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12-03-2008, 07:07
Hey guys,

This is my thoughts on the screaming bell.

Awesome model. Great fun factor with the ringing effects. The only chariot type unit the skaven have in their army list. My problems are that the drawbacks to this piece of equipment is far worse than the potential advantages you get.

Can you guys tell me how you use them in your armies please? I have talked to a few other skaven players at events and every single one told me they would never go into battle without one.

I have never seen the need to use one. I like my grey seer mobile casting plague on the first turn right behind a large unit of Brett Knights.:cheese:

12-03-2008, 13:54
All right.

The biggest drawbacks, obviously, is the chance to get a spell you can't use (skitterleap can't be used by a seer while he's on the bell, so it's a useless spell for him), and that grey seer + bell + parent unit = a unit you can't afford to loose. The grey seer is extremely vulnerable in a close combat fight, since he can be targeted up there by other combat characters (they charge, issue no challenge, and if you do, accept with a champion, thus leaving their combat char free to slaughter the seer).

Further more, this unit can't flee etc, and as such, is very vulnerable in a "setup for traps" kind of style.

That said, it's one of the few centre piece units you can build the army around. It won't flee, it has heavy magic resistance, and, it allows the seer to get alot more fire power (major reason really), and it has heavy potential vs the more popular lists of heavy shooting or heavy cavalry, due to the ringing effects. Hell, facing combat heavy armies, you can always cast 2 dice and have a very good chance to get stubborn.

And as you said, it's "fun" due to the random effects it creates. Getting a roll of 13 on that bell may spell victory, and thus, it's a unit that unlike many others, can turn a battle around without you as a player bringing it into such a position.

So that's it. A centrepiece. Protect it's flanks, create diversions, have slaves ready, etc etc, and you might be able to force your opponents into the trap. Typically, if I choosed a bell and seer, I would go for a bsb, and the rest of the characters magicusers in some way to put pressure.

I particularly favor seer, priest with bands of power, warlock with stormdeamon and a bsb with the stormbanner. Between the banner and the 3 dice ringing netting a result of 9-10 that will slaughter warmachines tablewide, you can be sure to cancel out alot of the more "effective" armies out there.

12-03-2008, 14:31
The most serious flaw that stops me using it is that it puts a big 'shoot me' sign on the grey seer. The ability to pick it out and get a bonus to hit will get the seer pin cushioned in the first couple of turns. Not good for such a points investment.

12-03-2008, 15:35
The thing I don't like about it is that it becomes the winning/losing factor. Since it's fairly random that leaves a huge part of the determination of the game up to a few rolls of the dice. As Angelwing said, it becomes a big target, so a smart opponent will take it down ASAP. The Seer + bell will probably weigh in around 600 points, plus another 150-200 for the pushers. Take it down (especially early in the game) and it's game over for the skaven, IMHO.

Personally, I prefer a game in which the players' tactical decisions are the most important factor, modified by random rolls. When I play a horde skaven army, I can lose any unit/character including my general and still win the game.