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26-02-2008, 02:40
Lord Brrrrp

Introduction: At first it was only a movement of two joints in the Slaan’s five jointed finger that indicated arousal from a century long contemplation. Hexoatl had been attacked and defended numerous times over the last decade from dark elves and imperial fortune seekers. Each time, the spawning pools became more and more fertile as if Sotek was pleased by blood sacrifice. It was time. “Sotek strikes at the great defiling”. Sauri and skink set about to get ready for the inevitable strike against the druchii and the return of their ancient plagues, but that was not the message of the Old Ones. Only Lord Brrrrp understood the real threat to order. It was only a matter of time before army of Hexoatl would be seen in the Old World. Five great cities of the Old Ones remained. Five races would be overcome. The Pentagram of corrupt races would soon be broken, but only Lord Brrrrp understood how, when and where that would happen. The lizardmen would do what the druchii had failed and reconquer Ulthuan and restore the ley lines between the New and Old Worlds.

Who The Army Appeals To: Ferocious and cold blooded. An army that advances slowly but surely, rarely bothering to feel pain, breaks or panic with resolve and viciousness to finish a battle once they finally get into close combat. With the will of the Old Ones guiding their actions, the lizardmen march with resolve uncaring for anything other than to accomplish his mission. Behind the fierce teeth and hardened scales of the saurii warriors, nimble if weak skinks provide scouting, cover and a hail of poison darts and javelins to slow the enemy down to a halt while screening for the inevitable charge of great beasts that can smash a chariot in one blow. But if you survive the shooting and the melee, never forget the Slaan is the most powerful mage in the Warhammer World! Following the detailed will of the Old Ones, the lizardmen are an army of precision and coordination and calculated movement. The presence of great leaders to such cold blooded servants ensures they will follow the will of the Old Ones to the bitter end, but alas away from such inspiration the skinks retain a deep commitment for self survival.

A Tale of Two Armies: There are actually two army lists in the lizardman book. The standard list will be the main focus of this tactica. A few notes then about the Southlands list:
• Low Level Slaans only.
• Skinks can rank up. Why? You can put a slaan in a huge unit of skink cohorts with little cost.
• Note: The slaan CAN go in the front rank (thus you get easy cheap static combat resolution but few attacks and wounds).
• Temple guard are a rare option. But you won’t have sarui otherwise with a slaan.
• Only Southland armies have fast cavalry. While the skinks look weak (T2) it is important to note, they have 4+ armor saves. AND, the unit causes fear so lots of small enemy units will automatically break. M8 is a great advantage too.
• While a skink chief is almost laughable as a foot soldier, on a horned one, he adds valuable leadership and has much greater survivorability as his save can be 3+.
• A fast cavalry unit able to treat terrain as open ground can be a huge thorn for armies deploying behind woods etc. Lustria armies do not have cavalry that can take a sacred spawning!
• Skinks from the Southlands have short bows. 16” range allows them to have greater accuracy and stay out of harm’s way. However, rarely do you makeup the difference in having 2X shots!
• The ability of Southland skink priests having the blessed spawning of Tepok adds enormous potential to have a great number of dispel die. Remember, the same blessed spawning can be taking by more than one character or unit!
• It does have the advantage of 5 characters in 2000 pts and multiple uses of the blessed spawning of Tepok.


Advice on Cold Blooded:
• The coldblooded rule effectively adds +2 to LD for all troops.
• This essentially makes all skinks act like humans (LD7) and all Kroxigors and Sauri act like characters from other armies (ld 8-9).
• Skinks on their own are quite likely to panic and break. This is why you have to be careful with stegadons and salamander packs. The temptation to get away from the general is great, but so is the corresponding risk.
• However, in the presence of a general’s leadership, lizardmen simply are the most resolute army in the Warhammer World. Battles must be won by 2-4 casualties even to get even odds of making a unit break.
• The difference between an Old One’s Leadership and a Slaan’s is hardly noticeable.
• Cold Blooded rules make having a BSB all the more enticing.
The following chart will explain the difference between ordinary leadership and cold blooded.
Leadership Tests 2d6 Versus Cold Blooded
2D6 3d6
2+ 3% 7%
3+ 8% 20%
4+ 17% 36%
5+ 28% 52%
6+ 42% 68%
7+ 58% 81%
8+ 72% 89%
9+ 83% 95%
10+ 92% NA

Blowpipes and Poison: All lizardmen shooting uses poison. Being only 6 points and skirmishers, the enemy faces a hail of javelins or darts but which ones? But be it javelins, darts or shortbows, lizardmen missiles are nearly always poisoned much to the chagrin of enemy monsters. You trade off range to get poison and a gross number of shots.

Here is how to evaluate shooting for lizardmen:

No Chart Formatting Issues.

Picking Lores: Only the Slaan can pick spells from multiple colleges of magic. This ensures you access to 8 distinct default spells and provides maximum flexibility for designing a magic phase specifically to overcome the specific race you play against. But it also means, you are guaranteed the ability to have any of the 8 first spells in the college of magic lores. If a lizardman army fears not being able to pursue the enemy, think about the default spell mistress of the marsh. There are a lot of strategies on how to get the right spells. Just remember, you can be extremely flexible and base your decision on what army you face.

