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25-02-2008, 22:31
I found new toys. Itīs the Warmachine. Very, very convincing sculpts.
Decided to go for cryx. As I will probably never play a game, which is a sad thing, I thought it would be a good idea to try new techniques, and produce a higher painting quality than before.

My first finished piece, but not based yet, since I want to use modelling water, which I wonīt melt for just one base.

Itīs a Helldiver.

I did not convert anything, allthough these minis scream for it. As I plan on building a second Helldiver sometime, I guess some serious sawing will happen to the next one.

Hope you like it.

As always, supersize pics





As you can see, I gave the "forearm" a bone colour.
I will repeat this pattern on all the jacks I will paint.

Next in the pipe, a Harrower.

C&C very welcome.

26-02-2008, 08:56
Very nice, I love the smoothness of the black an the metal. Subscribed :)


26-02-2008, 11:24
Stunning work and blending there.
I, too, would love to have a game of Warmachine/Hordes but with not much interest in my area I have not been tempted yet. And I would also go Cryx or their Hordes counterpart everblight


26-02-2008, 11:50
Very Smooth work, liking the metal alot

27-02-2008, 00:54
Small update.

Goreshade w.i.p.

Rather bad pic, but one can see, what the plan is.
I decided to stay close to the greenish armour. Additionally, I want those patterns on his armour, which are usually left black to shine in the cryxian creepy green light. Quite a challenge. His eyes also shine green, but the camera wonīt catch that.

Thanx for the kind words, btw.. I had a look at your stuff, guys. Well done, especially that Tarik dude and his bird. I will certainly keep an eye on these logs.

Finding someone to play will be hard, as everyone in town seems to play Flames Of War.



27-02-2008, 08:44
Nice work so far on Gorshade, i really liking the sculpting of this mini and your paint job is making it stand out, looking forward to the end result.

Thanks for the comments regarding my log, i will be updating soon if i get the time...

keep up the good work!

The Dark One
27-02-2008, 10:09
looking very good so far, i will be keeping my eye on this one.
i also have problems finding someone to play against

Guy Fawkes
27-02-2008, 22:50
Well I gotta say, that is the best Helldiver I've ever seen. I wish I could paint my Cryx half as good as that. You really have a superb "Glowy-effects" thing going on with him out of the gaps in his spine. You also do a really nice glow on Goreshade's sword (and eyes? not the most detailed pic ever...would like to see a higher res on him some time) that honestly makes me jealous. I've tried to do that ambient glow forever, but with limited success. As your Helldiver prooves however, you've mastered the technique. Did you even brush the exterior of the vents or did you only paint the interior with the glow?

In any case, looking forward to the rest of this log. Since you aren't planning on playing (for a while at least - sorry about that, cause Warmachine and Hordes are such fun games), you can just paint what you like (most people who play Goreshade are stuck buying Bane Thralls because of his feat). My personal favorites in the Cryx range are the Pistol Wraith and the (soon to come) Withershadow Combine. I'd like to see a lot more from you, so I'll be keeping an eye on this log.

29-02-2008, 13:44
Thank you, Guy!
I must say, I am quite proud of the little creep :D. It will change a lot for the better, if IF the base turns out the way I want it to. I have never worked with modeling water, so letīs see what happens.

Goreshade is progressing slowly. The glow gets better with a hell lot of patience, planning and a good brush. I will try to put up a new pic tonight, as the maīam has the camera with her. I am also working on the Harrower. Will make a step by step tut on the one vent it has. The ribs are already done, so that a tut on these must wait until I work on the Nightwretches I have.

I also like the Pistolwraiths, but the ones I really like are the Biles and the Bloat. Look like those bloated demon soldiers from the animated pic "Wizards".
I donīt care too much about Goreshades accompanying Thralls right now, as they are expensive, and my money goes out to all those wonderful jacks available for cryx.
However, painting these minis takes much longer than anything I have done before. Even the marines conversions I did a while ago (log link in my sig) were faster done than the stuff Iīm doing now.

29-02-2008, 14:12
Some very nice work so far warflag, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this log

Thread Subscribed

01-03-2008, 18:19
Here is a little update on Goreshade. Worked on the glow. And his legs and sword and leather parts and whatnot.
Still a while to finishing.
I put up two pics, because it shows how working with photoshop can bring out the colours better. Pics almost never show how something looks in reality. A little touchup with the program can bring back some of the delicious feats and details you worked out on your mini, while your camera just swallows them.
Harrower pics follow later tonight. Hopefully I can get hold of the camera long enough to make the tut on the Harrowers vent. Right now the missus carries around. Sheīs out and Iīm home alone painting minis.
Itīs a geeks life:p




01-03-2008, 20:17
Fantastic stuff - keep up the good work. I need to get my Cryx stuff on here too. I play the Coven, and they are awesome. Warmachine is my current favourite wargame by a mile.

