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26-02-2008, 21:01
Hive Fleet Tyrant was discovered when Imperial guard discovered a group of planets orbiting a star in the eastern part of the galaxy. One of the planets and it's moon supported life. Imperial forces were sent to investigate the planet they name Xahn and the moon Perryn so it could be colonized. A Tyranid hive fleet was found in orbit around Xahn and Perryn. The hive fleet butchered the imperial forces which soon withdrew from the system. This fleet became known as Hive Fleet Tyrant.
Is this lore accurate?

The Guy
27-02-2008, 22:16
I don't really see why a hive fleet would be orbiting a "habital" planet. They strip stuff bare. Unless they've been cut off from the hive mind and decided to stick together and recover?
And hive fleet tyrant sounds too much like "hive tyrant" so I suggest you find a different name.

27-02-2008, 22:28
Hive Fleets are named after large, mystical Greek/Roman beasts hence the Fleet's Kraken, Behemoth and Leviathan.

Go with something named like that

27-02-2008, 22:33
It's reasonable, but there are a few possible issues with it... ;)

It seems likely that the Imperial Guard would notice the Tyranid hive fleet lurking near the planet, especially when they lack psychic due to the Shadow in the Warp, and thus fight the Tyranids instead of attempting to colonise the planets, especially if an entire new Hive Fleet had been discovered. For that matter, what were the Imperial Guard doing in an uninhabited system anyway? Wouldn't they be fighting a war somewhere, with Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleets doing the exploring for new planets?

You might also want to mention what appeal the system's planets held to the Imperium, and determine why the Tyranids were merely in orbit around it and not already consuming the resources of the planet and its moon. Did the life-supporting planet possess particularly abundant natural resources? Was it a jungle or forest world with plenty of biomass to appeal to the Tyranids? Did the Tyranids arrive at some point between the discovery of the planet and the attempted colonisation, or where they already present when the Imperial Guard arrived? If the latter, what were they doing there?

As a suggestion, you could have an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleet (the first and only Imperial group to visit the system) discover Xahn when it is already in the later stages of Tyranid consumption. After that, the story could progress as you have written it.

I would counsel against using Tyrant as a name for the Hive Fleet. It does not fit with the 'mythological creatures' naming scheme seen in the other hive fleets, and the word is already used in Tyranid background, in the names of the Hive Tyrants. In addition, the word Tyranid itself is extremely similar to the word Tyrant. Finally, as an English word, Tyrant is not particularly interesting. You could try the Latin 'tyrannus', but that is even more similar to the word Tyranid. Still, this bit does not matter as much as the other issues.

The above are mainly issues with details. The basic structure is fine. I'll look forward to when you've expanded it with more details :)

Edit: It seems that two people have posted while I was writing this, so sorry for any redundancy

Warboss Jhura Ironfang
27-02-2008, 22:33
Like mine is Cerberus, a suitably big name. As for the 'Nids just orbitting a planet, that's not the MO, so I highly doubt it.

28-02-2008, 01:35
I think I won't even bother with the background now since I'm going for orks anyway.
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