View Full Version : 2500 Chaos Undivided for friendly tournament

11-03-2008, 09:47
This is to take part in 6 way tournament against O&G,Ogres,VC,Beasts and DoW

Chaos Lord
Mark of Chaos Undivided
Black Maul
Enchanted Shield

Exalted Champion of Khrone
Axe of Khrone
Collar of Khrone
Steed of Chaos

Wargor of Nurgle
Chaos Armour
Rending Sword

Bray shamen
Mark of Chaos Undivided
Dispel Scroll x2

15 Chosen Chaos Warriors
Mark of Chaos Undivided
Full Comand
Second Hand Weapon

5 Chosen Chaos Knights of Khrone
Full Command
War Banner

Beast Heard
12 Gors
Full Command
Second Hand Weapon
14 Ungors

20 Pestigors
Full Command

Chaos Chariot of Nurgle

6 Flesh Hound of Khrone

6 Chaos Furies

2 Firewyrms of Tzeench

Total Points 2499

The list cannot be changed as it is now fixed for the tournament but any help for the future would be nice

11-03-2008, 19:27
It is a nice army but I think there would be some things I would do otherwise.

-lord: you could wield a great weapon just as well as the black maul, it's alot cheaper! add the helm of many eyes if you want to strike first, it complements with the great weapon

-axe of khorne, I don't think this is a very useful weapon, as you'll rarely roll a 6 to wound and it doesn't help for combat resolution, you might want to use a flail, it will give S7 in 1st turn for a low amount of points

-warriors, I find marauders good enough to do their job and they are alot cheaper, I'd swap for 20-25 marauder with LA+shield, and a standard bearer and musician.

-knights, I think they are already strong enough without the chosen status, so I would drop that to free some points

-Beast herd: I would drop the number of gors to 5-7 to get some benefits of the spears, you might want to add some ungors to compensate, if you want to keep the big numbers, or split some off and add a small herd of 5 gors and 5 ungors, I wouldn't take shields on ungors, remember, only the gors get hit in combat

-pestigors, same thing with warriors, marauders would do the job well enough, but if you like them you can always keep them

For the freed points you could include some more armoured marauders, a unit of marauder horsemen with flails, some centigors, some minotaurs (as you have access to the beast of chaos book), some screamers of tzeentch, they would work pretty well with the army.

The Red Scourge
12-03-2008, 16:04
I'd ditch the warriors in favor of marauders, and lose the knights champion – but keep them chosen. They're the best chaos has to offer, so let them hit and hit hard.

And then i'll repeat the bit about magic weapons vs. flails. It's just not worth it.