01-03-2008, 21:13
Yeah, the coven got my attention too.
The way it works is so different from the GW game mechanics. Cool models aswell. Show us your stuff, I wanna see it!
Thanx again to all people watching, subscribing and commenting on this thread. Does anyone know why they removed the thanks button?

On to new piccies.

My Harrower w.i.p..
What we have here is rusty legs, the creepy glow inside, and some impressions of the bronze and black I use.
Some people say the Harrower and the Leviathan do not stand very well.
This one is not even glued together yet. It is stable by the pins alone.
But maybe its weapons will make it tip over.



Second pic is not sharp enough, sorry for that.

Any comments or suggestions?


01-03-2008, 21:45
Gorshade looks awesome, love the glowing effect you achieve

02-03-2008, 17:05
I got a Harrower too - I got a friend of mine to pin the model to death - I haven't painted mine yet. Your Goreshade is looking great.

Kasrkin 666
02-03-2008, 17:56
Amazing Cryx!


02-03-2008, 21:29
Update: Got my first little tutorial done. AAaaargh

Itīs the vent tut I planned.

The first pic is not too good, but you get the idea.

First, paint a dark turquoise (spe?) into the center of the vent. Leave a black rim around it. Do not use this colour for the glow effect. Make sure to thin the colour down a bit. Itīs easier to work with, and the black can shine through the dark turquoise close to the rim.


Then use snot green a little south of the center of your dark turquoise spot. Make it a spot aswell. Use it thinned aswell, and apply it strongest in the middle.
Also apply a slim line of snot green on the inner rim. If there are parts hanging over the vent, or whatever you paint, apply a thinned down snot green on these parts aswell.
I did this on the downside of the little overhanging part on top of the vent.


Next pic has two steps in it.
Step three I used Goblin Green.
It is applied in a kind of half circle in the lower area of the snot green area.
Then I put a slim line of Goblin Green on the southern part of the rim, strongest in the lower center of it.
Step four was Vallejo Lime Green.
The half circle of gob green was lightend up right in the middle of it.
Lime green is not used for the glow effect.


The last step is done with rotting flesh.
It goes right into the center of the lime green area.


Thatīs it!

Itīs really easy, with a steady hand and thinned colours.

Then buy a decent camera and take good pictures, and make a tut for people with less imagination, than you will need to recognize the steps in the pics!!

Hope this is useful.

More updates on Mr. Harrower soon.


03-03-2008, 01:20
Continued work on the Harrower.

Quite happy with it so far. And it does not tip over yet. But there is still one arm missing.
Think the green on his weapon turned out quite well. Still some flaws to fix.

The black gaps on the base will be filled with water, Wonder how that turns out.

Tell me what you think.





Cheers and good night

03-03-2008, 23:11
Good evening folks.
Completed the Harrower today. And Mr. Heinz Lee Spikey stands without glueing. I am amazed! It still needs some little touch ups here and there, but so far I am quite satisfied with it. I need to do some rusted scratches like on the Helldiver, and some corrosion effects on the bronze on some parts,...



.... but right now Sir Bile got my total attention.
Heīs w.i.p.. Collar is done, gloves not. Got some more ideas for his skin to give it a more rotten look. Weapon and tubes only basic colours.
Still he looks somehow alive by now. Well, at least when I told him to look into the camera he did.


Next I took a shot of what I have done by now. Itīs been 14 days since I bought my first WARMACHINE minis (Goreshade, Helldiver and Biley + pal).
Progress is slow, but the result justifies the time invested. Thatīs at least what I think. What would you say?


Attenzione: Double post

03-03-2008, 23:19
Next shot is what I have so far. The band of buggers.


Looking forward to the Necrotech and the scrapper.
The chickies are Wretches.

I swore to myself not to buy anything new before this gang is painted.

But I want another big jack. Badly. Now...
The Seether, the Stalker and another Caster or the Machinewraith will be the next purchase. After all is painted. (speaks creepy voice: No, tomorrow!)

Thanks for all comments, interest and of course all kind words.
Keep your eyes on this. Updates are much more regular than in my other log ( which is not dead yet!)


