View Full Version : Oblivion downloads

The Guy
10-03-2008, 18:33
I just saw these on xbox live. I added up all the downloads available [except pictures and themes] and it comes to a whopping 4280 xbox live credits. That's about 40. Does anybody know if all of these come with GOTY edition? Or do I have to download them for that as well? Which is the cheaper option?

12-03-2008, 06:11
It looks (but I'm far from sure) like its only the two more expensive quests, Shivering Isle and Knights of the Nine are included. However the other quests/add ons don't add that much to the game, and you are unlikely to want add ons like the Mage's Tower and the Thieves Den for the same character anyway, although if you are just starting out getting one of them for your character would be worth getting.