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chaos god
05-10-2005, 10:40
Hey guys im a keen Role Player and I was wondering if some people would be interested in starting our own Zombie RPG. Similar to Land Of The Dead the movie. I have seen alot of zombie topics lately and think this RPG could go a long way. Im really interested in playing with some of you people.

So if theres someone who is willing to start one I would happily join and I know of two other Role Player's who would join too.


chaos god

11-10-2005, 02:03
i might possibly be in.. possibly

15-10-2005, 01:34
Ya! Count me as in! I will ponder on a character while other people join in. I suggest no more than four people, any more and things will become hectic and the story will be lost.

Inqusitor Lord
16-10-2005, 23:24
Count me in. I suggust we do something like urbandead.com.

Yin - Yang
17-10-2005, 12:12
Well...you can count me in as well...I'm a big zombie RPing fan :D

17-10-2005, 18:27
count me in too.

17-10-2005, 22:14
well we have are five! how should we start?

18-10-2005, 18:42
think of agood stopry the post characters. I have my character already laid down (WIP)

name: Ruben Quinn
age: 28
sex: male
class: SWAT
weapons: desert eagle .50, 12 gauge tactical shotgun
equipment: torch, handcuffs, mace/ cs spray, riot baton

chaos god
19-10-2005, 13:24
Ok guys, its going to be a freestyle rp. I'll make a new thread for the actual playing. I'll accept one more player, so get in quick if you want to play.:)

Post characters in here too.

Age: 23
Sex: Male
Appearance: Tallish skinny man, Gothic clothing, Black Hoody, Black jeans, eye liner, black/blue longish hair.
Weapons: Rusty Kitchen Knife 9 Inch blade.
Equipment: Mini Torch, Small Amount of food, Lighter.

Get your characters in now so we can get this one under way. The RP thread will be called 'City Of The Damned'.


Spangley Special
19-10-2005, 14:01
yes i would like to join seeing as i am a zombie nut!

just crious (sp?) how many of you have read the zombie survival guide?

Name, Brandon
age, 19
Sex, male
Appearence, about six foot tall, atheltic. dark hair, mixed race, black combat trousers and black tee, balck skate shoes. medium length floppy brown hair.
weapons, wakazashi(sp?) snapped (blade length around 18"), survival knife 8"blade (typical rambo shape, smooth curve + surations(sp) on back side of blade)
Equipment, hip flask (full of vodka), zippo style lighter.

19-10-2005, 22:30
This is gona be fun!

Name: Art "Diego Red" Simmons
Age: 25
Appearance: 5ft 6, slightly muscular, short (red*) hair, blue eyes. Wearing light combat clothing, a Red cross symbol on right solider
Class: overall he is a doctor and combat medic
Weapons: combat knife
Equipment: some of medical supplies in a backpack, some food, a LCD flashlight, a broken radio, wallet (some money and pictures of deceased family), a small bottle of JD (nothing like whisky!), and lastly a medical note book (from simple injuries to semi complex surgery).

*Sorry about that, having red hair is where the damn nickname comes from!

20-10-2005, 17:02
Ah crap. Please can I join?

Name: Will Greene
Appearance: 5'4", early teens. mid-length brown hair. hazel eyes. Black green day T-shirt, Black jeans and baseball boots.
Weapons: Combat knife in a sheath. Staff.
Equipment: Plasters, out of charge mobile, water bottle half full. Lighter and matches.

chaos god
24-10-2005, 09:57
Ok well you can get posting in the thread called 'City of The Damned' now. I will only allow one other player. If someone who has joined doesnt post soon in the game thread someone else may take their spot.

19-11-2005, 16:30
Hi Mine if I join?

Name: John Rhodes
Apprearance: 6'0", Late twentys. Brown Hair and Beard. Blue Eyes. Vetran Solider. Has a Fair Build
Weapons: M-16, Combat Knife, Duel Colt Phythons
Equipment: Combat Knife, Lighter, Cigarettes