Imp of High Noon
04-03-2008, 01:34
Hmm. I had previously hated the bile thrall, but you've managed to make it look rather good. Well done sir.

04-03-2008, 07:53
I know what you mean about trying to finish what you have before buying more.

Ive managed to only make one lot of purchases with my Khador and im working through them (should be adding them to my log soon).

but with my Menoth not so great, i just cant stop buying the damn things! :p

Stunning painting so far mate, this is one goodlooking battlegroup. I really like the bile thrall models so looking forward to seeing them come together. Theres a guy at our club who always fields them and they are not nice when they pop!

keep up the good work!

09-03-2008, 23:16
Small update.
Been watching Equilibrium tonight. Pretty damn good movie! Expected a bit more of a 1984 twist in the end, but nevertheless.

OT: Back of Biley. Worked on the skin colour a bit more. Bad pic though


And then the Necrotech
Seems I couldnīt quite catch the colours, but youīll get the idea.
Giant forkscissorsthing is only tagged yet. Itīs not finished.




Iīll post pics of the other dudes as soon as I dare to use the modelling water

Thanx for your kind words, people. I like my Biley too. And Jones, Khador will definately be the next faction on my list. Old witch will be first. Soon!

C&C welcome as always


10-03-2008, 06:02
Wow, really cool stuff, WM doesn't get enough exposure here, a good fun game and some kick **** models.

Well done.



10-03-2008, 18:21
Superb work mate, the flesh on the bile thrall is awesome.

Hope you enjoy the Khador minis, sure you will do them justice. Ive just posted my first Khador efforts in my log, let me know what you think.

looking forward to more Cryx goodness :chrome:

12-03-2008, 00:50
And here it comes, Jones.

I decided to stay on my track of incomplete paintjobs. Iīm always distracted by ideas for experiments. This time it is the scrapper that comes with the necrotech.
Since these guys are built on the battlefield from the remains of whatever, I found it a good plan to bring some colour into my little horde. It seems to be a steamfist of one late cygnarian jack of unknown type. Itīs a bit scratched and weathered, but it still works;)



What do you think about the weathering? Is a cygnarian fist too much for a cryxian force?
However, I plan to convert the next scrappers. At least the doubles, sincs there are only to variants. Still they will have these fists, so a little colour difference should be a good thing to individualize the models. After all a WARMACHINE force has not many models.

Tell me what you think!

Next update not before the weekend, since I have to leave my desk for a little buisiness trip.


12-03-2008, 18:10
wow, fantastic paint work sir. My only criticism is that it seems they will never feel the fire of battle! Coerce your friends/loved ones/pets into playing, they won't regret it!

Makes me feel a little sad about my cryx now... It was all going so well!

Loving all the work so far. Don't listen to any bile thrall naysayers, whats beeter than a vomiting zombie that explodes when he gets to close, (apart from ten of the things :))

12-03-2008, 18:36
Loving the ramashackle idea. They are made from parts on the battlefield so why not have a fist made from a Cygnar jack?

The blue looks awesome and the weathering really works. How'd you achieve the effect?

Kasrkin 666
13-03-2008, 01:55
Yea, I also want to know how you achieved that blue.:D


17-03-2008, 16:54
Hello folks!

Back from the dead, and I can tell ya...
Was away to the capitol forbuisiness, and had my bachelor party on Friday. What a dirty feast.. Most of the freaks were done by nine, try to imagine the turmoil at midnight when the liquor ran low.
Brilliant, happy thatīs over.

@dancingmonkey: I hope I will find someone sometime, but Iīm not yet desperate enough to ask at the local retailer.

@the others:
The blue: Well, that is a special story. The colours I use are oop for at least six years:p But however, use substitutes. It goes like this: Prime black. Then cover the hole object with a dark blue, like a mix of midnight and regal blue. then use regal blue for an area highlight. Next mix that with any light blue for extremer highlights. Try to blend with very thin layers. Sharp edges cover with clear light blue. Then paint metallic parts with bolt gun. When done, use scorched brown in any recesses (spe?) around metallic parts. Highlight with pure thinned bestial brown, then blazing orange. For grease, dirt, oil running down in some parts use scorched and bestial only. Now use chainmail to highlight metal parts, and, if wanted, scratches. For shadows of scratches and ditches I use black ink.

Hope that helps.
Canīt make a pictured tut, cause I wonīt paint any blue parts soon. As a rulle I usually start with the darkest colours. Only for skin I highlight and shade down both ways.

