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10-03-2008, 03:11
Heya all

I am a relatively new fantasy player, and I switched from OnG to Dwarfs.

Anywayz I got me gyrocopter to add to my new list, and I have never used it before.

I am just wondering on the tactics on how to effectively march block and all that other fun stuff with a copter, and just how to avoid losing him and avoiding combat.

Another thing is, the dwarf army book doesn't have a movement stat for the thing???

Thx all

10-03-2008, 11:26

The gyrocopter doesn't have a movement value because it's a helicopter - it flies (so 20" max move), and if it can't fly for any reason, it can't move at all.

As to how to use it, that depends really on your opponent and their army, but generally:

1. March blocking - always useful, and annoying for your opponent, but best when you have a specific objective in mind e.g. holding up a particularly nasty enemy unit, or ensuring that an enemy deployed out on a flank struggles to get into combat. To do it, simply plop the gyro within 8" of an enemy unit, ideally more than one. If you can get the gyro in amongst the enemy army but oustide of charge arcs, great, but don't worry too much if you can be charged - so long as you don't go too close to the enemy you'll have a good chance of escaping when you flee, with a high chance of rallying and being able to move again due to the gyro's special rules. The unit that tried to charge will fail, and move half speed anyway, so it did it's job. If you are likely to be fleeing a charge, be a bit careful how you line up the gyro, to avoid fleeing into woods/impassable terrain/enemy units etc.

2. War machine hunting - unless you have miners, the gyro is your best bet for taking out enemy war machines, and it's fairly reliable at it, if a bit expensive for the job. Even if you can't break the machine's crew in one turn, the gyro's US 3 and high leadership should keep it around, and keep the machine from firing.

3. Diverting - although it's expensive, it can be necessary to sacrifice the gyro to save something else, or to set up a nice flank charge. There are lots of ways of doing this, depending on the situation, but basically you want to put the gyro in front of an enemy unit such that the enemy either have to charge, or waste a turn moving around it, and you want the gyro angled so that you'll benefit from it if they do charge, because remember they will line up to the gyro.

4. Baiting - if your opponent has any frenzied or otherwise uncontrollable troops (e.g. bretonnian errant knights) you can use the gyro to force them to go somewhere they don't want to be, by landing it in charge range and then fleeing the same way as in #1.

5. Mage hunting - not a great use for the gyro, as it's expensive and not brilliant in combat, but it can be worth it (e.g.to kill off a Tomb King heirophant). Just charge into an enemy block, make sure you align yourself so that you're in contact with the mage, allocate all your attacks on him and hope for the best.

6. Steam! - the steam gun is brilliant against some armies, next to useless against others. Against T3 ranked infantry, a couple of good blasts can be devastating. The -1 save modifier also means it can be worth having a pop at non-1+ save heavy cavalry, but the problem here is that the bigger base sizes mean less hits.

7. Combined charges/Running things down - with Dwarfs you may find that it's easy to break enemy units, but hard to catch them. Having a gyro lurking near a combat means that if the enemy do break, you can charge them in your next turn if they're still fleeing, with a good chance of catching them and wiping them out. If you have the gyro involved in the combat in the first place, along with another unit, you can use its higher pursuit move to run them down. Finally, you can use the gyro to ensure enemy units don't flee from the charge of your other, nastier, units. If both the gyro and a combat Dwarf unit declare a charge, your opponent won't want to flee as the gyro will almost certainly catch him. This can be especially good if you're using the Anvil of Doom - just be aware that if things go wrong, you might be leaving your gyro stranded.

Overall, what you should remember when deciding what to do with the gyro is that it is quite expensive, and if you can keep it around till the end of the game it can be a real match-winner. With that in mind, it can be worth it to hold it back a bit in the early turns, if there isn't favourable terrain for moving it forward safely.

Hope some of that's helpful, and good luck with the Dwarfs :)

10-03-2008, 13:03
Welsome to the (short) dark side!

Luckysevens covered most of the points, but here is another that I picked up from personal experience:

8) draw fire - a solitary gyrocopter tends to be a @@@@ magnet, attracting unwanted attention from pretty much every enemy war machine that can draw a line of sight. There are two responses to this - either take more than one gyrocopter (only really faesible at 3K plus, as you'll want those rare slots for other things), or use it to your advantage. If your opponent fields lots of war machines like trebuchets or cannon, your gyro will be annoying enough to draw fire, and mobile enough that your opponent can't base his next guess on his last one (a problem for your slower infantry blocks). combine this with march-blocking as described above, and with a bit of luck his template will deviate onto his own unit, which is always good for a laugh...