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04-10-2005, 22:21
Not a huge amount to post just yet, as I need to scan most of it, but here are a couple of things:

first off is a concept sketch I did for the IA: Imperial Castellans project over at the B&C. It is a sketch of Thibault de Plaisains, Captain of the Third Company (I buggered his legs up something wrotten on the first try, so stuck a new piece of paper over them)


and another thing I did for the same project:


next comes a sketch I did of Chapter Master Seth of the Flesh Tearers, in a particularly calm mood:


04-10-2005, 22:22
Next are concepts I did for on eof my DIY chapters, the stone souls, who were afflicted by a terrible chaos disease - their chapter master was executed, and in desperation they fought their way out f the Inquisition's grasp. The disease makes them decay incredibly quickly, but their minds remain intact (so long as you don't destroy their heads), they are incredibly miserable for marines, and th eonly thing that keeps them fighting is the oratory of their chaplains - they fight for forgiveness in the Emperor's eyes:




04-10-2005, 22:53
nice work, i especially like the second one. ever thought of using goache/white acrylic/similar for extreme highlighting? try it out.

sketches are nice but what is stopping you developing them more?

05-10-2005, 01:13
For a french theme i dont see many Fleur-de-Lys :P.
Cool sketches though, I like the flesh tearer one the best.

05-10-2005, 16:54
Because I mainly do them just for fun, I sketch perpetually, these are just the ones that came out looking ok, and I had to hand when starting the thread.

Glad you like 'em.

The reason their is a lack of fleur de lys..s is because they are tied in too much with the sisters of battle now, they are more or less a symbol of the ordo hereticus now.

05-10-2005, 17:48
yes, sketching IS fun, the way it goes with me is:

i take a handful of paper and scribble in biro/pencil/chalk/blood/whatever till something catches my eye, i then work over and over the piece that is good with different media as befits the tone of the piece. if im not too under the influence i will sit down and actually DRAW something with a graphic artists pencil, using various masking techniques to ensure the picture is super clean! unfortunately i have no way of scanning my work into the cpu so your just gona have to guess :D


oh, and i draw my own avs too :D

05-10-2005, 18:06
I'm not a fan of finishing my sketches too much, some I take on further, but not much. The idea is much more important to me, I just want to flesh it out in my head, even if I don't use it at all. Thats what I find fun about it mostly, just thinking out an idea.

My dream job would be working as a concept artist for GW - getting paid to think up cool ideas and scribble them down.

I do draw though (rather than sketch), but I sort of plan to, and take a lot more time over the whole act. I still draw fairly loosely, but much more neat than these sketches.

05-10-2005, 18:59
Nice work! Well done.

05-10-2005, 19:57
Yes, very nice!

The stone-soul marine is very cool. Got some more sketches of him/them?


05-10-2005, 21:59
I have a couple more

Ideas for helmets:


And here's an idea I did for a chaplain (not so good):


05-10-2005, 22:39
I like pics 2 and 6; number two is really well rendered - did u use chalk and charcoal?

I like the fluidness of number 6.

05-10-2005, 22:51
Yep, its chalk, charcoals, pencil, and a little ink for good measure (it wasn't getting as dark as I'd wanted in places).

Number 6 is my favourite direction my sketches take, I take inspiration from the work of Jes Goodwin, and I like to think that the whole concept is still up in the air when I come to draw it. -I'm not putting my idea down on paper, I'm using the act of sketching to actually form the idea solidly, so to me, the more fluid a sketch turns out, the more versions of it I have put down in one go, the deeper my thought process has been when forming it.

PS. I Like your signature

05-10-2005, 22:58
Very well done.

05-10-2005, 23:37
Yep, its chalk, charcoals, pencil, and a little ink for good measure (it wasn't getting as dark as I'd wanted in places).

Nice. I always love using chalk and charcoal, I just never get the opportunity. Compressed charcoal is my fave medium for doing DARK imagery.

PS. I Like your signature

Why thank you tudor! :)

06-10-2005, 09:01
charcoal, hmmm, it is a good media to use but imo is highly overated. people need to experiment more.

06-10-2005, 15:29
To be honest I am not a huge fan of charcoal, it can look fantastic but.. I dunno.
It suited the contrast of dark to white I wanted in that image though - which was by far a drawing rather than a sketch, I had the idea in my head, all I was doing was putting it on paper.

My favourite medium for sketches like these is just a plain old biro, or a ballpoint pen, or something like that. Sometimes I work in pencil very loosely, then clean it up a little with a pen afterwards.

06-10-2005, 19:45
Nice, I like them. Some of those helmet studies are very cool.

06-10-2005, 21:54
Nice work! I'm not much a fan of charcoal either. It doesn't hold well to paper IMHO (fixative is needed) -a colored pencil might work if you need the depth of black. I encountered what I think is a photographic pencil which has excellent black. I haven't gone to looking for them again though as it's been more convenient to use a common pencil (or mechanical one -I use .5 and on occasion when I can find where I misplaced it, a .3) or a roller pen (bic pens and such.)