More piccies tonight maybe.

Must get my shatterhand on a brush again..

Kasrkin 666
18-03-2008, 00:43
Lol! So I take it you had fun?:p


18-03-2008, 08:33
Glad you had fun and you are back to the important stuff - Mini painting! :p

Thanks for the rundown on the weathering method you use, it looks really effective. I never seem to paint anything "evil" like Cryx so i rarely get a chance to try out weathering and wear n tear.

Saw your post on my log, thanks. Dont worry, the Menoth will be making an appearance soon... Ive got my Khador destroyer next and then im done with Khador - too boring to play IMO. Prob end up selling them?

Anyway, looking forward to more pics!

18-03-2008, 09:47
yeah, it was fun after all. ;)

@ Jones: I never sold any minis or anything I could get my greasy hands on, so my advice would always be to keep your stuff. But if you really feel the urge, well, then let me know first. Itīd get a good home.
As for the weathering on "good" factions. Iīve seen some awesome work on guards or marines, or on Cygnar or even elves. War is a dirty buisines, and depicting that fact on the mini, maybe more moderate on good factions, is a step further in quality.
I for one will definately put some dirt on my marines, as soon as I get my **** up to work on them again.

Next in the pipe for cryx: Finish what I started, and the chickies.
Donīt dare to touch the Deathwalker yet.



18-03-2008, 10:02
I love your style of painting, and I'm also a fan of the Cryx minis so I'll be interested to watch this progress. Great stuff so far, keep up the good work.

19-03-2008, 16:25
Update time. Rather a small one, but data heavy. I took shots of the scrapper from four different angles.
So, what have I done?
Painted the skin. Dirt and oil will be added as soon as the rest is done. The rust on the metal parts is in a wip state. Orange is missing. Looks kind of pulled right out of the basement. Tubes got basic colour. Skull is still scorched only.

I post this to ask wether anyone has any suggestions for the skin.

Now piccies





Thereīs still work for another two or three hours left. Plus basing. But thatīs for later.

Thinking of adding veins. What would you say?


20-03-2008, 14:20
two or three hours down the road...

Finished the scrapper, except the base, but you know why..

Well, I must say, Iīm quite enthusiastic. This piece turned out well, imho.
I experimented with some stuff I hadnīt done before. As there are: Veins on the skull, growing out from under his collar, trying therewith to depict his weird state of unliving. His skin got some greenish touchups to contrast the brownish, rather organic tone. Of course he got the creepy green eyes all of my dudes have. Decided to let it shine out from under his malar bones.

Very interesting was to work with focus. Not in games terms... No, it was about the fist. Being blue it is very distracting from the usual focus, the head. But I think itīs still dark enough to not distract to harsh.

For a rank and file mini, it has a crapload of details to work on, if one wants to.
Whatever, I like the result, hope you do too.;)

20-03-2008, 14:46
Anda now, the piccies





God give me a camera...

20-03-2008, 14:52
And a shot of the progress on the necrotech. The fork is fixed by now. Still not happy with his gloves.


I allow myself to take some pride in what I have achieved in the last weeks.

Therefore a groupshot of the band of buggers as far as it is painted. Helldiver and scrapper painted. Oh, and Harrower. Goreshade and Necrotech close to completion. Biley needs work on the gun and gloves. His pal is about to get under the brush.



So long

happy easter weekend!


21-03-2008, 11:08
Wow everything is looking great dude! Nice group shot.

The metal and flesh are really nicely done and fit the Cryx idea perfectly.
So what have you got next on the painting table?

Im seriously thinking of picing up the Goreshade model just to paint, its so nice. Did you know they are doing an "Epic" version in the upcomming supplement "Legends"? no pics yet tho :(

keep up the good work!

21-03-2008, 11:24
Thank you very much.
I know about Goreshade. Have a concept sketch of it. Have you seen that?

Well, Biley and Pal need to be completed. Really feel strange about a hole unit of them. I donīt want to paint the same model over and over again. So it seems I have to return to the law of the saw. I did metal mini conversions before, but thatīhard work on such superb sculpts.
The wretches will be done, and the Deathwalker.
Then Iīll get a Stalker, Skarlock and a Seether, more Bileys for sawing, same with Scrappers.
Long term plan is to get a Bloater, Mechanithralls with Brute and Surgeon.
And epic Asphyxious.
Effectively weīre talking another 100 bucks of purchases and much work.