Lord Brrrp
26-02-2008, 02:44
Core Strengths and Weaknesses

• Simply put, Slaan are the best mages in the Warhammer World
• Slaan can be your mage, general and standard bearer. Simply put, they hold troops together better than any other general.
• Sacred plaques (Slaan magic items) cannot be destroyed.
• Slaan can pick spells from more than one lore at a time!
• Oldbloods are reasonably priced and as powerful as chaos lords.
• Scar Veterans are remarkable leaders. Their cold blooded LD8 makes them one of the cheapest generals who can hold together an entire army.
• Cold Blooded prevents panic and keeps troops from breaking except in the most dire of circumstances especially around a general.
• Massive amounts of shooting. Skinks with blowpipes cost only 3pts per shot!
• All skink shots are poisoned.
• Skirmishers and scouts abound. Lizardmen can even send a hero or mage scouting!
• Fear causing troops and lots of them.
• Big dinosaurs! Chariots/Monsters and bolt throwers all tied into one model with a whopping 10 unit strength for a monster that causes fear and terror!
• So much of your army moves quickly at speed 6. Only suari and slaan are stuck at M4.
• Terradons have a good number of attacks and can hit and run to avoid being beaten in combat.
• Saurus cavalry take horned ones with little fear of failing a stupidity test because of the cold blooded rule.
• War machine on a large target and a mage who can cast spells while his unit is engaged in combat with full LOS.
• Aquatic. Skinks shooting from the water being -2 to hit and nearly impossible to reach is incredible when that water feature come up (hint: when placing terrain, always add a pond, lake or river for your piece).
• You can march block from turn 1.

• You have to decide between a magic focused army (Slaan) and a combat focused army (Oldblood).
• Slaan are expensive and move slowly. So while they are remarkable general’s staying with the troops is hard or you hold back the troops.
• While cold blooded is extremely effective on sauri and kroxigors, skinks must be near a general for real impact. Otherwise, their LD 5 is worse than a human’s leadership even with cold blooded.
• Magic is all or nothing for the army. Outside slaan, you can only have level 2 mages with the lore of heaven that are extremely squishy!
• While you have lots and lots of shots, none are at range over 12”. You must get close to the enemy quickly (which also hurts accuracy).
• Scouting skinks have poor leadership and flee frequently.
• With LD 5, even though stubborn and immune to panic, the stegadon does not have sufficient leadership to wander too far from the general.
• So little of your army moves fast enough to pursue on 3d6.
• Terradons are a special unit choice and your ONLY flyer.
• You have no war machines other than the giant bow on a stegadon.
• Skinks have T2 and die in droves. Their combat skills are next to useless.
• Both the stegadon and slaan are large targets and susceptible to being shot.

Advice to Lizardmen Generals:
• Slaan are remarkably powerful casters but expensive. They are typically surrounded by expensive temple guards. Don’t hide them in a corner. Go fight! The guards have amazing 3d6 LD9 and are stubborn. If anything, the enemy will get stuck fighting you and your kroxigor units can get in the fight the next round.
• Don’t overestimate leadership. LD5 on even 3d6 is only average. Stegadons, salamanders etc should stay near your general.
• Your general almost needs to advance to the enemy to maximize the leadership of the entire army. Don’t hold back!
• A Slaan alone only has 4 dispel dice. That is why taking a skink priest or magic item like diadem of power of plaque of dominion are so important (or taking 2 skink priests). You dominate casting not dispelling per se.
• You can play a very effective Oldblood led army.
• Don’t be afraid of the saurus cavalry. Sure you take leadership tests for stupidity. The chance of failing is only 11%. Remember, they are your M7 cavalry. Everything else is basically M6 or lower.
• Most people tend to get their faster moving troops out ahead of the sauri and the slaan. You really don’t need to unless you are charging. The leadership of the slaan is so significant 95% success rate that even cavalry, salamanders and stegadons might want to advance as a solid line. Losing discipline in the army is too easy to do.
• Don’t scout more than you need. Skinks are low T and flee. Take a few scouting units to deny marching and to go after soft targets absolutely. But a lot of generals make the mistake of overweighting scouts to general skirmishers. Stay near the general.
• Throw all resources behind keeping the general alive. ALL. You never ever let a SMP die. Sotek will curse you in real life!
• As the Slaan with his temple guard are a tar pit, place him in the middle of your battleline and advance. Often you can split an enemy’s army doing that.
• Sweep the flanks with M6 stegadons, salamanders and saurus cavalry. Be ready to pinch the opponent.
• Make sure you use your skinks to protect YOUR deployment zone. At M6 they can quickly return to your battlelines and get in position to shoot the enemy. Make sure there is nowhere for enemy scouts to hide.
• Learn the rules of poison well. 6 to hit wounds with no armor saves. You have an enormous amount of poisoned attacks.
• Skinks have poor range and often move with only BS3. Be careful to count your modifiers. You don’t want to be at 7+. Avoid 2x shots (it is an option) if you would be at 7+. Being at 6+ to hit isn’t so bad as it is the 6’s that make poison so effective anyway! Don’t forget to consider that you may well wound without poison too!
• Skinks around a Slaan tend to hold even when massacred on a charge. If you are not facing static combat resolution, consider standing and shooting. You can often get a couple of poison wounds. You can lose 50% of a 10 skink unit and hold more often than not. That is the power of cold blooded.
• When you hold the enemy with skinks, Kroxigors.
• Stegadons are large targets for good and bad. On the positive side, their giant bow sees over intervening troops. Fire away!
• Slaan are large targets so chances are they can see targets anyway without a skink. . . if they are in front of him! Skink priests help them see targets behind terrain, in terrain and outside their arc of sight if within a unit. It is getting 360 LOS that makes a skink priest so valuable. The Slaan can blast units that get to his flanks and rear with one nearby.
• Unit strength is your friend. Small units of Kroxigors, stegadons and slaan can all break ranks.
• Fear matters. A great number of special and rare choices cause fear. You can take the lore of death to turn a fear causing unit into a terror causing unit.
• Place a piece of water terrain. Take advantage of being aquatic.
• 5th Generation Slaan are a great value as they are a combined general, battle standard bearer and Level 4 mage with great survivorability and key +1 to cast and dispel. You don’t NEED magic items for them, though they can help.
• Slaan are easy to overkill with extra generations. Do you really need a 2cd generation slaan more than say a 4th or 5th?
• You often lack M7 pursuers. That is why mistress of the marsh is so effective. The slaan is not going to be in combat himself (via the temple guard rules). ½ movement on fleeing should allow you to chase the enemy down easily.
• Don’t underestimate the value of blessed spawning on characters. My favorite is Tepok for extra dispel dice.
• As you will inevitably have a skink priest or two, the low WS of the lizardmen (especially kroxigors) can be offset somewhat by Portent of Far spells.
• Kill all threats to the slaan first (e.g. war machines). Then kill the enemy wizard.
• Sacrifice skinks if need be for the glory of the Old Ones!
• You have very few distinct unit types, but those you have are extremely flexible.
• Don’t hang back. March up slowly. You need to get your shots in range as well as ensure everything can coordinate charges. Defense is not a good option for this army. Get fighting!
• If you want an Oldblood general, remember to have all your sauri characters take the spawning of Tepok and you will have little problem getting enough dispel dice.

