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05-10-2005, 20:11
Since I am back in action and have too much time on my hands, I have decieded to do a Xenos Hunter RPG.

Right now is the plotline:

You were either once apart of his retinue, an aquatiance, or present in the party now for a rather unusual Xenos Hunter. The Inquisitor has summoned you to a distant hive planet where you are currently staying at a leasuire hotel and have all the perks.

You have no idea why or anything, but for the Inquisitor to summon you and not in his usual style you know its dangerous.

My three characters:

Name: Inquisitor Cyro Opague
Goes By: Cyro
Ordo: Xenos
Rank: Inquisitor
Weapons: Twin dueling knives, a short power sword, a needle rifle, a shotgun (kraken rounds) and a laspistol.
Armour: Carapace armour and flak cloak.
Background: Cyro was once the son of a wealthy trader that operated around the Eastern fringes. His father and him were on a routine drop-off when they were caught up in a Tau vs Imperial starships fighting. His father's ship was crippled and his father was killed when the oxygen gave out. Cyro was aboard an escape pod by then. He was collected by the Tau at the age of 14, Cyro was no longer an Imperial.

Cyro grew up for two years as a Firewarrior. He was adopted by a Tau family and Cyro learned quickly of the Tau society. Then a day came when an Inquisitor on diplomatic measures saw Cyro leading his escort team. Sensing greatness from the young Cyro, the Inquisitor requested that Cyro return with him.

From that year onwards, Cyro became an Interrogator to the Inquisitor Jaygo of the Ordo Xenos. At the age of 26, Cyro became an Inquisitor. He is considerd a radical in that he consorts with xenos of a less hostile nature such as the Tau, Eldar and even some Dark Eldar.

Cyro operates like a rich big game hunter and rarely has a retinue as he prefers to operate alone. He is a master of both the hunting rifle class needle rifle and of the dueling swords art. Rumour has it that Cyro was taught by an Eldar Banshee and its even spoke of that he is psychic.

Name: Elana 'Deathwish' Sprite
Class: Gunslinger
Age: roughly 24, but no one is sure
Appearance: For those that have played FFX or FFX-2, she looks like Yuna, but has long hair and its a dark red. Blue eyes that reflect no emotion. She stands roughly 5'6 and looks skinny, and has hidden muscles.
Weapons: 2 Mastercrafted Autopistols, One is plated in gold and the other in Silver, a short sword and a one-shot revolver tucked in her boot.

Background: Elana Sprite is her made up name, her real name was Elana Eisenhousse the 3rd of the Noble Eisenhousse house on the Hive planet Zerica. However at the age of twelve, her carriage was attacked by a gang and she was taken to an underground labatory in the Hive. There she was worked on by a rogue element of the Adeptus Mechanicus and then was released into the underhive with the two autopistols.

At the age of 14, Elana made a name for herself as a killer. She was at first a bounty hunter, hunting down men and women for money that bought her ammo and food, but soon started to work just for killing. It was then she became a hired gun. The name Elana Sprite began to circulate around the underhive and even the Higher Echloens.

At the age of 18, Elana Sprite had developed a gang of loyal subjects, it was then wierd things started happening to her. She would get headaches during combat and then get stronger and faster as if something was driving her onwards. She did not understand, but did not care. Little did Elana know, the Magos who worked on her created glands that would dispense drugs before combat. The constant usage of the drugs began to take affect as Elana became more and more unhinged, no longer caring about the consequences of her actions, just doing them because she could. Her morals became naught and she became a cold blooded killer.

At the age of 19, Elana and the remainder of her gang stole a sub-sector ship and went on a warpath. Literally landing within the sub-sector and attacking villages and stealing all their food and wealth. Elana did not care for such things, but did it as it was fun to her.

Then at the age of 20, her warpath peaked. News of a slack off Governor got to her, and she and her crew of female warriors landed on the planet. It was a night of blood shed as her gang killed hundreds of innocents, while she slipped into the Palace undetected. She hunted down the Governor, killing anyone and anything that got in her path. The records showed she killed twenty servants, five guards and three dogs before she got to the Governor. That kill itself was unusual. The pict-screens showed Elana stripping off, creeping to the fat Governor's bed and then leaping on it with a bloody knife in her hand. She stabbed the Governor repeadily and she was bathed in blood.