If Iīd tell you what I plan for a Deathjack..., well thatīs for later;)

26-03-2008, 01:27
Little update. Got distracted. Again!

Hope you had a happy Easter weekend and big eggs...

Today we celebrate the completion of Biley no. 1, and give a warm welcome to a beautiful dame, the bonecaller.
This mini is more than optimal for any undead army. Iīd love to use her as "counts as" for Deneghra, but I fear the base will be to big. Anyway, itīs a damn nice sculpt and worth to show.

But Biley first.
Hope the pic is ok.


And Bonecaller. Seen some decent paintjobs on this one, but not a single sinister one. Looks like I have to do that then..


Next will be Biley no. 2 and chickies. Dunno when my next post will come, cause my weddingīs on Friday.

For those interested: Iīll be starting a new thread for my old love, the Orcs. Itīll contain greenskins, stunties and lots of other stuff that constantly keeps me busy.



26-03-2008, 06:21
Wow everything is looking great dude! Nice group shot.

The metal and flesh are really nicely done and fit the Cryx idea perfectly.
So what have you got next on the painting table?

Im seriously thinking of picing up the Goreshade model just to paint, its so nice. Did you know they are doing an "Epic" version in the upcomming supplement "Legends"? no pics yet tho :(

keep up the good work!


Above is a thread with a pic of Epic Goreshade in it.

Congratulations on the Wedding btw

26-03-2008, 09:30
Really nice work, now onto to Bile thrall #2! :p

All the best for Friday, congratulations to you both.

31-03-2008, 00:35
Hello again.

Thank you for your kind words on the wedding. It was a great day, everything worked so well, and we were simply destroyed yesterday.
Weīre doing a daytrippers honeymoon, so I can return to my minis at nights. I am becoming a log-junkie I guess.

Allright, Biley time.

Some good progress on the second one. Still work on gun, gloves, collar and tubes. Iīm already scared at the conversion work that awaits me when I buy a box of six of these buggers.





And group shot....


The pics are really crappy this time allthough I did my best with photoshop. Need a daylightbulb really. Thanx again for that suggestion.

Also did some rust and scratches on the black parts of the Harrower. I had simply forgotten that step. Pics of that later.

So up next is completing stuff. I.e. details. Then chickies. Deathwalker last. I really donīt feel like painting it yet.

And itīs time to get new stuff. Really!


31-03-2008, 08:14
awesome work, they look suitably disgusting :D
The coloring on the skin is great.

Glad to hear all went well for you on your wedding, wishing you a lifetime of happiness dude, And even better that she lets you do some painting at times! :p

Keep up the good work!

01-04-2008, 15:32
Hi Ho.
No real update on work, but on light. Well, daylight was awesome today, so I tried taking pics with sunlight only.
What can I say? Now you can have a look at the real colours of my minis. Thought Iīd share.
The real skin, and the corrosion on the gun are now visible.




And now we see the difference between the chestplate and the rest of the rusted metal parts!



01-04-2008, 15:35
... for skintone comparison.


Do you see the difference?

Man, no more shady 15 W table lamps in a smokey room :rolleyes:

Next update with real news;)


06-04-2008, 01:34
Update time!

Did some basing tonight.

I think I can do better than that, but itīs a good start. Maybe more botanics, and I must deepen the water. But that takes time.

Ahead, the base of the Harrower.


And Goreshade.





06-04-2008, 01:36
The Helldiver! Best so far imho




06-04-2008, 01:38
Last but not least, Harrower.

Still not glued, btw...



and group


So much for now, no time to blah ;) .

Tell me what you think!!

06-04-2008, 12:08
Awesome job on these models, dude. I especially like the rust effects on the black armour.
May be taking a couple of ideas from your basing scheme for my Trollbloods. ^_^

06-04-2008, 19:20
Wow Bart that is some fine work my friend :eek:

The better lighting is definately helping your photos and it is making me even more jealous of your paintwork! :D

The flesh tones on the thralls are very nicely done, it would be great if you could give a run down on the colours and techniques used. lots of washes i guess?

Ive just read the battle report in issue 14 of PP's No Quarter Magazine and ive got such a drive to do some Cryx now. It was Menoth vs Cryx and the Cryx guy went for a horde army and it looked awesome. Something like 30 Mechanithralls and 20 Drudge mindslaves!? Must work on Menoth 1st tho :p

Im glad your working on the basing for your guys now, really finishes them off nicely.

keep it up mate!

