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11-03-2008, 00:05
I'm going to start playing WHFB with a few of my friends. I'm going to split a Battle for Skull Pass set with one of them. While I won't be expanding my army or even getting the codex until all my stuff is painted, I'd still like to start planning what I'm going to get in the future. So what are some good units and tactics I should know about?

11-03-2008, 00:20
Best way to plan is to buy the book... it will help make sense of what everyone is talking about.

Any advice depends on your playing style and what you're looking to get out of the army.

11-03-2008, 00:38
Cue Avian and his link to his orcs n goblins site (http://folk.ntnu.no/tarjeia/avian/index.php)? Barring that, try dawarpath.com (http://www.da-warpath.com/)

11-03-2008, 00:41
Cue Avian and his link to his orcs n goblins site? Barring that, try dawarpath.com

Thank you for the links.

11-03-2008, 00:50
Just make sure Orcs is the army you really like the most. I for example started with bretonnia because i was given lots of the old knights that came with the game box, later 1 brother bought some night gobbos so i continued the army and other brother bought chaos mortals so i finished the army for him (since im the only one who continued playing).

What i meant with this is that i have always liked empire and high elves so much but in the end i ended with different armies because some minis got handed to me :p

Said this, i love Orcs and goblins and they are my main army. So ill try giving you some advice, you can read avians review about orcs, which i found to be superb.


If you still want to read my advice after avian's then here it goes...

I like to base the army on the orc boyz, i tend to include as many as possible. With the new edition this seems to be better than ever since they are now cheaper and their choppas are too good (overpowered id say). The best of the orcs is their ovewhelming numbers, i find that the main strength of them is the psycological effect on the other player more than their real power. (using cheap units you fee the enemy with).

1 or 2 units of night goblins are important and fun to use.

Best 2 additions for the army in this edition imho are the spider riders and making the squig riders (explorers? dunno english term sorry) those and the wolf riders are always useful units for flanking and difficulting your opponents movement.

i like to include several war machines in my games, i find them very useful and overall are fun to use.

Black orcs are hard to use, you wont have many chances to land them on the target you'd like and probably will take lots of fire dmg b4 it would happen. Fortunately the new FLEEING rules allows you to use them behind a cheaper unit and wait for this unit to flee through your black orcs leaving them intact for the real fight.

Actually under the new fleeing rules Orcs n' goblins become an extremely powerful army since you can scalate your troops 1 behind others without troubles about the panic test (bigger units dont fear smaller ones)

An example of this would be Night goblins in the front, followed by normal orcs, and elite troops coming behind. (cannons would do you important damage but hey, you're orcs, you dont care for the casualties).

Finally the giant and the trolls. I dont find them really powerful, Trolls may have gained lots with the above mentioned screening rules but you will find the giant dies way too easily (still you should just include 1 because when it happens to charge and fight his rules are really fun).

To sum up, orcs n' gobs are about chaos and fun, the good part of it is that from the midst of this chaos you come out with a very deadly force.