The local Arbites reacted quickly and as her gangers were killed, she was arrested quickly as she had surrendered after killing five Arbites. The local customs refused the death penalty for her as she was a woman, so the Arbites had her sent to the prison planet, Zion IX with three life sentences.

Personality: Elana is unhinged and slightly crazy. She has zero morals and does not care. She is a killer thanks to all the drugs. She also does not enjoy the company of men, but she will tolerate them as they have their uses. She does not respect authority and usually speaks her mind. She hardly ever talks to guys and has a short fuse with any man who calls her Baby.

Name: Axel
Rank: Death Cultist
Weapons: Twin power swords, twin needle pistols, and a series of throwing knives
Background: Nothing. He emits an aura of wronginess. He is a secret weapon that Cyro aquired. The rest is classified.

What is known:
-Patiant aka Axel: Test subject for clone assassins.

There we go.

No Space Marines
No Sisters of Battle
No Mutants
No Xenos
No Silly and Stupid Characters

0-1 Deathwatch Captain (only marine I am allowing)
0-1 Psyker
0-1 Pariah
0-1 Tech Magos

The rest is open ok? Recruiting starts now!

Commander X
05-10-2005, 20:18
Signing in for Tech Magos(don't worry, not Edinte;))

Character up tomorrow.

BTW, does the fact Cyro's background doesn't mention Traitor mean:
A):This is before that?
B):You forgot?
C):He's trying to forget about it?

05-10-2005, 20:39
I'll take the deathwacth captain character later tonight

05-10-2005, 20:47
Signing in for Tech Magos(don't worry, not Edinte;))

Character up tomorrow.

BTW, does the fact Cyro's background doesn't mention Traitor mean:
A):This is before that?
B):You forgot?
C):He's trying to forget about it?

Because this is an alternate storyline ;)

05-10-2005, 20:56
Good to have ya back Slaz! I will have a C up by tomarrow for ya!

Grand Warlord
06-10-2005, 00:07
Could I send in a rep of Andrew's warband since I am always looking to develop my characters lol I was thinking my Stormtrooper/Preacher Hybrid ... would this be ok?

I can leave Andrews rep a secret but in the future itll come out lol `

will post later

06-10-2005, 00:57
Name: Jules
Class: DeathWacth Captain
Age: 400
"home" Chapter: Relictors

Equipment: Twin Lighting claws. Melta Bombs, Krak and Frag Grenades

Background: Orginally form the Relictors chapter he was in The Command Squad of his Company's Libarain due to this he would often be on the front lines in attempting to get Chaos Artifacts and weaponary. he was a close combat specialist along with being the personal bodyguard of the Libarain during a normal Sweep of a Space hulk that was thought to be empty was Night Lord Talonmaster. He was able to pick off the rest of his squad until it was just him and the Librean were left. they were makeing there way back to the shuttle but just when they were aboard the shuttle the thought that theyu were safe. what happened on board it Jules will not speak of but when he came back to the Ship he was alive covered in blood with both the talon master and the Libarean dead. He was personal commerated by the chapter master and as for the bravery that he had shown he defating such a powerful foe allowed to take the Night lords Lighting claws. It was not ever determied wheather or not there was any Chaos taint but Jules was allready deemed strong enough to resist the taint of chaos. he was then taken in by the Deathwacth marines were he works often as a scout.

Apprance: the regualr Black Deathwacth Armour but with the gaulents haveing blue paint and lighting covering them and conceling the retracble talons that are sheated with in the gaulents. he wears the elongated "beaker" Style space marine helmet. rarely takes it off but when he does his skin is pale white with raven jet black long hair and cold ice blue eyes.

Is that cool slaz?

Heinrich Jäger
06-10-2005, 02:58
Yay! Must go insane Character.

Heinrich Jäger
Imperial Guard Vet.- Armageddon Steel Legion
Age: 35

Appearence: Black Helmet, Boots, Trenchcoat, Cant see his face for the Gas Mask.

