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11-03-2008, 11:30
Er, yeah, my attempt at 750 point list. The Necromancer is in there so that I've got a cheap caster character, while the Vampire is able to do both combat and magic ok. Corpse Cart is going to go in between the two Skeleton units, while I'll keep the wolves back, waiting until I charge and can negate my opponents rank bonus :)
What do you think?

Vampire 190
Blood Drinker, Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death (shield)

Necromancer 90
Invocation of Nehek, Book of Arkhan

15 Skeleton Warriors 165
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Dead Legion

15 Skeleton Warriors 165
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Standard of Hellish Vigour

5 Dire Wolves 40

Corpse Cart 100

750 points
38 models
5 Power dice/4 Dispel dice
2 Bound Spells

vampires are cool!
11-03-2008, 12:48
In light of the new book, thats not a bad list. In such a small points battle, tooling your vamp up may be a little overkill though. I'd add some more skellies in truth.

Good list though.

11-03-2008, 13:10
I'm tempted to swap the Blood Drinker for Flayed Hauberk, drop Avatar of Death and get Lord of the Dead...

11-03-2008, 15:56
I'm tempted to swap the Blood Drinker for Flayed Hauberk, drop Avatar of Death and get Lord of the Dead...I'd say go for it, still the Survivability a healthy 2+ save but you've also got some more points to play around with. Without the army book infront of me i think it gives you 25 pts with which you could give the Vampire Supernatrual Horror or walking dead, or could plump up one of your other units.

Other than that, a very nice army (if a little small) but that's the great thing about them, they get rienforced every magic phase :) ).

11-03-2008, 16:09
The thing is, Blood Drinker is a brilliant way of healing himself/his unit... saves my a power dice, and can't be dispelled :)
And it would give me 20 points to play around with in the Bloodlines... hmm...
Other thing to do is to swap Lord of the Dead for Summon Creatures of the Night - while the Skeletons might be capped, I could make a massive Dire Wolf unit. Or maybe drop them for some more Skeletons?

11-03-2008, 17:24
whoops, only just noticed the bit in the brackets that says (and his unit). In light of which my view of blooddrinker has increased immensley. Now I don't have clue with what you can do. I'm sure that once you've played a couple of games with it you'll know what tweaks it needs but those will just be a case of fine tuning, your main army seems solid enough anyway. (hmm that doesn't really help, sorry :()

11-03-2008, 17:32
Well, it is advice - it means it looks good :) I love the Blood Drinker, cheaper, better and combinable on a Hero with the Talisman of the Lycni if you want to make a Wolfy army :)