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01-03-2008, 19:15
Well enough of rambling in other peoples threads, its time I got back to painting junk, and both my half-arsed CSM and my soon-to-be-coming in the mail SM are both going to need lots of attention. Ive just read Bloodquest III and loved it; really got my interest in my CSM back.

Chaos Marines - The Alpha Templar
For a while I got away with using daemons/ DP's / to up my points and left too many marines unpainted/ pporly built. Ive been selling off my vehicles and monsters on ebay, and what I am left with is an Infantry Horde. All my forces range from 2nd/3rd ed. so now i must build it to a working army again. Sadly there wont be much too look at compared to some other awesome threads up right now, but I hope this will get me working.

The full list :
Sorcerer, Terminator armor, DoomBolt = 125pts
Chaos Lord, Terminator armor, Power fist, Combi-flamer = 135pts
Terminators (x6), Reaper autocannon, Pfist, Ch fis, Lightning claw, 2 meltas = 250pts
Terminators (x3), Power Fist (x2), Reaper autocannon = 135pts
Chaos marines (x10), Lascannon, Plasma gun = 185pts
Chaos marines (x10), Aspiring champion w/ fist, Heavy Bolter, Flamer = 205pts
Chaos marines (x7), Champ with fist = 145pts
Plague marines (x8), Aspiring champion /w fist, Melta gun + Plasma gun, Rhino w/ Havoc Launcher, Icon = 304pts
Bikers (x3), Melta, Plasma = 124pts
Raptors (x6), Undertermined wargear = 120pts
Havocs (x5), Missile launchers (x3) = 135pts
Obliterator = 75pts

TOTAL = 1938, 61 models, room for upgrades

my only vehicle is holding my most precious squad (plague marines) so keeping them in it will be difficult, but list flaws aside Ive got some work on my plate.

Space Marines - The Storm Gryphons
Got these in a trade, these guys are an Ultramarines successor on the Eastern Fringe, and when its all complete will be a Fast attack army. currently I am missing the more of the fast attack options though...

first on the plate:

01-03-2008, 19:50
Just a few more examples of completed stuff here : squad 3

Mr Feral
01-03-2008, 20:10
The blue looks rather effective on the first squad of Berzerkers. Is the second squad built using Chaos Warriors?

01-03-2008, 22:57
Yep, the old and hunchedback ones. Ive tried to position the heads more appropriately, and the head weapons and backpacks are really the only 40k bitz tacked on : P
I want to paint these guys to completion in the next month at least...
On the right is the plague marines rhino... its got nurglings manning the weapons! some cleanup on the tracks and the a few more nurglings to paint and its good.

I now think I can get these guys up to two squads of 6 at least and with some actual conversions 7, so thats even more troops to throw around

Mr Feral
02-03-2008, 10:22
Hmm, old school Plague Marines...

Nice and grimy, I look forward to more!

03-03-2008, 07:14
The blue looks rather effective on the first squad of Berzerkers. the weird thing with the blue is that i stated painting these guys (the metal las/plas squad and the berserker/warriors) with a coat of enchanted blue/black, then enchanted highlights. now ive gotten lazy and with the berserker troops above ive gone with enchanted/heavy blue wash/highlight with enchanted, blacklining crevases.

So... not much of an update, all ive gotten done so far is some basecoating (with chaos black) and put my vindicator back together. Ive also taken an army shot to gage what ive got to do.
I can also mix two Juggernaughts in with the three bikes ive got and count them all as a marked squad of 5. If so I will probably upgrade the berserker/warriors to berserkers or marked

04-03-2008, 04:35
hmm... only one posting here, double post coming up:
So i got my SM army in the mail from a trade. Lots of good stuff, 3 squads, termies, LR bikes FW DREAD! etc. Its a mix of sprayed and stripped so Ive gone through and opened weakened glue bonds, sorted out what goes where etc, and started in the most humble of places, the first tactical squad.
here they are, with the first example in front. I cheated a bit, and went straight with Foundation Battlegrey over plastic. followed by a black wash for the recesses then codex grey. So far the guy on the left has used up the following colors: http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g233/Stevix/Storm%20Gryphons/paints.jpg
with fortress for highlights and shadow for eagles missing. Id like to marathon the rest of the squad, but that might have to wait till tomorrow

05-03-2008, 13:25
So work has been coming along on the first squad, while I've also started some color-matching on the scouts which will come next. Here is a pic of the core 500 pts to be painted first :

on the right is my first forgeworld piece, a paint-stripped dreadnaught. first thing out of the wrapping I thought I could loosen some glue bonds with some careful twisting... and Snap went the waist. No problems though as pinning the waist seemed a good idea anyways. the rest of the posture is as-is

On the scouts Im interested in making them helmets, and was wondering if anyone remembers seeing the conversions someone did for that... I think it was a BT army

07-03-2008, 09:22
Well I got plenty of work done today: check it:
first squad coming along nicely, just some codex and fortress highlights, eyes and bolters and they are just about complete.

Also I have attempted the gs mould, and have glued down the mark on the dread and tried drybrushing it, the verdict on the result is up in the air as the feet at bottom have a little too much 'backing' and do not blend well.
And on the right I have put together a terminator vet who can fill in as a Captain until the termie squad is assembled.

Colonel Haizelhoff
31-05-2008, 12:58
So I like the space marine sergeant and I especially like the nurgle rhino. On both of the armies the color scheme you've chosen is rather good IMO.

Death Korp
31-05-2008, 16:35
I like teh CSM and SM colour schemes, they are both very effective. I like Old School models which helps too! :D


31-05-2008, 19:13
Thanks for the belated comments (and bringing this back from the dead)
Id love to show some progress pics but lately ive been packing up my stuff for a move and don't have access to a digicam.

SM : Considering how the Landraider will fare in 5th ed. I have started to strip a LR crusader for this army, and squad 2 is getting assembly

CSM : The plague marines have been gifted with the 5 loyal termies and they are in the progress of being nurglfied and painted. ive cast the metal shoulderpads from my lead CSM terminators for the plastic SM ones, and built custom combi-plasmas which I will now try and get pics for.

16-06-2008, 00:13
Well to go with my first 500 or so I have nearly completed the rhino and dread:

Also, screw scouts, Ive decided the legs are going to my IG. The bodies IMO are undervalued bitz and I thought I might put them to the following use :

This will be a veteran; notice I didn't shave the hip-ball, so that I can GS a belt, while also increasing the height (I will add Plasticard shoe platforms so all the extra height isn't just in the torso)