Lord Brrrp
26-02-2008, 02:53
Is Magic Worth it? Unquestionably for the Lizardman, the answer is yes. A slaan can choose any lore or multiple lores. With the bane head, he is the bane of heavily armored characters and is flexible enough to tailor spells to meet your weaknesses. The slaan casts an incredible 4-5 spells a round as a 2cd generation. One magic missile after another will be sent into the enemy. You can’t easily kill a slaan even with a cannon. You can’t engage him in combat and you can’t beat him with dispels.

Lores to Consider:
1. Lore of Metal: The default spell is perfect for assassinating heavily armored champions and generals. If your opponent relies on armor, take it.
2. Lore of Beasts: Bear’s Anger can have significant impact on either a scar veteran or even a skink priest. The ability to have a scouting character makes this spell ideal for taking out war machines etc.
3. Lore of Beasts: Hunter’s Spear. I can lob this over the heads of intervening troops ensuring you can’t screen against the attack.
4. Lore of Life: Gift of Life. Insanely powerful for a slaan to cast on himself given all his wounds.
5. Lore of Life: Mistress of the Marsh. Never leave home without it. Moving at half speed can prevent a charge or can ensure your troops can pursue and overrun as you have few M7+ units.
6. Lore of Heavens: Portent of Far. Big strong attacks from Kroxigors often whiff due to poor WS.

Common Battlefield Strategies for Lizardmen:

Surround: For Lone Characters: Envelop. Remember, as a skirmisher, you only need to be 1” away from another skirmisher. You can literally surround the enemy and then pelt him with javelins. If the single character flees, well. . . he dies. You will charge him the next turn if he survives.

Reinforced Line. A reinforced line is a classic way to run lizardmen for good reason. Kroxigors can charge thru skinks and avoid being shot at. Sauri can avoid having their numbers whittled down by arrows. They are only M4 so having an intervening troop helps. Skinks are meant to screen!

Dare to Charge. You can actually use the difference in M4 and M6 troops to create an oblique line. Whatever the enemy charges has an opportunity to flee and then create a situation for other troops to charge the next turn. Skinks are wonderful in that their stand and shoot can make a difference and they often break and take the enemy with them. . . right into a trap. The oblique line works well because you have so many units of cheap skinks.


Chaos Horde: High armor protects many units from the ravages of poison, yet skinks should find a target rich environment in deamons. The key to taking on chaos is forcing the enemy to charge when it shouldn’t and getting second round charges of your own with kroxigors, stegadons etc.
Because the horde has no missile fire, your stegadon can prove extremely effective at killing armored knights and has the maneuverability to get to their files. Make sure you get plenty of scouts to harass the horde as they lack the ability to shoot back. Hordes will fear bringing a monster or greater deamon in the presence of so much poison, but beware of dragons. While you may do well killing them, their breath attacks can wipe out large numbers of skinks. In a fight, you will not beat the chaos lord. Magic is critical. The chaos general will have heavy armor. Lord of Metal works well. Lore of Light is ideally suited versus this army.

Vampire Counts: Raising dead and all units causing fear will or should keep your army intact near the general. Poison and simply missile fire should wear the enemy down. As the new book is coming soon, we will address VC then.

Beasts: Ambush can be problematic. Poison is remarkably effective and Beasts like chariots which fair poorly against Kroxigors. Beast herd can be large enough to threaten your ability to adequately shoot it with skinks. You can get overwhelmed by the number of units they can bring. Make sure you have an adequate number of combat units. You won’t need terradons as much as extra sauri or kroxigors.

Orcs: Assassinate the general. Slaan can blast him with character specific spells while scar veteran flies to him. Just do what you need to take out the general and the army falls apart with poor leadership. Orc machines can be deadly. Make sure you treat them to lots of scouting skinks and a unit of terradons. Lacking heavy armor, orcs and goblins die to poison. -

Skaven: Simply have one of the better means of dealing with the slaan with so many specialized shooting weapons. Here is the time you want the slaan to have the plaque of protection. You have plenty of means to shoot back. Use lots of scouting skinks, keep the chameleon skinks close by and make sure you take salamanders. Assassination of characters is hugely important with skaven who have a terrible leadership otherwise. Magic should be dominate for the lizardmen but the weapons teams of the skaven are most easily dispatched when you can attack at a greater range. Lizardmen suffer in that regard.