10-04-2008, 02:03
Thanx a lot!
This is for you Jones. A small one. Bileys based, and improved water on bases too!


Iīll give a rundown for the skin tomorrow. Need to think about what I actually did first:p

Maybe some wip of the wretches, so you can see how I build up the black and gold?


10-04-2008, 07:49
Superb Bart, absolutely superb!

The bases complement the minis and finish them off nicely.

Looking forward to the rundown on the flesh, although it will be some time before i use it and can make a start on my Mechanithrall army of doom...

Anyway, keep up the good work and i look forward to the next update


08-08-2008, 13:15
Hargh, threadromancy!

Nice pun, eh ;)

Ok, not that good, but news anyway. Iīll pick up my cryx project again. Itīs been four months and a lot of things happened. I finished my exams, new job etc.
What got me distracted from the cryxers was 40k. Again... I took up work on my SM army. Once I felt the motivation I had to do it, as that stuff really takes a lot of time. For those interested, check my sig links.
But now I purchased a Bloat thrall and Iīll get another six Bileys this afternoon. I know, I sucked at bringing on the skin tone recipe, :o so if there is still some interest, say so, and Iīll bring the rundown.

The Bloaters sculpt sucks, have to do some greens work on it. The halves donīt fit at all. Quite a disappointment, given the fact that the sculpts of PP were it what impressed me first place. However, Iīll provide some new pics tonight. Since I hate doubles, Iīll have to do some sawing and greening on the new bileys. Here we go again :)


10-08-2008, 01:07
Dear log,

did some work on my new toy. The bloater is repaired, the gaps filled and everythingīs fine.
He saw some paint today. These are the first three colours on his skin, the third not finished as obvious. Two more must follow. Then the grease, the stink and the wound water.


Also started Goreshades little girlfriend. So tiny after working on the bloater...

The colours in the pic are not true. Her skin has a cold gren-blueish touch, but in the pic it looks warm. Will take better pics when sheīs finished.



And a pic of the band as it stands right now. I need a bigger backdrop I guess. Missing in the pic are the wretches. Will pick up work on them tomorrow.


C&C very welcome.

Thanks for looking in,

10-08-2008, 10:56
Hey Your back!

Really glad you have gone back to the cryx, they are looking so good.

I know what you mean about the bloat thrall, not a favorite sculpt of mine i must say.

The deathwalker is really nicely done, i think the flesh looks great.

keep up the good work!

11-08-2008, 01:22
Hey all, hope you had a nice weekend.

I started work on sneaker and beaker. My Wretches. The dark armour can be considered finished. Some rust and scratches will be added when the rusted metal is done.
Tried some yellowish beaks. I think it works. What do you say?




Thanx Jones for coming back to this log. Itīs been a while, I know. Glad you still like it.
Btw, I know you do some western stuff. Cool stuff, really. What do you think of Wyrd Miniatures? Iīm thinking about getting some. Our local shop just started selling them. What would you say, give it a try?


11-08-2008, 22:11
Hey, fellow mini fanatics!

Small update: Bought a box of Bileys and a blister of Scrappers.
I think I said it before and I say it again: I hate doubles. So I had to grab my saw and do something about it. It is funny how some small alterations like bending limbs or sawing of heads and repositioning them makes a difference.
I hope you like it. I at least do.

Here we go

Scrappers. Head repositionend and arm lifted up as well as slight bending of left leg on one of īem.



Well, this one is obvious...


-> next post

11-08-2008, 22:27
Goddammit, I just had to recut the pics...

However, the Bileys:

The unholy trinity. Very little alterations, but effective I think.
The guy on the left had only his legs repositioned and now looks a little indecisive. Like, "I donīt know if I really want to be here..."

The on on the right had his head turned. That brought up the problem with the gas hose. I think I managed to let it look alright.



This guy suffered some serious bending, heh heh.
And hose repair after sawing. A big change with small effort.



Hope you like it.

Another thing. Itīs funny, and I guess I have to get used to this, but itīs a big difference to make a Cryx thread in comparison to my Space Marines thread. The SM one sees a lot of feedback, this one doesnīt, somehow. But I guess thatīs because warseer is mainly a GW orientated forum.

So even more: Thanx for stopping by.

I must prime the new guys now.


11-08-2008, 23:25
Marines do get a lot of attention, but this is a quality thread with great painting and conversions. Keep up the great work. I'm always glad to see warmachine stuff on here.

12-08-2008, 12:27
Dont worry about the lack of feedback Bart, this is a GW orientated forum but there are a few of us about who like to play other games from other manufacturers. Just keep doing what you want to do.