Equipment: Flamer with Backpack Fuel Pack, Bionic Left arm, Gas mask, Gas canisters, photon Nades, a dirk that retracts into his arm, flak armour

Personality: Slightly insane, Dislikes most people

Back ground: Later

Grand Warlord
06-10-2005, 03:13
Dante, Inquisitorial Stormtrooper:

+A deep attempt to examine the files surrounding him will reveal his alleagiance to a Andrew Maltigue, Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Domitianus. But Dante needs more training to be truly ready for what he faces with his Ordo.+


Helgun with Power Bayonet Attachment
x4 Frag Grenades
Knife (think closer to a catachan silver blade)
Full Carapace Armor

Member of the 101st Black Guard of Cadia currently under command of Lord Inquisitor Andrew. His last taste of action was on Hive Tempostra with the Black Templars but was an early casulalty to the Ork guns. Just recently sent back into service Lord Andrew deemed it necessary he receive a refresher course and his friend Cyro was looking for a few good men ... so away he went.

Thane McHammer
06-10-2005, 10:33
*grumbles* So much for the McHammer Magos line...AGAIN :p. Time for something new...I call the psyker.

Before I start churning out background, I was wondering what power level he's at. For the sake of the Ordo Xenos, can it be safe to assume he's Eldar trained? Or are we going for something more "Imperial"? I don't want some gribbly, half-insane psyker, but someone more calm, cool, and collected. Think Raven from Teen Titans (Kids show, I know, but hey, we're all kids at heart :D )

I'm game.

06-10-2005, 16:13
Pariah Gorsomath
Animus Speculum, Psyk Out Grenades, combi auto-Crossbow/bolt carbine, Power Steak, Carapace Armour.

Background: When Andrew sent Dante to serve alongside Cyro, he also ordered Callick Sol to send an able bodied warrior as well as a tithe of sorts. Sol left the decision to the emperor to decide, declaring that the next person to walk into his room would be sent. Gorsomath entered within a handful of minutes claiming he felt compelled to come, though he was unsure why. His history before he joined the Rogue Traders service is unknown, though it is known that he had served along with Johnathon Keats for many years before his death.

Commander X
06-10-2005, 19:18
Name: Tech-Magos Tunau
Rank/Class: Tech Magos
Age: 'Time is not important, knowledge is.'
Weapons:*Advanced Bionic Right Arm implanted with Electro-Flail, Armoured Gauntlet, **MIU Mini-Graviton Gun on shoulder, ***
Equipment: Hunter-Skull with Full Senses, Re-breather, Mechandrites
Bionics:-Advanced Bionic Right Arm implanted with Electro-Flail*, Bionic Head(3), 1 Average Bionic Eye with Infrascope, Average Bionic Lung
*It's a bionic to be used as a weapon, so it's listed in both.
**Half the power/range of a real one.
***All weapons are quite non-lethal, noticing a pattern?
Appearance:The complete right-half of his head consists of metal plating, with wires and tubing running to and from his Re-breather and Bionical Eye. His left shoulder is covered by a large shoulder pad, on which the Graviton weapon is mounted, and on the right he is fully bionic untill about halfway down his body. The Electro-Flail usually hangs around next to him, unless it springs to life in combat. He is completely clad in heavy metal armour - which he can only carry because of the systems in both the armour and his body - with large red robes carrying the AdMech symbol on them over that.

Personality:Very cautious ever since his accident at the factory, and generally distrusting all others.

Background:Tunau has been a member of the AdMech since he was drafted. He always showed great interest in the once-holy STC's, and is one of the believers in the Omnicopaeia.
After five years of working in the 'archives' one of the crystal data storages had a meltdown and exploded. While trying to save other documents from the following fire, Tunau was caught in a secundary explosion. For his actions he was gifted with his life, and with the bionics he has to this day. His collegue Krun was less fortunate, and he is know the Servo-Skull that floats with him.
He is know one of the Magos' searching for the Omnicopaeia, and this quest led him to an Inquisitor we all know...

-'Deaf' His hearing was at first lost due to the accident in the factory, and because hearing is not considerd reliable, nor important, it has never been replaced by an artificial way of doing so.
-'Non-killing' Because according to his views, living enemies are more use than dead ones - you can't get information from a corpse... - Tunau does not kill anyone unless it is absolutely needed.