Tomb Kings: Every army should fear FEAR causing armies. Lizardmen are no exception. While some units cause fear back, skinks don’t. Tomb kings rely on magic to raise models, heal, and move. Shutting down the enemy magic phase is critical and Drain Magic is brutal on incantations. Mass attacks work well as do the kroxigors’ ability to smash chariots. The casket of souls is a particular problem as you take multiple small units that must get into close range to shoot. The test is on the units leadership but does not take into account the coldblooded nature of lizardmen making them highly vulnerable based on their low “base” leadership number. Salamanders are another particularly useful tool against tomb kings. Poison hurts the undead. . . a lot. The cube of darkness can be unusually cruel to a tomb king general looking to get a charge. Don’t forget salamander attacks are FLAMING.

Dwarves: Traditionally somewhat problematic for lizardmen but they don’t need to be. The Slaan can be effective, but even better is an oldblood on a caurnasaur. Shooting is a problem but you have multiple units of scouts, chameleons, terradons, etc. Fear the gyrocopter and flame cannons. Templates are not friendly to lizardmen. Take fast moving characters like a flying skink or jaguar charm saurus. Salamaders do poorly on T4 troops especially with so much armor. Skinks won’t kill much but you need the screens. Focus on sauri and saurus cavalry.

Brettonians: Slow them down by overwhelming the magic phase and focusing on movement hindering. Salamanders and Stegadons are brutal on knights. Don’t discount the sheer number of peasants that can cause trouble. The gleaming pendant on a core unit of saurus warriors with spears makes a tough challenge for knights even with their armor. Never discount the ability to take multiple lores with a slaan. The mistress of the marsh will slow the enemy down and allow you to flee or catch them if they break. The Rule of burning iron punishes knights each and every turn. But it is the Lore of Beasts that potentially stops full units of cavalry.

Ogres: Ogres hate lizardmen. Poisoning small units of bulls is just a beautiful thing. Losing to an army of ogres would be difficult to do.

Wood Elves: Skinks and more skinks. Everything wood elf has a poor save and you can afford to go shooting and losing a few units to shooting. Kroxigors will fare well and salamanders with flaming attacks are brutal against treemen and treekin. Saurus warriors and cavalry excel but need to get into combat. Blessed spawning (warriors) and screens are critical. Don’t discount the carnasaur and using an oldblood. Treemen hate D3 wounds. Remember, you need something to deal with the treeman that may well come. Consider the JSOD.

To Slaan or Not To Slaan

Lizardmen have several general choices but they ultimately come down to a Slaan or a Saurus Scar Veteran or Oldblood. Skinks while extremely valuable are too low leadership and too fragile to be an effective general.
Go for Magic. Go For Slaan.

Slaan: The Old Ones were gods from beyond and it is little doubt that their primary creations are the greatest mages in all of Warhammer. Slaan are unusual in being large targets with a healthy number of wounds and high toughness. Even only T5 but they have 6 wounds with a 4+ ward save. Even a canon ball will not kill a Slaan. Likewise, you can almost never get into close combat with a slaan as the temple guard keep the slaan out of contact! Yet, for all their defense, they do not fight. Do they need to fight? They exist hidden in a unit of temple guard which is stubborn. While they might not fight, there is little reason to avoid marching the temple guard into battle!
Here are important things to note about your Slaan:
1.For only 25 points you can have a battle standard.
2.The Slaan is expensive BUT he is the general (leadership), battle standard bearer and a level 4 mage with great defensive capabilities (with items). He is quite the bargain!
3.The Slaan is a large target so can be targeted easily for missile fire as well as cannon shots and bolt throwers. Even so, it takes a mighty gunline to drop 6W at T5 with a 4+ ward save and that is a 5th generation slaan. You should silence the machines well before that happens.
4.The Slaan unlike any other wizard will be next to impossible to attack in close combat or to break.
5.The Slaan can even cast magic missiles in close combat as he retains LOS being a large target out of combat, AND the enemy will not be able to realistically target the Slaan for shooting back as his unit is in combat.
a. In short, he is never in combat, but for purposes of targeting him, if his unit is in combat he is considered in combat (TO THE ENEMY).
b. He is the ultimate magic missile deliverer.
6.The Slaan can pick any lore of magic and can pick spells from more than one list.
a. This makes him incredibly effective in tournaments as you do not need to declare what list you are taking until you see your opponent!
b. Likewise, you have your choice of 8 “default” spells from the lores of magic.
i. Steed of shadows creates more war machine killers if you have the scar veterans or skink heroes to exploit the 20” move. The most hideously fun thing to do with the spell is to cast it on a JSOD and effectively move 36” the first round. Hello, war machine! Same with the flying skink chief.
ii. Bear’s Anger greatly improves your assassination saurus characters and actually makes a skink priest an effective war machine crew slayer.
iii. Mistress of the Marsh is special. Hopefully, you put down at least one water feature, but even if you don’t, this spell allows you to pursue, to make charges fail and to

Powerful abilities depending on what army you are facing.
7.Never underestimate the power of having +1 to cast/dispel for all spells. It allows some confidence in dispelling with an equal number of dice. You should comfortably cast a 7+ spell with 2 dice.
8.Remember, a Slaan alone will only have 4 dispel dice. You may want a skink priest!
9.You don’t have to take temple guard. If you do, you lose the ability to join and leave the unit. When you are not in the unit, you have 360 LOS.
10.The key to the skink priest is the ability to see 360 when “hidden with skirmishers”.
11.Don’t forget, no matter what modifier you have if you only roll a 1 or 2 (before modification) total on all die, the spell fails. The extra die used to cast a spell of second generation Slaan is not a modifier but part of the casting pool itself!
12.The Slaan is a rattling gun of damage spells if you want him to be. And he casts WHILE his unit is in combat.

