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05-03-2008, 18:55
inspired by the "why did Inquisitor flop" thread http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=131256

i want people to share their favorate ]I[ moments

Mine was during a group game an extremly tooled up and powerful Chaos Spacemarine was behind some barrels using them as cover, a stray shot from a machinegun destroyed the barrels that just happened to be full of something explosive.

Well the Chaosmarine wasnt killed or seriously hurt just stunned for a little while. I remember the marine player laugthing "haha im only stunned for 3 turns" and i replyed "ill kill you in two" I then ran my Imperial Guardsmen armed with a bayonet on the end of his triplex lasgun into close combat with the stunned marine and bayonetted the foul abomination through the skull

the entire gaming group burst out laugthing

05-03-2008, 21:25
I had an intricate finale for a campaign planned out, a daemonhost was to burst out of a chaos alter, to wreak havock amongst the assorted players.
as soon as he appears, a psycannon unloads all its shots into its head killing it instantly.

funny though.

07-03-2008, 12:04
A kroot carnivore suffering knockback, and then falling from a very high building, only to land on my opponent's inquisitor.
Both characters were taken out of action, but I thought that it was a particularly "inquisitor" moment.

I also quite liked the time that a Space marine got a breacher up his ****... (Attacked from behind, in the crotch.) If I remember correctly, he was taken out of action by that injury.... (Who wouldn't?)

Colonel Marbi Chora
29-03-2008, 04:34
It was my first game of inquisitor, and my oppenent's imperial guard unloaded three shots to my charactor's groin... painful.

01-04-2008, 01:08
During a fight in quite a cramped corridor of a settlement one of my 'friends' panic fires a flamer through everyone, setting all his 'friends' alight and just frazzling his target a little.

Dark Seraphs
05-04-2008, 19:46
my favorit moment is when a Khorne Berzerker armed with a bolt pistol and a powersword was fighting my Black Templar marine armed with a chainsword and a bolt pistol...
the mission was to get a hand on a VERY old artifact, belonged to a Imperial fist captain in the great crusade, the artifact happened to be a powerfist.
The Black Templar gets his hands on a that artifact, he jumps back into his rhino and orders a servitor to start driving, as soon as that order comes the Berzerker rushes the Black Templar, the fight goes on inside the rhino, ending with the Berzerker chopping my chainsword in two. the marine grabs the powerfist, opens the door out from above, jumps up and starts putting the powerfist on himself, (about 12 action worth (4 of them, were to take off the marines power armour, over his arm, 4 to strap the powerfist on himself and 4 to connect the fist to his backpack), he manages to do that in 3 turns, while he was doing that the Berzerk is chopping the guy to nothing, when the powerfist is ready...he stands up, lookings the Berzerker in the eye and yells at him.
"BURN IN THE EMPERORS LIGHT!" with that he grabs the Berzerkers head and crushes it with his fist.

He kicks the body off the driving rhino, along with all the items the berzerker had (he wont touch these chaos tainted items), jumps into the rhino and says to the Servitor:
"back away, I'm driving."

Brother Leon Was awesome to play....and it was a pretty epic campaign.

Admiral Samuel Eden
15-04-2008, 06:44
Dark Seraphs: That is completely Nuts!!!
I had an unfortunate game once where I had two snipers equipped with needle rifles hiding. The rest of my war band got bashed up badly but my opponent just kept failing his awareness tests and turn by turn I shot up pretty much all his war band. He wasn't very impressed. I found it really funny.

15-04-2008, 19:21
I've got two favorite moments from two campaigns. In my first campaign ever, in the finale, we had to fight giant alien horrors (40k Carnifexes). The Enforcer charged in, and started getting mauled by one of them. My sniper used the last of his rifle ammo stunning one, and then charged into the one mauling the Enforcer with his revolver. He emptied all his ammo into it, and when the Enforcer went unconscious, he made some spectacular rolls with knuckle dusters that took the thing down to within 2 of it's consciousness value. I didn't manage to kill it, in fact, right after I went it turned around and knocked my sniper right out. But it set up the humorous situation where at Speed 3, Gary the cybermastiff went berzerk and became Gary, Hero of the Imperium and Slayer of Carnifi.

