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02-03-2008, 17:47
Here's a list I came up today after looking at the new book. Its for a tournament...

Vampire Lord
Beguile, Infinite Hatred, Red Fury
Blood Drinker, Flayed Hauberk
Crown of the Damned
Level 3 Wizard

Wight King
Sword of Kings, Gem of Blood
Barded Skeletal Steed

Avatar of Death, Dark Acolyte
Talisman of Lycni
(Great Weapon)

Sceptre De Noirot
Extra Spell

30 Zombies
Full Command

30 Zombies
Full Command

30 Skeletons
Full Command
(Vampire Lord goes here)

9 Black Knights
Barding, Full Command
(Wight King goes here)

4 Fell Bats

5 Dire Wolves


1999 points

8 Power Dice
6 Dispel Dice

The general idea of the army is to be quite versatile as its going to be going to a tournament. The Vampire is going to roll down a flank with the wolves, Varghulf and the bats while the Skeletons and Zombies hold everything together in the centre. The Wight King and the Black Knights hold down the other flank.

To expand to 2250 (which may be the tournament points size) I am going to add another 5 Wolves with Doom Wolf and the Black Coach.

Any ideas/suggestions?

- V

count chocula
02-03-2008, 18:45
i would take 20 grave guard insted of black knights because the fact that they are cost less points and are raised by nehek

02-03-2008, 19:07
I think that beguile is not really worth the points. Maybe for a character killer, but in general you re-roll to wound against 1 model (assuming they fail the leadership test). I'd rather have walking death or unnatural horror.

I think I might drop a unit of zombies and get a unit of 15 Ghouls instead. They have the hitting power that zombies don't, and you can raise the zombies pretty easy later in the game.

02-03-2008, 20:22
Are you sure you should take Crown of the Dammed?

03-03-2008, 00:16
to be honest id change loads in this list
however thats not to say that yours is bad as the vamps are now effect in many different variations

but if if were up to me id completly re-work your characters, and since ive found that my favourite way to play the new vamps is to completly dominate the magic phase i wouldturn the lord into a proper spell caster with master of the dark arts and dark acolyte, on top of that i would add the skullstaff
i would also try and get the black periapt and the book of arkhan (the later especially) into your list somewhere as i have found them to be very useful items

for your troops i would try and get some ghouls they are an excellent unit and can actually fight really well, probably in place of the second zomie unit as they are only really useful as holders now, and with your current layout you have nothing to take a real advantage of that ability