Upgrading Slaan:
Battle Standard Bearer. . . 25pts. There is absolutely no reason not to make this upgrade! You really don’t need a banner unless you are worried about shooting at the temple guard (in which case I recommend skinks not banners)
On Generations:
Simple Thought. . . buy what you need and no more. You often just need a level 4 wizard with +1 to cast and dispel using 5 spells (using Tepok). Just how valuable is having every spell have a free power die or having drain magic?
4th Generation. For 40 Points you can upgrade your Slaan to not miscast. If you are planning on casting multiple conflageration of doom spells, I might consider this. But at 350 pts naked, 40pts is a lot of cost to prevent a relatively rare phenomenon. You will live through the vast majority of miscast outcomes too. Many disagree. It is a 10% upcharge for a naked slaan. Do you run a 10% risk of catastrophic loss? If you are a second generation slaan with the extra die, absolutely you start rolling 4d6 for some spells and having a double digit change to miscast, but otherwise. . . it may be overkill.
3rd Generation. +1 wound with a 4+ ward save is like having 2 wounds extra. It will take over 2 cannon shots generally to down a Slaan. You will find it is about 1 in 20 st 3 shots at BS4 and same BS3 at ST4 that will actually wound a Slaan. That is a lot of shots, and if they do manage to kill the slaan. . . guess what they were NOT shooting! So what is the 85pts for but a drain magic spell. This can be incredibly useful against some armies (vampires counts, tomb kings, ogres, chaos) basically anything with a high point mage that needs to cast for the army to be effective.
Second Generation. A Naked 2cd Generation Slaan costs 485 pts. Of course, EVERY spell but NOT dispel he gets a bonus die to cast. This is in addition to having +1 to cast and to dispel. Effectively, he can cast a 7+ spell with just one die from the pool. That means he can cast all four or five (with Tepok) spells with ease a turn. He is also rugged with 8 wounds on a 4+ ward save so no additional defense is needed. More importantly, he effectively shuts down magic except where the enemy commits 3-4 dice PER SPELL with just one die (and the bonus die). His drain magic can make an enemy mage all but useless. That means the enemy can cast very little (little need for scroll caddies or magic items). However, besides his point cost, losing a hero and more importantly a rare selection is difficult.

Items for Slaan?In short, you don’t need items for Slaan. The exception is the dirt cheap Plaque of Tepok which allows you to have 1 extra spell. Diadem of power is tempting with a Level 5 Slaan but with the Second Generation Slaan, you really won’t need more than 5 dispel dice as part of what you do in your magic phase is negate his best wizard with drain magic. If you need more dispel dice, please just used sacred spawnings on your characters! Skink priests well. . . they allow for telepathy but the slaan should not be lacking in LOS to the enemy. Don’t hide the slaan!
Understanding the Odds for Magic:
Number of Dice
Difficulty Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 66 97 92 86 80 74
2 66 97 92 86 80 74
3 66 97 92 86 80 74
4 50 91 92 86 80 74
5 33 83 92 86 80 74
6 17 72 91 86 80 74

7 x 58 87 86 80 74
8 x 41 82 86 80 74

9 x 27 74 85 80 74

10 x 16 62 83 80 74
11 x 8 50 79 80 74
12 x 2 30 73 79 74
13 x 2 25 65 78 74
14 x 2 17 55 75 73
15 x 2 12 44 70 73

Miscast x 2 7 12 18 22
Irresistible x 2 7 13 20 26

Over 6000 Years of Training, Makes the Oldblood A Fighter’s General.• An oldblood has a stat line similar to a chaos general!
•If an army is likely to take large targets, the carnasaur which only he can ride is an incredible asset with D3 wounds to large targets.
•He can lead a very mobile army filled with M6 and M7 troops and take the battle quickly to your opponent.
•With saurus cavalry and oldbloods, your army travels at the same speed.
•In addition to 100 pts of magic items, the oldblood gets 2 blessed spawning (we assume he takes Itza as the third). This allows him to boost the number of dispel dice and reroll d3 d6’s per game to ensure he survives.
•Combines, the Oldblood and the Scar-Veteran with the battle standard will cost about what the Slaan would.
•100 points of magic items.

Lord Brrrp
26-02-2008, 02:57
The Heroes

Scar Vetran: Almost as powerful as the Aspired Champion of Chaos, he is a wonderful assassin with the jaguar charm. When used with an Oldblood, the Scar Vetran plays the role of battle standard bearer.
•Note: He may have other mundane weapons such as a great weapon even when holding the battle standard!
•Giving him a magical standard will prevent him from having any other magical items.
•His leadership is almost as solid as the Slaan’s and equals an Oldblood’s.
•When using the Scar Vetran with a Jaguar Standard, consider giving him the Blessed Spawnings of Quetzl (+1 scaly) and Tlaxzotal (immune psych)
•When used with an Oldblood and holding the battle standard, here is another character for +1 dispel die.
•Place the Jaguar Standard Scar Veteran in a unit of saurus warriors until he can break away and charge otherwise, he should lead a unit of saurus cavalry.

Skink Chief: T3 makes many shy away from him. It shouldn’t. The Skink Chief plays a valuable role with the cloak of the feathers darting off to quickly kill a war machine crew or other key threat. He may not survive past the initial assault, but taking out one core machine should do it. Remember, he can scout, so that initial 20” range should get him well into the heart of the enemy’s war machines. He is vulnerable so have him face light units only!
•Any reason to have a skink chief on a stegadon? Not at all, the leadership difference just isn’t enough to justify losing the crew and giant bow.

