View Full Version : Artists Needed

06-10-2005, 19:07
Guys, I've taken some time off from my novel(Armageddon Secondus) to...MAKE A GAME!!

That's where I need artists at.

I need people that can draw...comically.

If anyone could do this. It would be great.

Now, onto what is needed.

I would love it if someone could draw me one of the following three.

I) An Imperial Guardsman
II) A Space Marine
III) An Ork Boy

Thankyou in advance if you do this for me.

Anvils Hammer
06-10-2005, 19:15
what kind of style? commical style? what do you mean?

06-10-2005, 19:20
Kind of like...

Like the comics.

In your Sunday paper.

Lost In Space.

Stuff like that.