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07-03-2008, 07:48
Due to just simply not having time, I've restricted myself to collecting armies at Warband size. My Empire has been dwindled down and now I gotta decide what to keep. Here are my two alternative 500 pt armies using Warband rules.

Warband 1
Captain on Pegasus - Full plate, shield, pistol, lance
Handgunners x 5 - Marksman with HLR (I know not the most effective, but sounds like fun)
Swordsmen x 10 - Musician, 5 xbow detachment
Pistoliers x 5 - Musician, Outrider with repeater pistol
Ogre Ironguts x 2

Warband 2
Warrior Priest - Armor of Meteoric Iron, Great Weapon
Greatswords x 10 - Champ, Musician, 2x5 Swordsmen detachments
Handgunners x 5 - Marksman with HLR
Xbow x 5
Ironguts x 2

Yes, I'm kind of stuck on including the Ironguts in my army. I look at this as more of a outer borders force where Knights aren't around, nor are precious cannons. So they are stuck on hiring mercs (which half my swordsmen and all my xbows are modeled as). Plus I really like the Ogre models.

Which force should I stick with?

I'm currently leaning more towards the first one, especially since my next Warband will be a HE Swordmaster based one... which pretty much provides me with a better version of Greatswords. However, the problem I have with the first one are the Swordsmen. I pretty much got them to fullfill core, but at the same time.. they might be able to tarpit for a round or two for the ogres to smash the sides. What do you guys think?

Little Aaad
07-03-2008, 07:58
I say mix the two.

07-03-2008, 08:01
I say mix the two.

Um.. thats pretty hard... considering the key emphasis on both warbands are the special choices. As mentioned, Ogres are a must for me. Then after that.. Pistoliers seem to be the next unit that offers me something unique that only Empire can provide. My only problem with the first list is whether or not to keep my swordsman unit. Can be a nice tarpit for a round so the Ogres can move in for the kill.. or I can just get rid of them, get an extra ogre, and fill up the rest with possibly more missile weapons.

07-03-2008, 13:03
I like the first one.

The Captain is going to be very mobile, able to hop into a needed spot and help out. The Pistoliers are going to be able to harass their flank and slow them while the Handgunners go to work. I think you need to get the unit size up on the Handgunners though, if you want a champion in the unit, same thing for musicians.