Skink Priest: Frail but with the ability to scout. Inexpensive but unreliable. The skink priest is not capable of winning magic phases on his own. Limted to a single lore Heavens. The skink priest is great as the Slaan’s assistant getting critical LOS for telepathy and as means of additional dispel dice, yet as a large target, the slaan often sees most of the battlefield. Still, the spotter role of the skink priest can help enormously with troops in trees, terrain and otherwise out of sight.


Skink Skirmishers: While they look weak, and are with T2, they are one of the best core units in the game. Why? Skirmishing and scouting poison throwers with M6. They ruin movement with the ability to scout and move so quickly. Multiwound units and units without much armor fear their poison. Skinks work best when taken in units of 10 (maximize ability for them to “see”) or units of 13 (so a full 4 must die to take a panic test). Stand and Shoot with blowpipes can result in 20 attacks before you arrive. Range is somewhat short but that keeps you moving. Remember, the ability to bait a charge and then flee at the last minute making the enemy fail and be exposed to your charging next turn. You need many units to be effective. Frenzied troops go absolutely mad by skinks. Remember a 7+ modifier negates poison so always think about tapping twice or shooting once. Skirmishers do a lot from denying movement, screening and dying, and taking out any High T and low armor target. Give the scouting units a musician so they can rally if they flee. Remember, the effective leadership of a skink skirmisher is the same as a human.

Saurus Warriors: In an otherwise fast moving army, the saurus warriors move the standard M4 for infantry. They often fall behind and their point cost is high like an elite infantry. Skinks help a lot to avoid their being outmaneuvered (because who can outmaneuver all those skinks!!!). Also, remember, you have an amazing number of tools to slow down enemy marching such as chameleon skinks and the ability to take all colleges of magic. Saurus warriors are not “too slow” to be useful even in a competitive environment. I tend to have a unit near my slaan so he can “jump into” the unit before combat. For reasons below, I do not typically use temple guard in under 3000 pt games. The key issue with saurus warriors is outfitting them.
•Hand weapon and shield versus spear. +1 attack or +1 armor save and fewer points. I tend to prefer the additional armor save. 4+ in combat.
•Spears work on the charge in the second rank.
•Spawnings make them special or rare and those slots are often the most valuable. If you have a spare special slot, consider making the warriors Sotek with spears. That would give them 4 st 4 attacks on a charge per front model! The other obvious choice is Quetzl and make them 3+ saves (almost cavalry!!).
•Saurus warriors can be screened effectively with skinks, making charging them a bit harder and shooting them quite a bit harder.
•Saurus warriors are your static combat resolution.
•Remember, you can give your saurus warriors spears and then selectively use them. I find this much better than buying a champion or even a musician (as if saurus warriors have trouble rallying!). IF you get a charge, you will be greatful for spears.
•Saurus warriors are excellent at protecting a slaan. If you avoid temple guard, you get to move in and out of the unit more easily.

Temple Guard. Stuborn with a stubborn price. They have a bit more armor, and the halberd does provide St5 attacks, but their main drawbacks are price and the inability for the slaan to leave the unit. Why is that a problem? The slaan loses 360 degree LOS when in the unit of temple guard. A smart opponent stays out of LOS. Yes, they have St 5 attacks, but being without a spear, they lose one attack and also lack the armor save.

Jungle Swarms. Traditional swarm with some exceptional abilities. First each base is a skirmisher and they have poisoned attacks. They hold a flank and a smart enemy will prepare to blow thru the swarm in a single round if you are not careful. Do you really need more than one base? Salamanders work wonderfully behind jungle swarms who are too small to block LOS.

SPECIAL UNITS: Your biggest issue is having too many units you want and too few slots to fill. Every unit is valuable in nearly any army. In your special allowance you have: your only cavalry, your strongest unit, a unit that can march block on turn 1 and your only flyers. Actually, all your 3d6 pursuit troops are special slots too.

Saurus Cavalry: Love them or hate them. Fact of the matter is they are dead hard cavalry with 2 St5 and 1 St4 attack on a charge followed up with 3 St4 attacks in subsequent rounds. Sure, they are “only” AS 3+. But it is AS 3+ with T4 versus a standard T3. That is about the same as heavy knights in most units. They are by no means frail! People get obsessed with the problems of stupidity. There is an 11% chance you fail a test each round of play. I tend to live with that type of risk. Others just can’t. Fear causing cavalry is just worth taking especially if you can one-two punch the enemy with Kroxigors as well. Strange as it may seem, I tend to like to screen the cavalry with skinks for a few turns. The M difference is only 1” and skinks get out of the way quickly when it is time to “reveal” the cavalry.

Kroxigors: Big Brutish and able to deliver 3 St7 attacks. They cause fear so a reasonable unit of 4 can often autobreak the opponent. If possible take a uit of 4 as there is a dramatic difference in what you can break. Kroxigors are fantastic at breaking enemy chariots and opening enemy armor on knights and they can serve as cavalry replacements for the lizardmen (absent still using only 2d6 for pursuit). They tend to be very easy to screen and prevent too many shots being taken at them (except from higher elevations) by the charge thru skinks rule. Don’t forget they cause fear making a unit of 4 exceptional at creating autobreak situations (much better than a unit of 3 for that purpose). They also have a healthy armor save at 4+. You pay handsomely for each kroxigor so make sure you don’t prevent it from charging and protect it from being shot. Don’t take on characters. Kroxigors’ wiff far too many attacks with only WS3.

