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10-03-2008, 16:09
Hey all, i've been working on a Renegade Guard Meatshield Infantry force to complement my DeathGuard. Now, I'm using the Guard Codex for rules, with some doctrines, and I stumbled over an idea this weekend; I have 80 Plague Zombies already converted, ready for paint. They are done up as Guard Zombies. What's the general concensus on using these as Guard conscripts? Thats two units of 40 guard with crud-all stats, meatshielding their way in front of the actual boys. I wouldn't even waste the points on the special or heavy weapons for them. Thoughts?

10-03-2008, 16:22
I like it, you just need a sufficiently bizzare looking necromancer-commisar to herd them.

old guard
10-03-2008, 16:31
Perfectly inkeeping with DG. I would suggest that you may see something like that in the next installement of FW's siege of vraks, worker rabble were the equivalent in the first one and so if we are now to have nurgley and khorney (get it? HAHA) influences then it may be logical that the workers are revolting (and by that I mean they are sickly and damn ugly looking). So your Zombies would be spot on. Actually thinking about it its been done before. a Canadian based battle report used in WD a couple of years ago had lots of Zombies though I cant recall in what context.

10-03-2008, 16:41
Sounds like a very good plan, if you ever bump up to Apocalypse there is a Plague of Zombies Datasheet that you can use as well

Easy E
10-03-2008, 17:38
That's my plan too.

10-03-2008, 18:51
@boogle: that was actually why I made them, for the Apoc games.

The plan was to do a DG force, something I've wanted for about 12 years, then do a Renegade Nurgle Guard with FW parts, then do a Nurgle Demon force. Three armies I can run seperate, or run as one big Apoc force. I have 5,000 in DG, but will be replacing torsos with FW parts. I made about 2,000 in RG this weekend, incuding the zombies. I figure Demons in another month or two... hopefully if I can camera up I'll have pictures in the Paint and Model section by next week.

10-03-2008, 19:58
Cool, look foward to seeing your stuff

Pvt. Ratt
10-03-2008, 20:07
story wise it makes perfect sense, i mean really nurgle still likes his little guard boys beimg accompinied by hordes of puss spweing, plague ridden, courtney love adoring zombies.
I think it makes perfect sense, though i do agree with ratfusion, you need to convert some kind of officer to herd them along.

10-03-2008, 20:23
The rules in Siege of Vraks let you give your troops melee weapons, but the problem is really leadership. Doesn't make sense for zombies to flee...

10-03-2008, 20:32
If they have the chem inhalers item, which is used on all my renegades, they will be a bit more likely to pass leadership and will pin from shooting rather than run. As for a Commisar, I'm thinking of modeling a Truescale Plaguemarine as my Commisar. I'll have one, in the Company Command, to represent the leader of the rebellion against Imperial Rule and the beginning of the Nurgle taint. It'll be great when he decides the leadership isn't motivated enough and shoots the company commander.

10-03-2008, 20:48
Plus indep commisars work great with conscripts, so its win-win. I think a plaguemarine would fit perfectly, like aspiring champions leading their cultists in the cultist list.

Captain Uriel
10-03-2008, 20:53
sounds good, I like the idea. Good luck. A sorcerer of nugle may explain the amout of "zombies" in your army. Or even a Demon Prince, which would be better.

10-03-2008, 21:05
I figure the zombie plague will do: I have all the Nurgle renegade bodies from FW on my troops, the Nurgle command squad figures, and the Herald as my Priest. When allied with the Death Guard, I have about 7,000 points, plus 2 Nurgle Warhounds and a Plaguereaper. All told I'm looking 12,000 points of Pus by years end.

Pvt. Ratt
10-03-2008, 21:15
i like the idea of the true scale marine.
though try and give it a few extra convert jobs on it to give it a rather guardish look to it.

10-03-2008, 22:03
Well, I do have a lot of different guard heads from parts now, I could always festoon him with the severed heads of all who tried to stop his takeover. I'm also thinking partial armour, like he's on vacation and isn't really expecting a fight. So this looks like a side project, hobby kind of thing for him.

Captain Uriel
11-03-2008, 02:23
Sound cool. I like the Guard head idea.