View Full Version : The Beautiful and the Obscene (2250 Demons)

04-10-2005, 04:20
Here is a list I was toying around with. It is a combined arms Slannesh/Nurgle demon roster. The theme I was going for was a Demon Prince that was gifted by both slannesh and nurgle. He/she would be modeled with a virtical dichotomy straight down the middle of the body. One side would be beautiful and a dark color. The other side would be all nurgly and would be a putrid white color. The respective nurgle and slannesh units would be painted with their respectve colors, either white or black. It's really too bad I had to fill my 75 leftover points with dispell scrolls, maybe I should switch over to an exalted so i can afford more toys?

It has some fast elements to it and it has nice synergy with the slannesh and nurgle gifts working together, but is it a cohesive force?

1 Daemon Prince @ 365 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided; General; Magic Level 1
Spell Breaker [25]

15 Daemonettes @ 260 Pts
Full Command

5 Mounted Daemonettes @ 150 Pts

3 Pleasureseekers @ 165 Pts

1 Herald of Pleasure @ 295 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh
Spell Breaker [25]

1 Chariot of Slaanesh @ [130] Pts

15 Plaguebearers @ 275 Pts
Full COmmand

4 Nurglings @ 160 Pts

3 Plagueriders @ 240 Pts

1 Herald of Decay @ 335 Pts
Mark of Nurgle
Spell Breaker [25]

1 Chariot of Nurgle @ [150] Pts

Casting Pool: 3

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 51

Total Army Cost: 2245

04-10-2005, 06:55
I'm honestly not a huge fan of Nurgle Chariots, tactically speaking (from a modeling standpoint and for pure "fun" they are cool though).

I'm also not a fan of taking more than one herald at this point level. Look at how many points your heralds are costing you. If you were to drop the Nurgle Herald, you could add a 4th Plague Rider, a 4th Pleasure Seeker, a 5th Nurgling Base, and a whole extra regiment of some basic lesser demon. I would choose the Slaanesh Herald over the Nurgle Herald simply because it adds a nice punch to the Demonette regiment in the event that they are charged, although you can feel free to drop the Slaanesh Herald instead of the Nurgle one. Whichever one you keep should be given the Greater Icon.

Demonic Cavalry is best when 4 strong in my experience. The Plagueriders can get away with being 3 strong, but the Pleasureseekers are not nearly as resilient. Being quick, Pleasureseekers are one of the first things the enemy will target.

Demonettes, if not used as a pure flanking regiment, work best when deployed 6 wide to maximize their attacks, just something you may want to be made aware of.

If you follow my advice of dropping one of the Heralds, I would also advise you to spend the 50 points it costs to add an Unholy Icon to your Plaguebearers. It makes them one of the most resilient regiments in the game.

I'd stick with the Demon Prince because of the Leadership Bonus and extra attack. It is worth the 70 points, especially once you have passed the 2000 point level.