View Full Version : Do the adMech see the emperor as the machine god?

05-10-2005, 13:45
Im sure I read somewhere that the AdMech worship the emperor as the embodiment of the machine god, a kind of machine messiah. Is this right or am I wrong again?

05-10-2005, 14:05
I don't think so.
I thought they saw him as an ally, and revered him for his vast knowledge.
The AdMech retains a lot of it's independance from the Imperium iirc.

Off the top of my head though, so I might be very wrong on this one.

05-10-2005, 14:17
I remember reading somewhere that the AdMech worship this thing called the Machine God that is not elaborated on, which caused a dogmatic schism between Mars and Terra. To keep from another civil war, Imperial theologians decreed that the Machine God worshipped by the AdMech is just a facet of the Immortal Emperor of Man. Whether what the Adeptus Mechanicus was really worshipping in the first place was indeed just a facet of the Emperor in his role as a living machine is the subject of much speculation. Some of the more wild conspiracy theorists say that the "Machine God" is actually a C'Tan sleeping on Mars, but I don't want to open that can of worms here.

The long and short of it is that, as it stands right now, the Ecclesiarchy has proclaimed that worship of the Machine God is not heresy, as the Machine God and the Emperor are one in the same. Whether that was the original intention of the AdMech's religion is not discussed further.

05-10-2005, 14:21
He is more the messiah of the machine god than the actual God himself, and you kind of get the feeling that this was partly political and more a way of granting 'honorary fabricator general'. Its the Emperor who was a facet of the machine god, not the otherway round. The Imperial Cult is a lot younger than the AdMech's beliefs

05-10-2005, 15:35
The best way to view the whole Emperor/AdMech conundrum is -and Im sorry to bring real religion into this but it is, I feel, an apt comparison- to examine the way Christ relates to God in Christianity. Christ is God, but at the same time is a seperate entity, much like the Omnissiah(the Emperor) IS the Machine God, but is also a seperate entity.

I believe it was the Emperor's vast knowledge of technology that persuaded the AdMech that he was the Omnissiah, rather than that knowledge being the reason they revere him. The Imperial Cult really consider the AdMech's beliefs to be technically heretical, but openly the Machine Cult is tolerated because it pays lip-service to the Emperor's divinity in the form of the Omnissiah, and the AdMech themselves are just to valuable to alienate.

05-10-2005, 15:38
The old Codex Imperialis goes into this, albeit briefly. The Mechanicus worship and revere knowledge: the more you know, the holier you are. The Emperor possesses more knowledge and understanding than anyone before or since, including the priesthood of Mars, and therefore commands worship and veneration.

Other Mechanicus background (which actual publication I'm not sure, sorry, I'll cite it if I can find it) refers to the mythical figure of the Omnissiah, who's been part of Mechanicus theology for just about ever. As I understand it the Omnissiah is the greatest concentration of knowledge it's possible to have in a material being, the empirically demonstrable Knowledge Incarnate as opposed to the Machine God's platonic ideal of Ultimate Knowledge. When they met the Emperor the Mechanicus hailed him as the Omnissiah and incorporated him into their theology that way: that's the bridge, such as it is, between the Mechanicus faith and that of the rest of the Imperium.

05-10-2005, 17:00
Current AM belief, on paper, has it that the Emperor is a facet of the Machine God, closed book. The vast ammount of knowledge he posessed led some to equate him with the Omnissiah. Likely they simply sprung up an 'agreement', that has governed the AM's ties to the Imperium ever since.

But there's more to it than that. The most ancient and fantaically protected records of the order tell of a time before the Emperor, when a far more ancient power was paid homage on Mars. We know now that the C'tan known as the Dragon is sleeping in a secluded area of Mars, and that the Necrons have recently attempted to visit. Some of the AM have already started to put two and two together.