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06-10-2005, 18:37
hey all....i am new to wood elves. i have been playing VC for the past 2 years and its a big switch to the WE. i only have 2 games under my belt with this current list. i won once and lost once. my list is as follows:

Lord & Heroes
Wood Elf Highborn 246pts

Great Weapon

An Annoyance of Netlings

Armour of the Fey, Amaranthine Brooch OR

The Oaken Armour, The Helm of the Hunt

Wood Elf Noble 181pts

Spear, Shield, Light Armour

A Blight of Terrors

Mounted on Great Eagle

Spellsinger 175pts

Level 2 Wizard

2 Dispel Scrolls

Core Units
11 Glade Guards 138pts


10 Glade Guards 126pts


5 Scouts 85pts

5 Scouts 85pts

8 Glade Riders 201pts


19 Eternal Guard 246pts

Musician and Standard Bearer

8 Dryads 96pts

8 Dryads 96pts

8 Dryads 96pts

Special Units
8 Wardancers 151pts


8 Wild Riders 226pts

Standard Bearer

Rare Units
Treeman 285pts
Great Eagle 50pts

Total: 2483pts

my general tactic is to harass with the Noble on Eagle causing terror along side other Eagle. my scouts will marchblock. the Glade Guard will act as bait. The Glade Riders and Treeman will be on one flank while the Eternal and Wild riders on the other. the Dryads and Wardancers will engage in CC or as counter attacks. Dryads will act as screens.

I would also like input on what i can do with my list to make it better. be it add or remove something. I know there is alot of points in my Lord but thats just from all the years playing VC :p

06-10-2005, 23:32
Why all the muscians but no other command generally?

The Helm of the Hunt is really only useful if your character is going to be mounted to ensure he even gets to use it.

Also, since Wild Riders are Fast Cav. they don't get ranks, you might as well make them 6 wide with full command and spend the points somewhere else.

Just my 2 cents...

Off-Duty Ninja
09-10-2005, 15:20
You can't find something to spend 17 points on? that seems like a lot of points to have left over.

09-10-2005, 23:48
oh the extra 17 pts is usually spent. i usually add or subtract depending on how my highborn is armoured. ie: spent on Eternal guard to make a full 20 unit if highborn not joining