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06-10-2005, 22:42
Hi, i'm playing Dark Elves and i've notice that the wood elf can have some specialized armies, so i was wondering, Can we have specialized Armies (other than 4 slots of characters used with 4 sorceresses)? 'cause i believe that in the dark elf army is quite dificult to use some of the characters in a proper way (example, my assasin if it is hidden, can never really get into combat, and if not, his opportunity of doing something is somehow disrupted, result, assasasin is a really good gift for my adversary)

Well, the thing is, some of you have any specialized DE army that you would like to share, like a Beastlord Army list?

Thank you for your future answers

07-10-2005, 03:47
Assassins aren't so hard to use if you play with alot of infantry and can force your regiment that contains him to get into combat.

I play with a list something like this usually (It's been a couple of months, I'm going from memory):

Noble w/Draich of Dark Power, Heavy Armor
Sorceress w/2 Dispel Scrolls (simply to stop spells, I'd drop her completely if I knew I was facing little magic)
Assassin w/Extra Hand Weapon, Manbane, Extra Attack Temple Power Thingy

5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows, Musician
5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows, Musician
5 Dark Riders - Repeater Crossbows, Musician

17 Executioners - Full Command, Banner of Murder. Deployed 6 wide, includes Noble.
19 Witch Elves - Full Command, Witchbrew, Warbanner. Deployed 6 wide.
19 Witch Elves - Full Command, Witchbrew (whatever the "never outnumbered" thing is). Deployed 6 wide.
5 or 6 shades

Cauldron of Blood or 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers depending on my mood or opponent (I'll never bring the Cauldron against a static shooting based army if playing a normal friendly pick up game since it becomes 200+ points of uselesness).

This army is more or less themed towards a Khaine type army (Shades and Dark Riders are really sneaky individuals and could easily be said to be assassin trainees or something like that to go with the theme).

I never have a problem getting my Assassin into combat since he is with one of the two witch elf regiments (they are immune to pyschology so the only way he doesn't get to combat is if all of the witch elves in the regiment are shot down). With proper maneuvering you can have whatever regiment contains the assassin into combat fairly easily after you get use to the army.

I can switch out and add in another regiment of Executioners instead of Witch Elves if I wanted. I love executioners . . .

I could do alot of switching out for various things really (corsairs, alot more shades), but this is what I have the most fun with.

The only character that is somewhat difficult to use is a Beastmaster if it isn't on a Manticore, because there is little point other than theme in taking a Beastmaster on foot.

There are alot of different themes people go with.

You can go with a very sneaky and fast army consisting of mostly dark riders, shades, and some bolt throwers. The enemy can almost never engage you and they spend the whole game just chasing you for no reason really. This gets boring quick for both sides though.

I've never played a Beast themed army myself, but it's farily easy to set up. Two Hydras, A Manticore riding Beastmaster, Some Cold One Chariots, and then Dark Riders or some crossbowmen as core. You can fill out your other hero slots with a Lord on Dragon or Manticore, or with heros/lords on horseback. It is apparently quite effective (3+ Terror Causers in a 2000 point game), but it has problem match ups I would think such as against Undead or other unbreakable type armies (pure speculation here, could be completely wrong).

I've tried an army with multiple heroes riding pegasi and that is pretty fun as well (always giving one the mask that causes terror to cause havoc all over). It usually ends up being a variation of the Khaine themed army I posted above, with less witch elves and never using the Cauldron of Blood.

12-10-2005, 18:02
Thanks, i just made a 1,5k Beastlord army, although i misplaced the beastmaster, and got killed in the second turn (ups) by my brother's bolt throwers (HE). the army went like this:

Beastmaster in kitty with the sword of auto wound with hit 5 or 6 and "full armour"
Sorceress with the darkstar cloak and the seal of ghrond
Sorceress with the Tome of furion and Lifetaker (pretty good this artifact)

7 dark riders (2x)
15 full command witch elves with the banner of murder
5 shades

War Hydra

the army went well, although i lose the battle, but with some common mistakes, like putting the manticore too near the bolt throwers (giving away like 12 impacts at 2+, not nice) just for it to cause terror (and the hero fled), anyway, the hydra worked just great. Two terror causing in a 1,5k army is a huge deal.

Now, a question, is just one terror check for the battle, or is 1 per monster that cause terror?? i mean, if the manticore caused terror, but the enemy passed the Ld test, don't they have to make another one for the hydra??

thanks for the answers!

12-10-2005, 18:09
If you are going for a monster army you should consider:

Lord on Manticore/Dragon
Noble on Dark Pegass (possibly two of this)
Sorceress with two scrolls

Or either;
Lord on Manticore
Beastmaster on Manticore
Sorceress withtwo Scrolls

Back any of these character settings with two hydras... Some COK's and (as I would) Harpies and Shades.

13-10-2005, 00:30
I have a raiding/slaving army that I'm currently working on, i own 35 corsairs with 2 command groups, 11 dark riders, 5 shades, an assassin, a sorceress, and a noble on a chariot. Basicly a 1000pt army, i could play 1500pts but i'd be forced into making certain pricey selections..