Chameleon Skinks: They can start anywhere within 12”. Within 8” you block marching. Chameleon skinks are simply the best at blocking marches. Sure, they can’t stand up in combat, but what unit will turn around and attack or charge them. Fast cavalry will often drop to their 2x shooting and BS4 poison attacks. You can take a small unit if you like. Remember, when attacking war machines you must randomize between crew and machine, which makes any shooter a mediocre choice for silencing a machine. For armies that generally have all units “face forward” you can deploy as close as you want but if in LOS of the enemy, you must be move than 12” away. Many armies lack troops watching their backs!. Even though chameleon skinks are an extra -1 to hit, fact is skinks die when you shoot at them because of T2. In short, they won’t last very long but they are mighty when it comes to slowing the enemy down on the first turn.

Terradon: Your only flyers and largely the only thing with 3d6 pursuit (save sarus cavalry). For that reason alone, you need to consider a terradon or two. But unless they panic, so long as you are not charged, the hit-and-run rule ensures the enemy must wipe them out to a model or they will face a relentless number of charges until the mission is done. They are very easy to shoot as well as wound in close combat. Classic role is charging war machines. Don’t forget to throw javelins. Terradons skirmish with multiple wounds. Just avoid having lots of large units of shooters target them. Sometimes, it just makes more sense to send them out on turn 2 or 3 after some of the worst of the enemy’s shooters are shut down by skinks. Depends entirely on the makeup of shooters versus war machines. I really tend to need terradons to chase fleeing units as well. Losing them early is painful. Remember, a unit of 3 will get you 9 st 4 attacks. You can use a terradon to strike at a character hiding in a unit. 6 st 4 attacks will often do it 2 models in base contact. Sure, you will lose combat and have to hit and run (no pursuit possible and you auto rally). Remember, when falling back, you still have to move 3d6 and can actually leave the battlefield losing the unit! Make sure you “flee” in a direction that has lots of room. Javleins are counted at St4 and are terribly effective as you approach the enemy. Flyers do not march so you have a full 28” of range!

RARE UNITS: 2 very unusual choices.

A note on rare choices and 2cd generation Slaan. One of the main reasons to avoid taking a 2cd generation slaan (though there are many reasons to take one) is that you must then in a typical game choose between a stegadon or a unit of salamanders. Both are incredibly valuable to a lizardman army.

Stegadon. Consider the roles:
•Terror causing monster. (Only terror causing unit)
•Chariot with D6+1 st 5 impact hits (only chariot you have)
•Bolt thrower that is on a large target (so it can see over troops). Can move and shoot. (Only war machine you get)
•US 8 monster easily has enough size to break ranks.
•St 5 T 6 W5 monster with 4+ armor save that randomizes hits like a chariot!
•Prevents most scouts from deploying in your deployment zone (large target 360 degree LOS with the skinks in it).
•5 St 3 attacks with 2+ armor saves.

The downfall of the stegadon is its leadership. The minute you lose combat, be very weary. You almost need the stegadon to be close to the battle standard bearer to ensure it will not run away. Stubborn is a mixed blessing. A stubborn unit does not use the general’s leadership. So you are always at an unmodified 5+ on 3d6. On the other hand, it is immune to psychology. . . just don’t lose combat!

Some thoughts on using the stegadon:
1)First thing, use him to prevent scouts from getting too close when they deploy.
2)Make the enemy test for terror.
3)Use the bolt thrower as you get into position. Attacking flanks should expose lots of multiwound units (e.g. ogres) to a bolt straight down the files.
4)Charge into the enemy with support of kroxigors or saurus warriors.
5)Break the enemy’s battlelines. Split the enemy’s battlelines with a well done charge up the middle. The stegadon often has enough strength, extra attacks and impact wounds to win combat.
6)Stay relatively close to battle standard bearer. You will need a reroll. Remember, you can only test for stubbornness on the base leadership of your unit. Even around the BSB you have a whopping 25% chance of breaking. OUCH!

Salamanders: To some extent, you can call the salamanders your “other” war machine option. They move and “spit” an average of 5 shots. However, the shots are only St3 and -1 AS. They are ideal for killing other war machine crews and as anti-infantry. Better yet, they destroy enemy shooting if they get in range (range is effectively 21”). In a pinch, they are respectable fighters. You HIT automatically when shooting, that is what makes a pack so devastating to other enemy’s missile fire troops. Troops in any kind of cover hate skirmishers who ignore terrain and skirmishing penalties! Salamanders fall into the “monsters and handlers” rules on page 67 so they CAN break enemy ranks if you take more than one. There is some dispute about this. Likewise, there is some dispute over whether the salamanders benefit from -1 to hit as they frankly are not the same size as the skinks.


Lizardmen have some exceptional items that affect the magic phase for slaans in particular. Other than that, their magic item lists are extremely limited.

Plaques (Slaan only): They can NOT be destroyed or negated by enemy magic. They do not count as magic items. You may have more than one.

Special Mention: Tepok. For 15 pts you get an additional spell. Given how well you cast, every slaan should have it.

Honorable Mention: For heavy cannon armies consider taking the Plaque of Protection for a 2+ ward save.

Magic Weapons: Remember, it will often be a saurus taking the weapon. You often will have one having a jaguar charm and great weapon.

Special Mention: Sword of the Hornet. Saurus Scar Vets and Oldbloods have strong St 5 attacks and many of them. They just don’t tend to strike first without the sword and it is reasonably priced.

Honorable Mention: Pirahna Blade. Relatively inexpensive and you double the wounds. Note: Scar Vets and Oldbloods already have good strength. Double wounds equals death to characters.

Armor: Very little magic armor exists for lizardmen. The maiming shield is the only standout as it gives +1 attack for armor. But the sword of battle is cheaper and you can’t use the shield anyway with a great weapon!

