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07-10-2005, 03:27
I am seeking advice on my army list for a mini-tournament with armies like VC, TK, Empire, and Lizzies.

Here I am not too concerned about the fluff other than having it themed Khorne style. Tactically, I need to know what you think about controlling the Khorne units from frenzy.

Beast Lord MoK (2 hand weapons) armor of Damnation, dark heart,
horne of the hunt, 224 pts

Wargor of Khorne (gr. weapon) collar of Khorne,
Chaos armor 134 pts

Aspiring hero of Khorne (gr weapon), rending sword,
on horse, shield 177 pts

Aspiring hero of khorne (gr weapon), shield,
on horse 137 pts

Total Characters 672 pts

Giant 205 pts

2 chariots tuskagor 170 pts

14 khornegors Full command + Warbanner 268 pts

5 marauder horsemen with flails, musician 81 pts

5 marauder horsemen with flails, musician 81 pts

3 minotaurs of Khorne (greatweapons) 183 pts

7gor/14 ungor (st/musician) 120 pts

5 gor/5 ungor (foe render/musician) 80 pts

5 gor/5 ungor (foe render/musician) 80 pts

5 warhounds of Chaos 30 pts

5 warhounds of Chaos 30 pts

84 models; 11 units; 2 power dice; 8 dispel dice;

The mortals heros go with the horsemen, the wargor goes with the big herd and protects it from magic missles with the collar of khorne. The beastlord in the Khornegors and surprises with the dark heart. There are 6 units with ambush so I can get 3 behind the lines. I like to have lots of small units with khorne heavy because I can manage their movement better. Also, I think it is pretty flexible so that no one style will have dominance over it. As usual, generalship and luck/fate should rule day.


08-10-2005, 05:04
So, without changing the army, this is how I'd use it.

I'll probably be placing the khorngors in the center, with the beastherds in the flanks to cover line of sight until the time to charge comes. Most likely, I'll be charging with the beastherds to stick a unit into place (a spawn is good for this too if you think it'll last a round) which allows you to get a charge off the next round with the khorngors.

The chariots would be placed on the extreme flank with the least amount of terrain, and they'll try to do a sweep around to meet the battle by around 4 or 5th turn (earlier if possible).

The warhounds and horsemen are general disruption.

The giant, I'll probably try to line it up with the best unit to munch on, or the unit that is most likely to cause trouble (high toughness/high armor crud). Like anything that's annoying to kill.

so it might look like


The minotaur is placed on the flank opposing the chariots, and can with the center line. This is actually very center heavy.

Oh and one of the beastherd ambushes. I can't imagine ambushing with two unless the empire army has artillery on opposite sides. In that case, i'll put a warhound group to cover for the missing beastherd. (i prefer beastherd to ambush since they have higher leadership)

For the mortal heros, I might leave them out of the horsemen (I'm not sure but I think that makes them lose fast cavalry). Instead, place them close to the horsemen so that they can't be singled out. Then they can make single character charges to units that are already being charged or already in combat, or chase down solo characters.

*I know I said without changing characters, but... the rending sword in the aspiring champion is illegal (it has greatsword, can't have both), so I'd remove the sword and upgrade both champions to exhalted champions. (exactly 40 for sword, and exactly 40 to upgrade both, no point change!)

08-10-2005, 05:21
I think it feels to character heavy, any good Khorne general should be able to run a successful list with minimal characters. 2-3 at most, be careful with a marked character in an unmarked unit, he can still go galavanting off uncontrolled. I know its not very themed but if you want mortal units in your army, ditch the horsemen and take a unit of knights with an Asp. Champ.

Lastly, you need bigger herds, I know a lot of people like ungor heavy but gor heavy is pretty sweet. To4 can be a pain for some armies, elves mainly.

I hope you dont think I am tearing your list apart, it just seems that if you lose your characters you lose your punch, invest that punch in some tough units.

11-10-2005, 07:00
These are good suggestions. I am wanting to have some st. 7 hits. The fast cavalry do not loose their ability with characters other than the shooting 360. The characters will not necessarily stay with the horsemen but my peel off to help the giant or chariots. I feel that these horsemen will indeed help me win the movement phase of the game and I should be able to shut down the oponents magic. Given that I should also dominate the combat, I should be able to have a pretty tough list.

I am not so sure about having two types of weapons. As i understand it I can have one mundane type and one magical type. I like the rending sword as it helps dish out the punishment on swarms and spirit host. etc. As for having aspiring heros vs exalted, I still get ld 8 and str. 7 with great weapons while maintaining a pretty low point cost. My characters still cost only 1/3 of the army.

I plan to outflank with one section, usually the giant and some chariots and refuse anything on the other flank. I should be able to get off the dark hart surprise as i can guess 10+ inches very well. This is potentially a game breaker for me.

But I could afford to field some khorne knights and an exalted champion for the price of the two khorne aspiring heros and the two units of horsemen. I'll have to price that out.