all of the above, with one additional query:

Is there a reason that you haven't juiced up your BSB? There are a few very worthwhile banners for O&G and few units that can actually have magic banners, and your Black Orcs don't have a magic banner either...

I would buff your units in size (possibly drop one unit of orcs and make the remaining one a Big Un unit), possibly drop the shammies down to a single lvl1 scroll-caddy, get Mork's Spirit Totem for your BSB (and make him a Black Orc) and stick him with what should now be a 25-30 strong unit of Orcsies. Add a War Banner to your Black Orcs and lose the nets on the NGs if they're only going to be used as a fanatic-conveyor-belt anyway.

And why the savage orcs? Why are they there?


That Guy
27-02-2008, 06:53
I agree with what has been said. Orc unit sizes could be bigger, Savage Orcs?, lose the nets, probably drop a fanatic a unit, give your General and BSB boars for the extra armor save. And get some fast cavalry. At least two units, to guard against animosity.

warlord hack'a
27-02-2008, 09:34
a unit of 10 svg orcs with extra choppa and boss is quite a good deployment choice. Often too small for the enemy to shoot at with warmachines, maybe even considered too small too shoot at with normal shooting. And they pack quite a punch and the whole unit is only just over 100 points. And even when the enemy shoots them they will not panic and will remain combat effective untill more than 5 orcs are shot.

if you want my advise, drop 2 fanatics and the nets on the night gob's, drop the black orc unit, drop two dispel scrolls, get some fast cav, beef up your orc units to 25, give your warboss some serious equipment (if you invest 30 points in Biggeds, then also invest 25 points in Ulag's axe as rerolling failed hits is better than one extra attack), give your BSB Mork's totem (which compenstaes for and costs as much as the two dispel scrolls you dropped).
But please feel free to ignore my advise as I notice that I keep on advising the same kind of armybuild and it's nice to try something different for a while (such as keeping the BO's for example).

28-02-2008, 21:30
The Orc book claims that a BSB can only be a Orc Warboss, a black orc can't do it
I do play against magic heavy armies. My main opponents Are DE, Tomb Kings, and Lizardmen w/ Slaan

28-02-2008, 21:37
Page 50 in the Orcs & Goblins army book states: "One Big Boss in the army may carry the Battle Standard for +25 points."
So the Orc Big Biss, Savage Orc Big Boss and the Black Orc Big Boss can all be made a BSB, as it doesn't state "One Orc Big Boss..."