06-10-2005, 22:14
Power Steak

Best. Mispelling. Ever. :D

07-10-2005, 11:47
Name - Jacy
Sex - Female
Age - 25
Class - Necromundian Esher Ganger
Rank - Ganger

Equipment - Jacy stole away from Necromunda several years ago, most of her equipment she stole with her has either broken down or ran out of ammo. Her remaining weapons are a Quadrupled Barreled Shotgun made by Van Saar Gangers for a test against her Esher Gang. She managed to kill the man carrying it and she took it for herself. It's about the only weapon she has kept close attention to, as well as buy ammo for, with 400 shells, around her shoulders, waist, in her belt-pouchs and various other places around her person. Her other weapons are a belt of knives, five to be exact, and a Laspistol with a powerpack at half-charge, and one at full charge. She also has 40 Imperium Credits left; she's in need of more, one reason why she became a servant of the Imperium; money.

Appearance - Jacy's hair is a slight purple. It's obviously been dyed, although you can't actually tell if it has or not. Her eyes are also purple, as well as her lips. She wears a paled purple eyeshadow... maybe purple was her gang's colours.
Her clothing is pretty much intact, as is her skin, for neither shows marking or scars of battle. Her clothing itself is very... showing. A low cut tunic and very short arm and body length. Over that there's a purple plate over her left breast, and another over her right arm. Her trousers are very form fitting, and on her right leg there's another of those purple plates, as well as around her waste, there's a number of purple plates hanging loosely from her belt, covering her crotch, left thigh, and buttocks. She also has a pair of those plates going up and protecting her hips, suspended by her bandoleer she uses to store ammo, amoungst other things.
Her boots are solid steel bottems and tips, the rest of them are black, and heavy looking.

History - Growing up in Necromunda Jacy realized that to get Credits you had to be a Ganger. To be a Ganger you needed to know one, and after making a friend with one of the Gangers in the Deep Shades, she managed to join at the age of 17, and by the age of 22, she still bore no mark of injury. She was given a proper gun, an autogun, and made a Ganger. Sometime before that she'd heard of a woman's revolt led by someone called Deathwish. Managing to get most the story, Jacy placed his Deathwish in very high esteem. Killing a Planetary Governor (presumably) is no mean feat, and after killing that many guards, dogs and servants before hand, Jacy thinks Deathwish as some kind of Heroine.
By that time a Van Saar gang had started to wage a personal war on them, and a week later she felled the Van Saar carrying Julie (what she calls her four-barrelled Shot-gun! She loves it like a sister). She kept the weapon secret, and began stealing slight supplies for the next two weeks, untill she made off to the Up-Hivers, and managed to get a transport to Ichor I. She then hopped from Transport to Transport, untill finding herself wound up in a Mission for some Inquisitorial person named Cyro. How this happened to her is a mystery, even to her! And now she wishes she hadn't got wound up in it, because she might be asked about her past... and she hasn't revealed the fact that she smuggled herself away from Necromunda, instead of buying Transport.

Personality - Jacy's personality, for the most part, is flirticious. That all changes in battle, where she thinks of nothing but saving her life, and perhaps those she's become close to. She doesn't usually take her armour, or clothing, off, unless ordered to or assured by multiple people (or one she respects or trusts immencely), or drunk (and she likes drinking).

Just a change from ol' Jaeger and his Veteran Sergeantness and uniform and offical business and that, :p

Power Steak

Best. Mispelling. Ever. :D

Roffle! I agree with that!

Edited - The bit with Elana. :p

07-10-2005, 11:54
Your character would have heard of Elana then, eh Darmort? She would be a living legend when you two meet, if you want to add that in. If not, oh well. It would be kind of cool, plus a few plot hitches eh?

07-10-2005, 11:57
Hang on, let me re-read Elana's background and I'll edit my past to see something of her.

I can't believe I made that Character in 5 minutes (background and history and all that, the writting took ten minutes!)...

Edit - Okay, I should be able to work in something of Elana in Jacy's History. Editing time!

07-10-2005, 11:59
Waiting on people to make characters!

Thats cool, you were know her as Deathwish Sprite ok? As thats her nickname :p

07-10-2005, 12:06
Great addiction Darmort. Can't wait to see how this one plans out, but you are a female character and she gets along with those better then men. Well expect Cyro, but well thats to be seen :D.

Also as a warning:

I have a fourth character, but I will not be posting his background etc until much later when he makes his opening scene ok?