The other, I enjoyed, but I feel kind of bad about. Second game of my last campaign and the first game for one of my opponents. Scenario was that the three Inquisitors had come together, but due to differing ideologies (radical Ordo Xenos, Puritan Hereticus, and a 'whatever works and doesn't get me in trouble' of some Minoris) the meeting was going to devolve into a brawl. The Inquisitors start in the center, warbands on the edges. My radical Xenos Inquisitor starts to leave, the Hereticus screams that I will halt and be taken to the Conclave, and fires on me. That's when my sniper pegs him in the skull. Unfortunately for him, he chose to wear power armor, but no helmet. Damage level, 3 rounds of stun. The Minoris dives for cover while my Inq clambers up the side of the building and starts sidestepping across the rooftops, burst firing his autogun into the supine puritan. Something like 2 rounds and 24 bullets later, the puritan is killed by damage levels to the head. First game of the campaign for the Hereticus guy and his character was 'dead, dead, dead.' Felt kind of bad about that, but it was one of only three deaths in the campaign, and it went quite a ways towards establishing my Inq as someone to be reckoned with.

15-04-2008, 23:02
it was one of only three deaths in the campaign, and it went quite a ways towards establishing my Inq as someone to be reckoned with.
I've only seen a couple of Inquisitor characters die over about 5 years of gaming, one did catch a krak grenade just before it exploded tho.......

15-04-2008, 23:43
I've only seen a couple of Inquisitor characters die over about 5 years of gaming, one did catch a krak grenade just before it exploded tho.......

Well, technically one of those deaths was the same guy twice; the Hereticus Inq came back as a mad NPC, revived by Chaos and I ended up having to kill him again before he could give away the fact that I had attacked him. The other death was someone's Daemonhost. And those were the only outright non-story based deaths I've seen in two campaigns and about a half-dozen one-offs. I guess I shouldn't have said 'only' three deaths. :p

17-04-2008, 12:48
Watching an Ordo Sicarius Operative fall off a building, three storeys down, onto his head was highly amusing (in that it wasn't my character). In the same event (this year's Spring Conclave), my eviscerator-wielding mutant thug also had immense fun getting choppy-choppy on the heads of my opponents. He wasn't very fast, but he was very strong (Strength 150), and if he hit you with that eviscerator (+20 to the location roll for being in combat, with a +10 Strength Bonus to the hit) it was "goodnight, Gracie". I think he clocked up three results of "Dead, dead, dead..." in one day's gaming. Sadly, only one of those was another player's character. The rest were all NPCs.


P.S. You can see this particular character taking shape in Dark Magenta 1.

19-04-2008, 22:35
my fave moment would have to be from my first game, where a very tooled up merc sprinted across the board, jumped onto a low roof, and promtly got got shot in the head by my eldar ranger! this resulted in three turns of stun, during which my inquisitor had just enough time to run over to him, and spend four actions firing a bolt pistol on semi-auto at piont blank range.

needless to say, he died...

23-04-2008, 19:18
The inquisitor bashfests I've been in end up with some critical groinshots or some utterly brutal one-hit kills to the head or abdomen (fighting Eversors tend to do that), pretty much ending it.

First Game I Played: Tyrus vs Fanatic w/ meltagun vs Techpriest w/ implant heavy stubber (me). While my priest threw bullets in their direction, the fanatic closed in and hit Tyrus in the groin with his meltagun. The power armor was melted to slag and Tyrus fell over, barely conscious. The fanatic walked over and blasted him in the face, finishing it. I forget how the rest played out, think we called it at that due to overwhelming laughter :angel:

Last Game I Played: Pyrokinetic INQ + gun servitor + eversor vs Eviscerator INQ + stubber techpriest + kroot (how's that for a match up? Yikes). My team popped off a few shots before the eversor drugged up and slammed into the Kroot. Amazingly the alien survived the turn, giving enough time for the techpriest to fire into the combat, hoping to hit the assassin. Naturally he tagged the kroot with 6 shots, two hitting him in the head and putting him out! Unphased the eversor ran over to the priest and exploded him, buying the INQ enough time to charge in and flail at the eversor. A round of dodging later, the eversor tagged the INQ in the abdomen, neuro-gauntlet blowing the man in half with one hit.

- Salvage

05-05-2008, 04:39
well 2 events come to mind.. strangely enough both are from the same game...

we were having a "free-for all" (everyone brings a roughly even character and the last one standing "wins") and one one end of the battlefield one of my friends is shot in teh gut by a opponent with a hunting rifle, and manages to drag himself, bleeding badly, around a corner and do enough first-aid actions on himself to get him back in fighting shape, then he bum-rushes the sniper's position, lucks out with a grenade (it was thrown right at his feet.. and was a dud), then shoots his assailiant in such a fashion to have them stunned for a turn or two ( I can't remember exactly where) then proceeds to run up to her half concious body unload the rest of his shotgun into her, reload, and empty it again.. then though she's bleeding from a wound, and has about 2-3 damage before she's out cold, he proceeds to reload AGAIN and pump two more slugs into her..

while this is going on... on teh other side of the area, another friend of mine knocks out the guy my girlfriend was playing, then proceeds to pull her limp corpse up on it's side.. and use her as cover as I was shooting (I missed pretty hardcore) then she woke up (thanks to true grit) drew her gun (still lying down) and take revenge on my friend, to much laughter from the rest of us.

heh.. well another one came to me as i was writing..

