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10-03-2008, 17:50
I'm about to take part in a 6 way tournament against a mixed Chaos force, Ogres, VC, Dogs of War and Orc and Gobbo's.

Here is my list.

Beastlord (Zak'oth) Mark of Slaanesh. Chaos armour and Axes of Khorgor.

Wargor (Lik'e'pain) Mark of Slaanesh. Heavy Armour, Great Weapon and Rending sword.

Bray-Shaman level 2 (Rag'it) Mark of Chaos Undivided. Staff of Darkoth and dispel scroll.

Bray-Shaman level 2 (Kill'it) Mark of Chaos Undivided. Dispel scroll and power stone.

Herd 1. 6 Gors (additional hand weapon) and 8 Ungors, including musc and Foe render.

Herd 2. 6 Gors (additional hand weapon) and 7 Ungors, including musc and Foe render.

Herd 3. 5 Gors (additional hand weapon) and 5 Ungors.

Herd 4. 5 Gors (additional hand wepons) and 5 Ungors.

20 Slaangor + Full command carrying the Rapturous standard.

3 Tuskgors Chariots.

6 Warhounds.

6 Warhounds.

3 Chaos Ogres with Heavy armour and shield.

5 Centigors + shields with musc and Gorehoof.

3 Minotaurs, Mark of Slaanesh + Great Weapons.

7 Chaos Furies

3 Dragon Ogres with light armour and Great Weapons.

1 Chaos Giant (Lar'getar'get).

Total of 2500 Points.

7 Power dice and 5 Dispel dice.

I have already posted my list so unfortunately I can't change it. But, any comments would be appreciated for thr future.



10-03-2008, 17:55
I forgot to add that I intended using one of the chariots for my general.

Damn, just found out a Beast character can't take enchanted items. So I will have to change the list!!

Jack of Blades
10-03-2008, 18:30
Whenever I see a Beast army, I hope I see an all-magic army with the Rod of Corruption and Death's Head as well as the Plague Chalice.

So far, nothing :(

Yep, that's all I had to say...

10-03-2008, 19:16
well for the first part there is another illegality in addition to the enchanted items I'm afraid :(
Minotaurs can only have the same mark as the general.

otherwise the list looks good to me, although I prefer the black maul/goretooth/slaughterers blade over the axes of khorgor.

10-03-2008, 19:35
Well I suppose I will atleast learn a thing or two about the book. Another thing in black and white that I have been using regularly, but completely missed. Thanks.

I have now added the rending sword instead of the book. Given the lord the MoS as well as the minotaurs for an all Slaanesh army.

14-03-2008, 17:38
If you are not putting your two heroes in your slaangors they will loose their Immune to Psych, and really you take Slaanesh to get access to the best lore in the game.

Otherwise looks good.