Also a little more on the plot:

The Hive planet is known to house mutants, but now they seem more controled, more social with other mutants and Cyro investigated it finding a Genestealer cultist. Now he has called in a team to elliminate it. Also news of a great Shadow taking over the Warp has been noted by Astropaths. Meaning only one thing: Tyranids are heading to Grantia Prime, unless the Genestealer Cult can be elliminated in time.

07-10-2005, 16:29
Addiction or Addition? :p

Thanks. I just hope this is going to be as good as Traitor, which in all respects, should be. It's had a lot of work put in to it already.

07-10-2005, 23:27
I also plan on making a necromunda ganger but from the Orlock house is that ok with you Slaz that there is another ganger in the group?

08-10-2005, 02:18
I too would like to participate.

I'm putting up a character soon.

Can I do a gun servitor as a character? He could came with the tech mago.


08-10-2005, 09:55
I also plan on making a necromunda ganger but from the Orlock house is that ok with you Slaz that there is another ganger in the group?

That would be suitable. He too would have heard of Elana, but more than likely the bounty on her head..........

A Gun Servitor might be a bit limiting. Why not decide on a different character and have the Servitor as a NPC? I'll allow it.

Commander X
08-10-2005, 10:01
Although I wouldn't mind another mechanical servant, I think you'd better not go as a Servitor yourself. It would most likely be a pretty dull role as there isn't much to do except for following orders and killing stuff. Try Slazton's suggestion and get your own Servitor-owning person;).

Thane McHammer
08-10-2005, 14:35
Before I start churning out background, I was wondering what power level he's at. For the sake of the Ordo Xenos, can it be safe to assume he's Eldar trained? Or are we going for something more "Imperial"? I don't want some gribbly, half-insane psyker, but someone more calm, cool, and collected. Think Raven from Teen Titans (Kids show, I know, but hey, we're all kids at heart :D )

*cough* I'm just restating my original question...

08-10-2005, 19:15
Hmm lets leave out the Eldar training, and just he is gifted as strong as a Space Marine Librarian. For unknown reasons ofcourse ;).

Also choose a discpline from the Inquisitor Rulebook ok? eg Pyromancy.......ok?

Tanith Ghost
08-10-2005, 22:44
Name: Sardan McDonald
Goes By: either 'Mac' or 'Scope'
Ordo: N/A
Rank: Sniper specialist stormtrooper
Weapons: Sniper rifle with non-standard scope, non-standard combat knife, and a melta charge for, as Sardan says 'not if but when the situation gets hairy'.
Armour: Carapace armour, standard issue, cadian kasrkin helm and rebreather,
bionic leg, medalion crimson.
Background: Orphaned in an eldar raid at the age of 10, Sardan idolized his adoptive father, a Commisar with the Cadians who came in to help throw back the eldar. Commisar Meridius took care of the boy for five years, promoting him to the rank of trooper and personaly training him to be a soldier, instructing him in weapon use, and instiling him with an iron strong faith in the Emperor. When the oppoutunity presented itself, Commisar Meridian arranged for the young Sardan to be placed in the Schola Progenum.

Days before he was to be transferred, an ork raid hit the world the regiment was stationed on. Sardan's platoon was cut off, and feared overrun. Under heavy fire and with all officers dead, Sardan rallied the handful of men left. For five hours, they frustrated the ork attackers, fighting well over their weight. While this was due in part to the assault cannon turrets coming online just in time to murder the first wave of orks, it was also due to the sheer courage of the men in the trench. The turrets lost power as the tenth ork charge in half as many hours came bearing down on them. Sardan left cover and ran toward the severed cable. And Ork rokkit hit blew his leg off mid thigh.

Crawling, he cut a length of razor wire and used it to restore power, nearly electrocuting himself before passing out from lack of blood. The cannons blazed to life and cut the orks to shreds. Sardan was not to meet the Emperor that day, however. The Imperial counter assault vengefully wiped out the ork raiders, and Sardan was rushed to a feild hospital
where the sisters hospitaler pulled him from the jaws of death.
Sardan lost his left leg to the surgeon's saw, but gained the Medalion Crimson from Commisar Meridius. Sardan went on to complete his stormtrooper training
and excelled at sniping. Forwarded to the Ordo Xenos by his own request, Sardan
is a cynical man, always expecting the worst and preparing accordingly.
He hates all aliens on general principal and takes pride in killing them as the scum they are, reminding the hated xenos that they're just more meat for the grinder. Nothing makes him happier than ventilating an alien skull.

