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27-02-2008, 20:36
Read a lot of topics on the new VC and how good their new AB is so I had to take a look. I bought the armybook and fell in love with the fluff and the models and had to start working on a list of my own :D Dont know how effective this list is since I was so recently bitten ;) so any help is more than welcome.

Vampire Lord 445pts
Magic level
Master of the Black Arts
Forbidden Lore
Lord of the Dead
Skull Staff
The Flayed Hauberk

My general. Little worried about his cost since I come from the Skaven world where everything is as cheap as soap:evilgrin:

Vampire 180pts
Summon Creatures of the Night
Dark Acolyte
Book of Arkhan

This fellow helps my general at summoning the dogs and maybe skellies too if general fumbles.

Vampire 185pts
Avatar of Death
Hunter in the Dark
Talisman of the Lynci
Wristbands of Black Gold

My warmachine/character hunter. He has M9, scout and 3+ ward against shooting of all kinds.

Necromancer 105pts
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll

He goes sitting on the other Corpse Cart


18 Skeleton Warriors 164pts
Full Command

18 Skeleton Warriors 164pts
Full Command

15 Crypt Ghouls 120pts

Corpse Cart 100pts

Corpse Cart 100pts

5 Dire Wolves 40pts

5 Dire Wolves 40pts


Vargulf 175pts

Vargulf 175pts

I just had to take twins here because they are so sexy :skull:

27-02-2008, 21:15
I'm guessing you are using the new book? If not you've bought a book that's being re-released in a week....

Apologies but I am not going to be assesing your army list, I was just wanting to ask how people are getting their hands on (their own copy of) the Army Book, apparently without buying the Vampire Counts spearhead box? Since the book is not released until 8th March... ?

27-02-2008, 21:46
Get used to spending 50% of your points on characters. Welcome to the wonderful world of raising your army in front of your opponent. Would lob dark acolyte onto the count instead of forbidden lore and the skull staff is hard but IMO overpriced. Another bound spell would be good and I would try an squeeze the black periapt in there somewhere

Your third vampire is different to mine (I take another summoner) but I like the concept, I would take a unit of grave guard as they are as soft as a brick. Like two varghulfs but US4 so I go with black knights.

Hope it helps