View Full Version : Banner of the hidden dead?

26-02-2008, 22:14
A simple question:
Can a unit which has been summoned by the banner of the hidden dead charge on the turn it appears? (The book says that "It may move noramlly on the turn it appears")

26-02-2008, 22:43
Yes, but only by being incanted into combat.

The unit does not emerge until the Remaining Moves part of the movement phase and so has missed its opportunity to declare a charge.

27-02-2008, 00:25
Atrahasis has his stuff right. The unit moves normally, once it's on the table. It's just not on the table to charge at the turn's outset.

Pop it up an inch behind combat so that if you fail to get the incantation off you'll at least crossfire the target to death if it breaks.