View Full Version : Amateurish Painting Log for anything I have (WHFB: HoC, VC, OK, HE?, etc?)

03-03-2008, 19:37
Hello everyone.

Long time hobbyist, new to internet posting and picture taking.
Never been able to paint really well, most techniques seem over my head.
I have been painting on and off since the mid '90s, but the 'off' is key to my lack of progress. I have a few painting sprees, then other things get between me and the hobby. Seeing as I have so many models just gathering dust and I know some guys who still play I thought a log could maybe get me going.

I am nowhere near as good as most of you guys (you are both inspiring and intimidating), so advice is appreciated.

I have lots of Chaos stuff to paint, even more Vampire Counts and some Ogres. The Chaos stuff is my brother's, he's been playing all these years and still get some new stuff now and again. He doesn't paint a lot, though, so he gets me to do it.

I'll start off with a mini I'm actually quite proud of; a Tzeentch Chaos Spawn I recently added some stuff to from the new(-ish) plastic spawns and repainted blue (it was originally red, then I painted it purple a few years ago).

The base is unfinished, I was planning on adding a charred bush with a burnt owl on the ground, but we'll se if I get around to it.

More to come, hopefully.

(Edit - I changed the title; I really have to concentrate on one army, as I will be re-starting the gaming aspect of the hobby soon. Chaos is priority one, as I'm a little dissapointed with the rules for the new, soft and squishy vampires)

03-03-2008, 20:52
Well hello Martin. I sure hope there will be more:D I like the colours you used for this spiky beast. And I really wouldn't like to be eaten by it that mouth looks like bottomless den. Keep it up.

03-03-2008, 22:43
-> Reik: Thank you for your kind words

I thought I'd add some pics of what I'm working on right now, maybe I can get some advice.

This is a horse for a Khorne knight:
http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/4676/khornyhorsie3vz5.th.jpg (http://img85.imageshack.us/my.php?image=khornyhorsie3vz5.jpg)

I'm working on the barding, trying to make it have several shades of red, while keeping it dark (as per my brother's request).
The base is recycled.

And this is Piglet:
http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/9936/piglet01aw9.th.jpg (http://img87.imageshack.us/my.php?image=piglet01aw9.jpg)
He needs some work on his armour. I'm thinking of making it a metallic/shiny purple, but I'm not quite sure how that will look against the pink skin.
Also the sword needs something to add texture/detail.

Anyway, there is more stuff, as my attention span is rather limited, but all for now.