Thane McHammer
09-10-2005, 21:32
Name: Caleb
Nicknames: Sunshine, The Shield
Ordo: Xenos
Rank: Classified
Mastery: Telekinesis, with limited telepathy
Weapons: None
Armour: None. Usually wears casual, but fine, civilian clothing.
Background: Caleb looks increadably young for someone of his particular volcation, but looks are most definetly decieving. While he has the face and body of a fine featured, 17 year old male, his true age is unknown, but most definely more than 17. He has shoulder length, light-blond hair, which frames his face, with its high cheekbones, pointed chin, and slightly almoned-shaped eyes. His mouth is held in the start of a smile, and when he does, he shows off brilliant white teeth. He has an aura of good vibes and calm, making people feel at ease and un-inhibited.
However, if you were to look into his eyes, you would see something quite scary. His eyes are a brilliant electric blue, shot through with streaks of white, before vanishing down a void of a pupil. In his eyes, you can see visable power. How many melaglomaniacs would kill for the abilities he has?
Caleb is very calm, and laid back, and for the most part, acts like a typical teenager.

Most people have no clue how he ended up serving with Cyro, but after seeing him in action, it makes sense. Every hunter needs bait, and what dark, twisted xenos murderer could resist a fair, nubile, seemingly innocent plaything? Most, until they realise that Caleb's potent psychic powers can make him almost invernerable to most attacks, and by that time, Cyro has already made the kill. Cyro certainly has more uses for Caleb, but untill now, those uses arn't known. Perhaps it's time to find out...

09-10-2005, 23:49
What I had in mind wasn't your standard run of the mill brain wiped servitor. Think of C-3PO or Marvin in hitckhikers. I could explain this as a project of the mago or maybe a servitor convertion gone wrong. I just think it's a fun idea to do a depressed/sentient/grumbling person trapped in his weaponised body. Un-fluffy? Too light hearted? Just say no and i'll try to come up with something else. But take a look at the idea with a open mind. It could be fun.


10-10-2005, 12:17
Tanith-Cyro is a radical through and through and hangs out with Xenos. Would your character tolerate Cyro's activities? As they are fairly raidcal and he does not really have an Emperor orientated view.........

So well, its up to you mate.

jma037- Well seeing this with an open mind, I guess I should bring it up this has been done slightly. Some people changed to Servitors are not done correctly (go figure) and actually retain some of their personality, but they are also completely servitor. So yes, but lets not really go C-3PO or Marvin, or R2-D2 lol. You may get told to shut up a lot lol.

Thane McHammer
10-10-2005, 13:48

Jma-037, seeing as how (to me, anyway), it looks like you want to go down the bio-mechanical defender/protector, you could always make a character to be the guardian of Caleb, seeing as how he's not a main offensive character.

Just laying down suggestions.

10-10-2005, 23:17
Waiting on characters still. I want to launch this tomorrow night, got it?

So hurry up people!

10-10-2005, 23:20
Name: Salic DarkStar
Race: Human
Class: Former Orlock Gang leader
Age: 28
App: six feet tall and well built. His looks are about average. short darkbrown hair and brown eyes. Has a strange tatto on his upper right arm.

2x Autopistols w/ 2 reloads, short sword, LasGun, Revolver w/1 reload, Flak armor, Knife, Black trench coat

Background. :Born and raised to be a ganger Salic quickly rose to become a leader of a small band of Orlocks. He was known for making lightning fast raids and making off wih a lot more loot then was expected for such a small group. He heard of a few good bounties and made some extra cash on the side as a part time bounty hunter as well but never strayed far from his Gang hearitage(sp?) Until one day He was lead into a trap and his gang was wiped out and only he survived. He never new who saved his life but he knew it was a women and after he came out of acoma he was in the care of an Ester Gang. They gave him his stuff and he swore to repay them. so he became a hired gun and worked for free with the Ester Gang that nursed him. He became well known once more. His fame brought both good and bad luck until he was recruited by an inquisitor and left Necromunda.

