View Full Version : Virtual Table Question

28-02-2008, 16:37
Ok, so I was thinking about the future of GW, and all that, and it crossed the mind that it wouldn't be overwhelmingly difficult to conduct a battle, using GW rules, on a virtual table (PC). Basically record the location of each model, using a registry, and display them on a applet.

Note: I'm not condoning violation of I/P laws on this, although I realize that I might be appearing to tread pretty close to that line. I've got 5 armies at home, and a limited gaming space. I'd like to practice when I can, using this as a way to vet strategies and get a better handle on stuff.

Anyway, back to the original point. Has anyone actually heard of something similar already in existence? My basic idea would be use the virtual table and a random number generator, but I think trying to program in the GW rules would melt the circuits in my computer (as computers run on logic, and some GW rules are logic optional).

Yes, I am a geek.