Enchanted Items: Lizardmen are blessed with exceptional movement oriented enchanted items. The Jaguar Standard gives one saurus M9. This has led to the traditional JSOD (Jaguar Saurus of Doom) which has both the Jaguar Charm and a great weapon. Chomp! But, a skink chief that can fly is an effective war machine killer or lone mage fighter. You can make a skink chief with 5 st 4 attacks on the charge. But the best use of the cloak of feathers is for a skink priest so he can provide excellent telepathy pathing for the slaan.

Special Mention: Jaguar Charm and its M9 for a great weapon holding saurus.
Honorable Mention: Bane Head. Give it to a Slaan with Rune of Burning and watch one enemy character die quickly.

Arcane Items: Only three, but remember slaan have their plaques and need little else. The key item is a diadem of power that lets you store either 2 dispel dice or power dice. With a slaan this makes an extremely potent magical defense as well. Cube of darkness can shut down the entire enemy’s magic phase for a whole round but. . . only on a 4+. But wait! I the Blessing of the Old Ones would let skink priest shut down the phase 75% of the time!

Banners: I won’t go into how to really abuse the Huanchi Banner. Thus, let’s stick with the Jaguar Standard that can allow a unit of saurus warriors to rundown the enemy with 3D6. Other banners may let a unit cause fear (you have lots of fear causing units) or have -1 to hit (you have skink skirmishing screens).

Albion was secure finally. The jungle was growing according to the will of the Old Ones and the mist had been restored. But more importantly, the ley lines between the Old World and New World were reestablished. Itza was now in direct communication with the “young” slaan of Zlatlan. It had not been so since the dawn of chaos when Lord Kroak split the continents. For the Old Ones to return, the young races needed to be purified of the corruption of chaos. It was time for the Slaan to help them with that task.

26-02-2008, 11:41
You have a couple of things wrong with your Tactics.

Learn the rules of poison well. 6 to hit wounds with no armor saves. You have an enormous amount of poisoned attacks.
This isn't true, poison does not negate Armor saves.

Shutting down the enemy magic phase is critical and Drain Magic is brutal on incantations
Tomb King magic specifically says it is not effected by Drain Magic spells. On top of that, their magic system makes them one of the few armies that can potentially out magic a Slann lead army.

This is where I stopped reading, nothing against you, I just didn't feel like reading the unit by unit break-down since I am a veteran LM player and felt I knew most of what you were going to say. On the whole I think it is a good break down of how the army works.

Lord Brrrp
26-02-2008, 15:00
Right on both accounts. I know about poison (grrr dumb mistake) and simply forgot the TK (don't see many around here).

26-02-2008, 16:30
Figured you knew about poison since you make reference to it later on. Again, a good synopsis of the army.

26-02-2008, 18:01
Tomb King magic specifically says it is not effected by Drain Magic spells. On top of that, their magic system makes them one of the few armies that can potentially out magic a Slann lead army.
I'm looking at my copy of the TK book and I see this:

"Items which modify the power level of spell rolls do affect incantations (such as the High Elf spell Drain Magic..."

That said, the TK FAQ does state that the spell will still be cast regardless of the effect from such "item"- it just makes it (possibly) easier for the other player to dispel that particular incant.

26-02-2008, 18:59
My only "critique" would be the listing of Sauri with spawning and spears getting 4 strength for hits on the charge. You can't get the spears on a charge even with the spawning I don't think. Sorry to start out with this.

I think it is a fantastic write up over all. i've been playing LM since they were released and still elarned some things. I never use Terradons or Chameleons myself as I never felt the risk was outweighed by the reward. But you have some good points on their effectiveness. I also like that you spent so much time on the Slann as well as the Old One with out saying you had to do one or the other. And less time on the overused and over explained JSOD was nice. I personally always put him on a cold one myself. As you said, who cares about stupidity with that leadership.
Awesome write up.

26-02-2008, 20:27
Ogres: Ogres hate lizardmen. Poisoning small units of bulls is just a beautiful thing. Losing to an army of ogres would be difficult to do.

I must be really good then. I just got started in WFB after a long layoff and am building Lizardmen. My buddy plays Ogres and he has just stomped me silly in the first 2 games we've played. It's comforting to know that it's a good matchup for me though. Once I flesh out my troop choices and get some tactics down maybe I'll do okay.

26-02-2008, 21:20
I'm looking at my copy of the TK book and I see this:

"Items which modify the power level of spell rolls do affect incantations (such as the High Elf spell Drain Magic..."

That said, the TK FAQ does state that the spell will still be cast regardless of the effect from such "item"- it just makes it (possibly) easier for the other player to dispel that particular incant.

Wow, goes to show that even GW employees (the ones who explained this to me) can't read. Me and my TK playing buddy have been playing it that Incantations can't be affected by Drain Magic for years. No wonder my 2nd Gen felt so useless against him.

Lord Brrrp
26-02-2008, 22:14
There never is such a thing as a final tactica for any army. So please don't think I will be bothered at all with your highlighting mistakes or just things you don't agree with.

If anything, it works better if you hone some of the ideas (they are only one persons) and make it even more usable for a novice or veteran.

I still struggle to find uses for the skink chief, but I guess the best might just be on the stegadon for a far flank charge that absolutely needs LD. I have often lamented about how close my steggie needs to be to the general. Yes, there are holes in that use, but frankly outside the flying skink. . . what do you do with him???

26-02-2008, 22:52
One interesting idea I had for a southlands list, was to put a BSB skink chief with the huanchi banner.

Makes for one REALLY fast stegadon ; )

26-02-2008, 23:20
I want to thank you for a very helpful and informative write up. I am a 40k player looking to step into the fantasy arena and I think that you have just sold me on lizardmen, you and the Mayan/Aztec theme