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11-03-2008, 20:07
Hi, I am currently building a Lizardmen army, and decided to use the good ol' frog, since it's my favorite model. So I made this army list for 2k, and wanted to know if there was anything I could improve (I'm relatively new to the hobby).

-2nd Gen Slaan, with Plaque of Tepok (+1 spell), Divine Plaque of Protection (WSv 2+ except CC), Diadem of Power(store 2 Dice for next magic phase), BSB with Sun Standard of Chotec (Missiles -1 to hit unit) [625 pts]

-Skink Priest, lvl 2, Mark of the Old Ones, Cube of Darkness (Dispel Scroll, roll die, 4+ end magic phase and RiP) [175 pts]

-Skink Priest, lvl 2 [100 pts]

-Saurus Warriors (15), Standard, Musician [198 pts]

-Skink Skirmishers (10), blowpipes [60 pts]

-Skink Skirmishers (10), blowpipes [60 pts]

-Skink Skirmishers (10), blowpipes [60 pts]

-Skink Skirmishers (10), javelins, scouts [70 pts]

-Kroxigors (3) [174 pts]

-Kroxigors (3) [174 pts]

-Terradons (3) [105 pts]

-Salamander Hunting Packs (3) [195 pts]

-------Total: 1996 pts

Even tho most people seem to dislike the Slaan in 2k games, in the few games I tested him, he did a great job. Besides, I enjoy magic-heavy armies, so the Slaan is essential :)

My main doubts are:
-Divine Plaque of Protection: Being a large target, and such a point-heavy choice, the Slaan can be shot down by pretty much everything in the board... So even with 8 wounds and 5 tog, I don't know if 4+ WSv can cut it. Thus, I am not sure if this is a viable option, compared to +1 power / dispel dice from another Plaque... But since thus far I have not found a shooting-heavy army that could test that theory, I am not sure which I should use.

-Saurus Warriors: I am currently using this unit to protect the Slaan from eventual fliers and such who might try to chew him down. The only reason I am using Saurus Warriors instead of Temple Guard is because they are not as expensive and it supposedly gives the Slaan the option to leave the unit, should it be necessary. I do recognise the value of Temple Guard with the Slaan tho, just not sure it's worth the extra points... And to me, watching a free-range Slaan worth 625 points (not counting bonuses and general) just screams impending doom, since loosing the Slaan will most likely mean loosing the battle (maybe it's just because I haven't tried it, not sure).

Any help / comments would be apreciated. Thanks in advance.

11-03-2008, 20:22
as long as they dont get a ranked unit into combat with your slann and break him (not to hard to be honest) your list will do ok I may suggest temple guard instead of regular saurus so u will be at least stubborn to help keep ur slann from running.

(although its not difficult for most armies to kill 15 saurus warriors with magic and or shooting then tie your slann up in combat.)