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Zechs Merquise
05-10-2005, 02:20
I am thinking of building an Empire army, below is my first attempt at planning an army. Please let me know what you think + how it could be improved.

any comments would be appreciated.

Elector Count
Great weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Van Horstmannís speculum, Holy Relic.

Battle Standard Bearer
Full plate armour, Sword of Power.

Warrior Priest
Great weapon, Heavy armour, Barded warhorse.

Level 2 Battle Wizard
2 Dispel Scrolls.

28 Swordsmen
Duellist, Standard bearer, Musician, Griffon Standard.

8 Hand gunners

10 Free Companies

12 Hand Gunners
Marksmen, Hochland long rifle, musician.

6 Hand Gunners

6 Hand Gunners

5 Knights of the White Wolf
Inner Circle, First Knight, Standard, Musician, War Banner.

6 Huntsmen

5 Pistoliers
Marksmen, Repeater handgun.

Great Cannon

Great Cannon


15 Flagellants


05-10-2005, 04:25
First of all I would recommend against puting van hostmans on your elector, a mage or a warrior priest, nothing any bigger. The armour of meteoric iron on your EC and the sword of power on your BSB seem like they should be... switched :p

28 + 2 characters,I imagine - is a bloody great big unit of swordsmen, see if you cant drop it by 5 models adn find a better home for those points?

- g0ddy

Gaius Marius
05-10-2005, 16:10
What are you trying to achieve with the army? A static defensive list? An aggresive infantry list? Think about your goal, and build to it.

You have to be planning on Doing something with an army list for it to work.
To win games you have to defeat enemy formations, break enemy blocks and claim victory points.
There are a limited number of ways of doing this,
1- engage the enemy and defeat them in hand to hand
2- shoot the enemy and watch them die (includes magic)
3- shoot the enemy to soften them up, then engage them in hand to hand.

You clearly aren't going for either 1 or 2 as you don't have enough of either, so you are trying for 3. Cool.

The list you have has got 4 hand to hand combat units.
1 great big block with the Griffon standard - this unit will work great
2 a mid size block of flagelants - good speedbump and ok against light infantry
3 a very small unit of knights - good for flanking
4 a very small unit of pistoliers - good for war machine hunting.

The trouble here is that you have only 1 good hand to hand unit (and it is great). Every other unit you have is some sort of support unit. This is not bad exactly, but they need something to support. Unless you have 2 or 3 good solid Hand to Hand units, you are then relying on you missile fire to reduce the enemy down to size. Good idea, but your missile troops are not dominant enough to only have 1 real hand to hand unit. You have 32 hand gunners in all, which isn't bad, however the empire rapidly runs out of useful deployment room for their missile troops. You may want to consider 3 units of 10, each with a long rifle, rather than the detachments. Also some heavier shooting, ie a hellblaster, more pistoliers etc. is not a bad idea, just to improve density.

Some Things you could try to increase your hand to hand punch: consider increasing the knights to 8 from 5. Keep the Warrior Priest with them, add a war banner maybe. This will give you a unit that can charge, starts with a rank, and can afford to lose some models. Your Elector count and BSB appear to be with the swordsmen. This is fine, but all the combat assistance you will ver need is already there with the Griffon standard. If your heroes are there as well, your opponents will simply avoid that unit. Consider 2 somewhat smaller units, each with a single detachment of militia. In one unit put 20 - 24 guys with the griffon standard, and in the other 20-24 guys put the EC and the BSB. You now have 3 units with hand to hand credentials, the knights, and 2 infantry units. Let the Flagellants go. Or if you really like them, bump them up to 20 models and consider them your third hand to hand unit.

Obviously you can't do all the things I mentioned at once and still have enough points. You could lose one cannon, some magic toys from the heroes, maybe even a hero, to gain some elbow room for points. Then decide what you want the list to be about. Either increase the shooting or level out the hand to hand. Which ever appeals to you.

And of course you can also tell me to go get stuffed ;)

07-10-2005, 00:33
I think Gaius said it all...