11-10-2005, 01:37
Name: KMZ10C (Ikarus)
Class: Vanquish Class Gun Servitor
App: More machine then man, the only thing that still resembles Ikraus was his head. His left arm was replaced with a Heavy Bolter and his right arm is replaced with a multitude of tools used to operate the Bolter. Picture your typical gun servitor.
Weapons: 1 X heavy bolter
4 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+

Ikraus was conscripted into the IG when he was 19. Ikraus was not a big man, in fact, he's the smallest man in his platoon. While on a combat patrol during the invasion of Tatuzia, Ikraus's patrol came across a group of orks attacking the survivors of a downed transporter. In the fire fight that ensued, Ikarus's patrol was wiped out by the rampaging orks. Manning the Heavy bolter on his patrol jeep, he held back the orks for 15 long mintues before the space marines came to his rescue. But he was critically wounded. One of the suvivor of the transporter was a Ad Mech prest that saw the brave action of Ikraus and decided to transform him into a gun servitor as a reward, so he can carry on fighting for the Emporer. Since it's a reward and not a punishment, Ikraus mine was left in tact. And here he is today.

11-10-2005, 15:48
What I had in mind wasn't your standard run of the mill brain wiped servitor. Think of C-3PO or Marvin in hitckhikers. I could explain this as a project of the mago or maybe a servitor convertion gone wrong. I just think it's a fun idea to do a depressed/sentient/grumbling person trapped in his weaponised body. Un-fluffy? Too light hearted? Just say no and i'll try to come up with something else. But take a look at the idea with a open mind. It could be fun.

can just imagine this. "Yes inquisitor i will guard the prisoners, its all im good for, the emperor doesnt love me he, if he did he would go and give me something to do that is challenging, with a mind bigger then terra i could easily work out the best course of action, but no you stick me on guard duty. What good does that do me its so boring. Oh what your asking me to do another task, well i suppose as long as it doesnt make me think to hard, like anything to you do makes me think Inquisitor." Could be very funny to see used:D

11-10-2005, 21:54
The game is now open (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=261139#post261139). Please post immediately!

12-10-2005, 13:06
Am I too late to squeeze in? I'd like to play a yeld spyrer - the one with wings.

Aritheus was a decadent noble on Armageddon (before Ghazkulls return), not amounting to anything other than wasting his family's wealth.
After giving up the hope that he would develop any kind of useful skill, his family sent him into the underhive to live there for half a year as spyrer, secretly hoping that he would have the decency to die there. They were surprised when he returned after only two months, claiming that his suit had reached it's inbuilt kill-limit and demanding that this limit be removed. After that he vanished into the underhive again, hunting anything he fancied.
When he returned to his family he was changed. From a loud, boisterous drinker he had turned into a quiet, friendly young man, but with disturbingly empty eyes. Aritheus turned to the family buisness, but he still had neither talent nor sympathy for it. So he went into the underhive again. And again.
When he grew bored of hunting hivers, he started making expeditions into the equatorial jungles to hunt wild predators and savage orks there, taking teeth, claws or small possessions of his victims with him.
In that time he met an acolyte of Inquisitor Cyro who was surveying the orks for his master. Aritheus, getting bored of seeing primitive orks throwing stone-tipped spears at him, decided to leave Armageddon and signed up for the Inquisitors retinue, hoping to get a chance to hunt more alien races than he could count to extinction.

So what do you think? Am I in?

12-10-2005, 13:07
Cleared. You may post when ready.

12-10-2005, 22:56
Great! Here is some more ooc info in Aritheus:
The Yeld suit offers the same protection as a flack jacket, boosts movement and reflexes and allows the wearer to glide/fly although the real flying part is pretty straining. The wings are made from a lightweight alloy, razor sharp on the edges and photochromatic all over. That allows an unmoving Yeld to blend into his surroundings.
The suit's laser gauntlet is somewhere in between a laspistol and lasgun range-wise but has a higher rate of fire, creating a veritable hail of las-bolts.
In addition to that, spyrers usually have photo contacts (negates bad visibility from darkness/smoke and protects against flash grenades), filter plugs (some protection against gases though not as good as a gas mask) and a bio-booster (shoots a cocktail of pain supressors into the wearers body when he is hit; only good for one use, then has to be refilled).
Aritheus also wears a monomolecular rapier. You never know when you need to fight a duel.