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04-10-2005, 07:32
Ive been getting some pretty solid reviews so far so ill see whatcha guys think :)

Von Carstein Count w/ additional hand weapon, the Black Periapt, the Cursed Book, Summon Wolves and Wolf Lord blood line powers : 346 pts
Von Carstein Thrall w/ great weapon, heavy armour, Earthbind and Summon Wolves bloodline powers : 123 pts
Von Carstein Thrall w/ great weapon, heavy armour, Earthbind and Summon Wolves bloodline powers : 123 pts

19 Drakenhof Guard w/ full command, full plate mail, hand weapons and greatweapons, the Drakenhof Banner : 365 pts

19 Skeletal Militia w/ full command, light armour, spears and shields : 215 pts
19 Skeletal Militia w/ full command, light armour, spears and shields : 215 pts
3 Bat Swarms : 180 pts
6 Dire Wolves w/ Scout : 66 pts

2x Von Carstein Black Coaches : 350 pts

Total : 1983 pts

I may be able to be coerced into droping one of the coaches, but the drakenhof guard must stay... I breifly toyed with the idea of dropping all the militia in favour of more wolves and some Drakenhof Templars...

Anyways, discuss away :)

Thanks in advance,

- g0ddy

04-10-2005, 08:08
Personally, I'd ditch the bat swarms and add more dire wolves. having just 6 is basically throwing them away at the enemy. IN my list I have like atleast 3 squads of 5. More if I can wing it. Second, Since you're only using 3 characters anyways, I would highly recommend you upgrade the Count into a Lord. Upgrading him to level 3 is very helpful, with no necromancers, you will need all the magic power you can get. Drop the Militias for Levies. They perform almost as good but at a much better price, since AoS can equip their zombies with LA, HW, and Shield. It's not so much the cost, but the fact that you can raise more.

I also noticed you have earthbind on all the thralls. I hope you realize that its useless if you put any of them in the Drakenhof Guards. The bonus from the banner and Earthbind does not stack. You only get to use one.

04-10-2005, 20:23
The Batswarms are the newest additon to the list, they recently replaced a unit of 20 levy and serve the same purpose - a tarpit. I dont see myself opting for more wolves instead of these - the wolves i do have are simply there beacuse they can scout, they also fit in witht eh flavour of the summon wolves bloodline power. I would however consider changing the batswarms into Spirit Hosts.

I have tried and I continually try to fit a lord in for that very purpose but it never seems to work out, I have the same contention with the levy - while I would prefer to use Militia, if I can find a better way to spend those 80 pts (almost enough for the lord upgrade) I would glady switch over. I did not however consider the fact that the levy will be raised slightly faster, which is a very good point.

And on a final note regarding earthbind, each of the thralls go into the milita units and the count goes with the guard. Thus no issue there.

Ill crunch some more numbers and see what I can come up with, of course anyone is welcome to do the same and let me know what they come up with, Thanks again.

- g0ddy

06-10-2005, 15:06
The army seems rather small overall to me. I haven't had my VC out for quite a while, but you only have 3 combat units. The two coaches will have to act together to be affective, while the bats are, as you say, a tarpit. The units you do have are a tad small too. You cannot really rely on being able to reinforce a unit, since you won't stay near a grave marker, and your Count can easily be stopped. I would strongly consider raising the skeletons to 25+char; you need to keep ranks and numbers to use your fear better.

Personally, I love the batswarms, and use them very frequently in my VC lists. However, coaches rarely seem to pay off for me, although I have never run two of them. Still, for the cost, you might consider dropping one for another unit of foot soldiers.

I also reccomend swapping the militia for levy. The only disadvantage to the levy is that they strike last on the charge, but given their reduced cost and ease of summoning, its well worth it. Upgrading to a Lord would be helpful, but I don't know where you can get the points. A Count is good enough in most cases though; you just won't have the added magic power.

07-10-2005, 07:00
Levy strike after greatweapons - something i cant afford to do. The lack of unit champions is something else im worried about, all in all i just cant bring myself to use levy instead. This is the only real reason ive decided against them. If i had access to necros or more casting power in general - better access to hellish vigor Id definately have lots of levy.

The combination of the count, the drakenhof guard and the 2 coaches are just over 1000 pts. Id imagined hte coaches each supporting the skeleton militia units hwoever using both in a combined charge would work aswell I imagine.

The Gravemarkers ar esomethign that will require some testing, they are certainly a interesting aspect of the army. I have a feeling the enemy will put a portion of his dispell dice towards stoping these - regardless of where they are in relation to my forces. Leaving my count to cast his spells somewhat without contestation. A powerlevel 4 spell while not exceptionally hard to stop does really require 2 dice if you "must" dispell it, given that if it goes off itll summon 2D6 Militia or 2D6+2 Levy, your better off stoping that than saving your dice for the counts 7+ Invocation. Additionalyl to basically garuntee youll stop the grave markers cold - that will require 6 dispell dice.

Ill have 5 powerdice most of the time should be enough to get 1 or 2 spells off combined with the effects of the grave markers - but I imagine my count will spend a lot of his time summoning wolves not skeletons so i will attempt to make as much use of the grave markers as possible to bolster my units. Again as I said this will require some testing.

Anyways, Ive thought about the list somemore and havent really come up with anything worth while.

Thanks again.

- g0ddy