View Full Version : rules query on riders of rohan

06-10-2005, 16:10
i have seen this done before. is it legal to get rid of weapons from the rider of rohan's profile if you are playing the 33% bows rule?

so if you wanted to make a cheap all mounted force for rohan you could take off the bows if you didn't want them.

06-10-2005, 17:26
No as the models wargear come with bow standard. In a points match or 33% bow rule scenario Riders of Rohan are treates as such

If they come armed with a bow in thier hand on the model then they are armed with a bow, the rest are not.

06-10-2005, 17:30
ok thanks thats what i thought so they don't automatically have a bow but only the 2 you get in the plastic box do my friends will be pleased as 3 of them which like rohan did not want to have to fork out the extra cash on royal rohan guard

06-10-2005, 17:52
Not really if your playing a scenario which includes Riders in the predetermined forces then they have all got bows.

However if you are using them in a differenet context then it is only the two armed with bows that get them.

Comrade JC
27-10-2005, 00:46
Couple of questions:

First, if the rule actually refers to the models, is their a contingency to stop someone using only bow armed models? (Obviously this is unlikely and would be in bad taste)

And is their any points difference on the models without bows?

27-10-2005, 01:42
One of the restrictions on points match forces is that only 33% of the models may be armed with bows (of any kind). This is why there's such a rule for the Riders of Rohan in the first place, as you'd be unable to field a full army of them since they're armed with bows by default.

And no, there's no points difference. You pay the standard price for a Rider of Rohan, you just lose the bows.

The Judge
30-10-2005, 18:09
The trick of only using bow-firing models is very bad taste, but I think it would not be allowed, since they count as being armed with bows, and the others do not...thus they are the "bowmen" and may only be a third of the force.