I was GMing a game where a couple of friends were exploring a ship infested with nasty tyranid lifeforms.. and at one point they were both running for their lives down corridors with a rather annoyed Carnifex chasing them down...

05-05-2008, 14:13

09-05-2008, 11:45
So we are halfway throe a campaign and are Target been spotted on a rogue trader ship so not to spoke him we decide to pay for passage on the said ship in stead of showing off are Inq badge so the Person playing the Inq decided to enter my desperado in a Pit fight to raise creads for the trip. :cries:

So by turn 7 I had moved on to the final round and after two easy knockouts I was expecting something easy but no out pops an oygrn "YAY" he charged forwards lucky for me he fouled up his rolling and stopped 4" away so I did what every self respecting Desperado would do I switched my Stubbers on to semi auto and Shot him I manage to get 12 Shots off using me guns now hear the good part all the shots ether hit him or I moved them in to the groin of the said NPC at that point my GM reminded me I had loaded Man stoppers in the guns the damage was unreal I blow off his man hood and sending him in to shock.

Later in the campaign he returned to seek, his revenge with a plasma pistol ware his meat and two veg use to be. :D

11-05-2008, 07:00
Later in the campaign he returned to seek, his revenge with a plasma pistol ware his meat and two veg use to be. :D


as soon as I read this I was thinking of the "Crotch Gun" that one guy has
in "From Dusk Till Dawn"

19-05-2008, 18:05
my fave moment was when i used my harlequin (i'll post pics later) with speed 8 and ran round and kissed an ork in the back of the legs and put him streight in to system shock. apart from this my friends heavy flamer weilding guardsman sprinted on the bord fell over and blew himself up, and the brave priest next to him soiled himself and ran off the bord. The same guys guards man climed up a roof top and attempted to sprint across another one only to fall inbetween the two and kill himself.

all this was in the same game

20-05-2008, 00:27
A couple of party members are despatched to a local bar to apprehend a civilian who may have useful information. Nice and simple...

Target spots people acting suspiciously and alerts the bar owner who shoots one with a bolas launcher, strangling him. Fighting breaks out amongst the bar patrons and the remaining Inquisitorial party members. One street punk uses his initiative and pulls a lighter and a spraycan from his backpack and sets a PC on fire. Said PC rolls about on the floor trying to douse the flames only to critically fail and roll into a table. Table is knocked over and, because it's a bar room, has lots of spirits in glasses... PC is showered in broken glass and the flames are fuelled by the booze and the fire spreads further...

Later questioning of the PCs by the Inquisitor in charge results in the following excuse, "It was Genestealers, there were loads of them and they could all breathe fire!"

Another occasion involved a servoskull with hand flamer setting a library on fire. The PCs grab the red cylinders with nozzles that say "fire" on them, thinking to put the fire out. Sadly, the Adeptus Munitorum seem to have a sense of humour and the cylinders turned out to be exterminators. A great many ancient tomes were destroyed that day...

21-05-2008, 23:06
Two moments spring to mind - one for sheer comedy and the other for just being cool.

Psychic Impel is responsible for some of the greatest moments in Inquisitor. This particular one was in my first game of Inquisitor when Slick Devlan was propelled through a snow drift and out of the other side by the power.

Another featured my Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and retinue attempting to interrupt an alarms deal to gain information leading to a heretical cult. There were three warbands all sneaking up on the deal, to find a light flyer being used to lift the arms.

The two other bands had come together and were scrapping to get the information. My Inquisitor had taken a much more subtle route and came across the crew of the cutter desperately attempting to prepare a flight out of there. He used Mind Scan on the pilot to locate the source of the weapons, before walking away in true disdainful style, only pausing by his Hive Ganger henchman to say one word.

'No witnesses.'

The Hive Ganger unloaded a full clip of his heavy stubber into the cockpit, whilst the Inquisitor ruthlessly walked off. The other groups just found a messy smear when their contacts were. Everyone agreed it was just a typical Inquisitor way of acting. Someone else can do the dirty work - I have what I need ...