Thats what i did with my log anyway! so much random stuff...

Anyway, back to your Cryx.

I am so jealous :D Seeing more pics of the Bileys is awesome, really nicely done. I like the subtle conversions, just adds a bit more flavour to the units. Looking forward to seeing you get some paint on them.

My Menoth are still going strong but i have been tainted by Cryx and bought my first models... :skull: I got a box of mechanithralls and denegra.

Im really not sure how to paint them tho, was thinking a grey / blue scheme?

I will definately be asking you for tips on your flesh and rust - aswell as the basing!

In answer to your Q. about wyrd miniatures i really like them! So many weird and wacky sculpts. I havnt painted any myself but i bet they would be awesome!

Keep up the good work Bart and i hope you can help me out when i start my cryx!


12-08-2008, 12:49
Thanks Qwertywraith, I appreciate that !

Jones, you better be damn sure Iīll give any help I can :)
You are a great painter, and if I can do anything, this would be an honour!

To your Mechanithralls: what exactly would you paint grey-blue? The armour parts i.E. fists etc.? If so, Iīd say go for it. This colour makes a good base for a nice contrast with the rust and wearīnītear.
Iīve done some dwarfs with a grey-blueish scheme. I can recommend GWīs Midnight blue as a base coat, if I may.
Yeah, blue in contrast to the organic colours sounds great.
Are you planning to do nmm?

As for my band of buggers: Right now Iīm priming the rest of the bunch, and then Iīll finish Goreshades backpack at last.
I got my summer holidays these days. Good time for painting.


12-08-2008, 12:57
Great work! I've been looking into Warmachine lately (Cryx) and it's good to see some work here on them.

Will you be making a sinkhole marker for your Helldiver?

12-08-2008, 13:10

Yeah The marker is in the production line aswell. I will place it on an extra base to have space for the water theme on my bases.


12-08-2008, 15:45
Goreshade finished. Enjoy.

Must make haste.




12-08-2008, 19:31
Hey Bart, I don't play WM but these models are absolutely fantastic!

12-08-2008, 19:39
Wow :eek:

Gorshade looks awesome Bart, congrats on great job and getting him finished.

Can you tell me how you did the dark green armour?

Like i said earlier i was thinking of doing bluey grey but im also toying with the dark murkey green that you have gone with. Definately a contrast to the bright cleaniness of Menoth!

So are yo loving the models that are comming out for Legends? Epic Goreshade is one of the nicest sculpts PP have done and the Cankerworm looks really cool.

Well done again mate

14-08-2008, 12:10
Chickie Update!

Chickie one is done. Number two needs the green and the bones done.



And for a quality comparison.


I have been quietly observed by fans of my marine log. There is serious concern about the abandonment of the SM-Thread.
They do want me to return to it. And to stop working on my Cryx :p

However, I wanted to return to my marines anyway. So it might take some days til I return here.

But before that happens...

14-08-2008, 12:15

A try on a scrapthrall. There is an amazing Spriggan Jack on coolmini. Itīs white. I thought Iīd give it a try. Itīs all about the rust and wear and tear.

What do you think about the white base coat?




Iīll keep you updated on this piece.
The bloater is still in line as well as the other latest purchases.

Up the Irons

14-08-2008, 12:30
all this stuff is great mate! really inspiring to watch. I've had my eye on Warmachine for ages but i still have loads of other stuff to finish before I add to the mountain ><

For 14 days progress thats pretty good as well! especially with that amount of detail! What are u planning to do with the bases??

17-08-2008, 20:54
The white is looking good so far Bart, looking forward to seeing how you progress with it.

I admire how adventurous you are with trying new techniques and styles. I must get more confidence with my painting.

Just posted up and new WM mini on my log and id be interested to hear what you think.

keep up the good work and try not to let Space Marines take up all your painting time :p

Count Sinister
17-08-2008, 21:34
Nice thread, Warflag. I agree with you (and with JonesRob) - the Warmachine minis are absolutely beautiful sculpts. Full of character and imagination. Your Cryx look amazing. Damn! I haven't even assembled any of my Cygnar, and now I already want to get Cryx too! That's how good your painting on these is!

18-08-2008, 09:35
Thanx guys, I try to get better. Nice to get you aboard, Count Sinister. Paint your stuff and show off!

