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11-03-2008, 22:47
Do the base profiles of elf warriors (going by the mines of moris rulebook) contain hand weapons?

It says that all models are assumed to have hand weapons, but then the rules for unarmed models say that the profile will say if they are unarmed. The base profile of an elf states "does not include any equipment"

thx in advance!

12-03-2008, 06:45
Yes, Elves have hand weapons. If you have the Return of the King journeybook look at the Clansmen of Lamedon on page 89 for an example of when they explicitly state a warrior does not have a hand weapon.

Dalamyr the Fleetmaster
18-03-2008, 18:15
no it says the base profile for an elf warrior does not include any equipment that would mean unarmed as well

18-03-2008, 18:16
This is answered in the GW FAQ for the Rulebook - it says that they DO have HWs.