06-10-2005, 23:06
Biro's are my medium of choice.

06-10-2005, 23:53
definately, can't beat that scratchy feel, plus, they force you to think on your feet, you don't rub out, you just keep drawing.

07-10-2005, 09:53
Biro's are my medium of choice.

here here! biros, possibly the most underated and overlooked art media. theres nothing really you cant do with a biro, you can get super light marks, or you can get "engravings" of really bold colour. plus it trains you to be more impulsive and loose as you have no way of correcting mistakes without having to be even more artistic and inventive.

there are 3 ways in which i use biro

1: sketches straight in biro
2: pencil/charcoal base sketches, re-worked in biro
3: full colour crayon, pencil, ink sketches & drawings re-worked in biro.

and all 3 are superb, better than pencil/crayon/charcoal sketches alone. trust me

07-10-2005, 10:00
By "Biro" I assume you mean the ball point dealies? I usually call them "Bics" but I suppose I actually have been buying ball point pens made by Pilot these days... Found them pretty cheap and with a rubber grip to boot.

What I mean by a ball point pen (as opposed to those fancy newer ones with the more fluid ink):


I haven't done a complete one with straight ball point in a long time -at least not that I can remember recently. Only have one of those in my portfolio oddly enough. Ball points are great fun. ^__^


07-10-2005, 11:48
i have a friend who can draw montages and portraits, to an almost photo realism, straight up in biro without even preliminary sketching. he had a lot of work on ebay at one point, unfortunately i cant find any pictures these days.

07-10-2005, 13:20
the reason the biro has such a pad rep, has nothing to do with its actual abilities as a drawing and writing implement. It's just because of the general backlash towards plastic things, the fact that because it is cheap means it can't be.. effective (the difference between buying a derwent pencil that costs you a tenner, and using a pencil you found on the floor to draw).

Personally, I think that the best tools for drawing are:

biros : perfect scratchy feel, a lot of colours can be formed with simple blue red and black (or a lot of suggestions of colour), dead easy to find, encourage expression, encourage thinking as you draw, encourage looseness

HB pencil: there's a reason its the most commonly used grade of pencil, its got the perfect (or thereabouts) balance of hard and soft.. soemtimes a 2b is a little better, or a b, but most of the time, HB is good.

marker pen - all the stuff about freeness and looseness, but with a different feel, smother, opaque blacks - you draw in shapes not lines, fun to use, always tend to look impressive

07-10-2005, 13:25
i also find berol & crayola water based markers/felt tips to be excellent materials to use

http://img84.imageshack.us/my.php?image=eldar6pj.jpg just a quick sketch i did in felt pen and *remembers* watercolours i think

07-10-2005, 13:47
the ability to apply the transparent tones quickly, with an easy to use pen, and not have to wait to dry is always handy.

I don't do much colour work though, so I can't say I've had much experience with them.

07-10-2005, 14:34
try it out, i used to hate colour with a passion, but if you look at it like, "your not intending to use colour" then you will feel at home with it. you may be surprised. just start off by slopping broad washes of watercolour or felt tip down.

07-10-2005, 22:45
I haven't really used marker much -only a small hand full of that "industrial design" style stuff. I do like blue and red pencils partly formed out of habit when I worked as a (traditional) animator. You can get really nice subtle shades out of them -I often wonder if people notice them, actually. Used to use colored pencils a lot but I've gone with common pencils and pens for a while now.


Flame Boy
13-10-2005, 22:44
I'm a pencil doodler all the way. I've got to try my hand at watercolour, but my first forays into 40k-themed art seemed to end up with an inability to find dark enough shades and mixing colours adequately was a headache. I suppose I could try inks in addition to watercolours to add depth and shade to areas.

I suppose I need to experiment a lot more... Apart from my Screamer-Killer Canifex render in pencil and a sketch of an Assault Marine, I've not really had much luck with my artwork. I've been quite happy with my endless tech priest doodles, but I often feel it either doesn't seem "40k" enough, or it ends up looking awkward in design rather than eccentric as a character.

I suppose I'm one of those people that is never happy with their own work.

If my computer ever gets repaired I might be able to upload some of my work so you'd see what I mean, but I've been making that claim for years... It was "if I can buy a scaner", now it's just a case of having a computer to run it on.... I'm borrowing the computer I'm typing this from... which is frustrating.

I think I work in a similar way with my sketches. They are to help develop ideas rather than flesh them out in detail... They never seem to get too developed because I normally encounter a problem my artistic skills aren't able to overcome... I suppose I still have much to learn. Still, that's not a bad thing. It would get boring if you could master everything you applied a paintbrush/pen/crayon to.

I agree that sketching with a biro is fun, I've impressed a work colleague with a tiny bust of a space marine on a piece of paper a couple of inches long. There is something satisfying about the biro, it seems to demand that you shade using the tip of the pen, rather than using a blunt edge like I would be tempted to with a pencil.

Anyway, I'll stop babbling, I've just inspired myself to start doodling just before bed. How very annoying. Hehehe...