Jones, I must say Iīm not that adventurous :p
I just hate to do the same crap over and over again. For instance, I love Imperial guard, but painting an army would kill my love very fast :D
I must say the scrapper pics are crappy. It looks much smoother in real life.
I hope the battle damage turns out the way I want it to.

On your request, a rundown on the gritty green.

Prime black.
First coat is scorched brown. Applied very thin it turns into a dark brownish green.
Then catachan green. Let the brown shine through in lower areas. You might want to mix a bit, but keep the paint thin. Pure Catachan green should not be applied anywhere "south" on the mini, only on the very top areas, directly toward the lightsource. (Does that make sense?)
Next comes camo green- very thin, only on top areas. Mixing recommended for transitions.
Sharp edge highlights done with rotten flesh.

Hope that helps.


11-01-2009, 01:14
Another four months have passed, and so it is time again to pick up my cryxes again. This seems to be like the regular term, every 4 months I come back to these...

Right, I have not picked up anything new. It was not necessary anyway, as I have some six Bileys and three scrappers left to do before I run out of minis. Though I will definately get a Cankerworm soon. I want the damn Seether too, but our shop does never have it there.

However, another Scrapper with enemy parts built. This time the Necrotech looted a Khador Jack.



I donīt know why, but the pics suck again. This one looks untidy, just like his pal. Donīt know why I get my SM pics right, but suck at these here...

Yeah, short update finished, more over thze next week.


11-01-2009, 07:33
Loving the colours on the nightwretch Bart. Is that Bane Thrall Base and highlight on the blackish parts? I am thinking about using those colours from the Cryx Paint set on the black areas on my jacks.

Keep up the great work.


Kasrkin 666
11-01-2009, 20:10
Nice to see these back again! Love the whole looted idea!


Solun Decius
12-01-2009, 20:25
What the hell dude!?
You've got stuff going on man!
This is real quality painting here, very nice blends and also the more streaky visible paint strokes style on the last mini. Very cahracterful and cool, nice battle damage and all the accents in the right places!

Seeing that you have two big 40K threads and the terrain, and then this going on as well, makes me feel I might pull off yet another log myself for a Blood Bowl side project. Ugh, scatterbrain!

The photo is a bit rough, or grainy. Do you think you might have the camera set to an ISO setting that is unneccesarily high (800 or 1600 rather than 100)? Or the autofocus is not nailing it sharp enough? Or you're cropping to small a part of a bigger frame? Or the JPEG compression is too much?

13-01-2009, 11:40
Aaargh, you found me!

I tried not to hide, but I admit I got distracted once more.

While at it, not Cryx at all, but painting to the quality as of here.
Did my Gamezone Chaosknight Bannerdude.


Donīt know what it is about the pics, sometimes theyīre good, sometimes grainy. I use a phonecam, SE K 880 i.


Sergeant Uriel Ventris
15-01-2009, 05:12
Amazing painting job on all of these. Keep up the good work.

15-01-2009, 21:55
Wow, the Game zone miniature looks great. I'd love to get some insight as to what sort of colors and techniques you used to do his armor. Is the model actually holding a weapon? Could you show us a couple more angles on this guy?

Your cryx stuff looks awesome. I'm not a hordes/machine player (dabbled but it was too competitive for me) but your painting is so incredible I keep checking in anyways.

01-02-2009, 10:27
Good news, bad pics. It looks like I finally lost my capability of taking decent pics of my minis.

My bloated little friends got reinforcements.
A blast to make their skin look lively undead, but I think it works. Sorry for the bad pic of the bloater, but you should get the idea. I also found someone with a good camera and the ability to use it. So soon weīll see better pics. By then the dudes should be done aswell, including bases.



C&C very welcome!
Warmachine does not get enough attention, even on brushthralls.com, so enjoy the few shown here on warseer.
There are also a few good other logs, better check them out!


16-01-2010, 18:10
Really enjoying what you do with these guys, if I wanted to nitpick, I would say the bases aren't really up there with the minis and your paintjobs... especially the green grass puts me off somehow - it's not fitting with mecha-undead, in my book anyways.

Other than that, these are some amazingly sweet models. Shame I sold my Warmachine stuff long ago, it really makes me want to start again... oh, well... it's just to wait for "most of it in plastics"-Warmachine and buy GRIND! in the meantime, I guess.

Mega Nutz
16-01-2010, 18:43
Some very nice looking stuff Warflag!!

Son of Russ
16-10-2010, 10:45
Seriously nice stuff here! Partial to cryxian fluff but never painted one of their models. This might just inspire me!